Sinister Hands – 1932 – S/T: ENG – ESP.

— No, I couldn’t get it, Swami.
— He would not give it to you? Not a cent!
He was cruel in his refusal, abusive! The present is filled
with evil forebodings, Mrs. Lang. What do you see, Swami? I see great trouble… …disaster! I see the cause
of your present unhappiness! I see great crowds,
confusion, excitement! I see a tall, dark man… …who will have
great influence in your life. Can you tell me
who this man is, Swami? The magic ball is dim… The face is shadowy. The name eludes me. Perhaps it’ll come to me presently. I see tragic events,
which will alter your entire future. I see sorrow… Despair… And again I see,
vaguely, this tall dark man. He’s about to speak. Ahh… He fades from view. Another man… I see the cause
of your present unhappiness… …removed. Any more letters, Mr. Lang? Er… No, thank you,
that’ll be all for today. If I think of anything else,
I’ll use the dictaphone. Oh, by the way, Miss Browne… Is my wife with the guests? Why, no, sir! I think Mrs. Lang
went down to the Swami’s. Oh! I see! What’s the score, Dad? Forty – thirty!
Now let me see you win this game, Vivian! Alright! Alright! — You ready?
— Yes! [Cries and laughter] Oh! It’s you! [Cries and laughter] Ha, ha, ha! That was you again! [Cries and laughter] [Cries and laughter] — Monroe, tell my wife I’d like to speak to her.
— Yes, Mr. Frazer. Mr. Frazer wishes
to speak with you, Madam! — If you’ll excuse me, Nick?
— Why, sure!! I’ll see you, later. Will you please remember that you’re supposed
to be a lady, and try to act like one? Listen,… …I’m tired of your rudeness! You just seem to delight
in humiliating me in front of people! If you don’t want to be humiliated,
stop making a spectacle of yourself! Oh! I was just looking for you! Yes? I saw how you were looking for me! – Oh, now, Dick…
– No! You can’t play me for a fool
as you do your husband! Hello, John! I just came up to see
if the kids were getting along all right. So you and Lang
take me for a fool, huh? Oh, you make me sick with your silly jealousies. Silly jealousies or not… You’re going to stop this sort of thing,
or I’ll put a stop to it! Ahh!! [Music, cries, and laughter] All right,
let’s have some dancing! [Music, cries, and laughter] Betty! I’ll dump Mrs.Frazer! [Music, cries and laughter] — How’s it?
— We just had a good tennis game… Hey!
Let’s go dine to the Country Club! I wish you’d stay!
Mother’s having her Swami over tonight. He’s putting on
a “séance” of sorts. Oh, I’m sorry, Betty, but we’re gonna
run off to the club for an informal dinner tonight. Oh, Lucille! I’m going to be here, Betty. I’m coming right back after dinner. That’ll be fine, Vivian! — See you later!
— Bye! Well, I guess I’ll be moving along too. Oh, please stay, Nick.
We’ll have so much fun at the séance tonight… You know I’d love to, Baby. — But your Dad and I…
— Oh, I can handle Dad! — Okay, kid, I’ll stay.
— Come on… Ah, the magic ball! Tell me, what do you see? The sweetest kid in all the world! I’m sorry, Madam. I can tell you no more. But I must know more, Swami. The coming events are not clear. The Great Forces
which reveal these things to me… …do not respond
to those of little faith. Those who falter
in the face of obstacles,… … and material skepticism. But I do have faith, Swami! You don’t know how much I believe
in you and your wonderful power. Material demonstration
is the only evidence… …of complete faith! If I get more money, will you be convinced
of my absolute faith in you? Perhaps… Don’t forget, Swami. I’ve told my houseguests
what a wonderful man you are. And I promised that you’d give us
a crystal reading tonight. Madam knows
how unhappy I am among skeptics. Oh, but you must come, Swami! I need you! I want you! I’ll have the money for you then. I promise… I will come as a very special favor to you,
most beautiful lady. Oh, I’m so glad! That’s lovely of you, Swami! [Claps his hands] Until tonight, Swami! Until tonight, Madame. [Music and singing] Oh, man, you really need me Do you really mean it? Baby moving arms around me If you only knew… …how I long for you… Swami Yomurda
is a really great teacher. He not only has
a marvelous knowledge of the occult,… …but he’s so human,… …so understanding… If it weren’t for you silly women,
these Hindu fakers would starve to death. You’re very rude, John. No, I’m not, my dear. I’m only telling the truth. Besides being fakers,
these Swamis are always making trouble! You’ll soon find
that Swami Yomurda is no faker. He’ll positively startle you! Yes, they say he really is uncanny. You see?
Even Mary admits it. And being Richard’s secretary
would make anyone a skeptic. Now I can finish
what I started to tell you in there. Well! Your mind seems
to be in the air tonight! Why, Nick was just… …was just going
to show me a new dance step! Looks very interesting! Will you show me the same step? Why, sure! If Betty will excuse me… Well… I won’t! Hmm! That’s a swell perfume
you’re wearing, Mrs. Frazer. What is it? It’s a perfume
Château makes especially for me. He says it fits my personality. I’ll never forget it! The perfume, or the personality? The perfume. These matters
must be straightened out at once. And furthermore,… …Mrs. Lang has been giving
large sums of money to the Swami. Judge, as my attorney,… …you know more about my business
than anyone else. I’ve got to put a stop
to these drains on my resources! And with all of this,… …my home has become
a public hangout… …for gigolos, hoodlums, and fakers! I tell you, Judge,… …I’m not going to stand it any longer! — I beg pardon, sir. Did you ring, sir?
— No, I did not ring! If I catch you listening at my door again,
I’ll kick you off the place…! …and send you back
where you came from! You understand? I’m sorry, sir. Ask Miss Betty to come here,
and to bring that gigolo with her. — Mister Genna?
— Yes! I’m going to straighten out
this whole mess… …if I have to throw them all out! Family, servants, and all! Well, if you will pick a man
out of the gutter… What can you expect? A man doesn’t have
to come from the gutter to be a rat! Miss Browne,… …when you get through
with your routine correspondence,… …will you please call up
the Union Trust Company… …and check on the bonds
in our safety deposit box,… …and also check
on the various transactions with our brokers… …for the last 60 days. [Knocking on the door] Come in! You sent for us, father? Yes! Listen, Genna! You have a colossal nerve,
coming into a respectable house like this. I’ve checked on you! And found out that you’re nothing
but a hoodlum and a rat! What’s your game? Father!! Wait a minute, kid! I may have been
running with the mob, Mr. Lang, But I’m going straight now. Your kind never goes straight! I’m warning you to stay away from my daughter! I’m telling you,
I’m going to marry your daughter. You’ll marry her
only over my dead body! All right, then… I’ll marry her
over your dead body. Nick! Father! To avoid a scene,… I’m not going to throw you
out of the house tonight, Genna. But once you leave,… …don’t ever come back! And never be seen
with my daughter again! Father isn’t really
as bad as he sounds, Nick,… …and I will see you again. You’re okay, kid. I never let any guy
talk to me like that before! Come along. [Knocks on door] It was so good of you
to come for me! It’s my great pleasure to be at your service,
to you my most gracious lady. I have everything prepared! As soon as I introduce you to the guests,
I’ll run upstairs and get Mr. Lang. And the check…! Folks, this is Swami Yomurda! Betty! Will you assist the Swami
until I return? Certainly, Mummy! Well, Lefty! What are you doing here?
Getting ready for a big killing? No! I’m trying to go straight. I just heard that our kind
never goes straight. Your kind… maybe! Yeah? Say… You haven’t been doing
any talking to Lang about me, have you? Oh, you know
I haven’t, Nick! I ain’t so sure! I was sitting pretty with this layout
until somebody tipped Lang off tonight. Oh, it wasn’t me, Nick,
honest it wasn’t! – I’m on the level with you.
– You’d better be! Remember, I’m the boss of the gang,
and you still belong to it. I’m telling you,
I’m through with the bunch for good! That last prison stretch… …cured me! I don’t savvy your racket… …Lefty,… …but don’t start anything around here
until you hear from me. And get this… …no one ever
walks out on the gang… …and lives! Five hundred dollars,
and I got to have it! Only 500, huh? Why, you’ve given this dirty faker
2000 dollars in less than a month! It was worth it! If you only knew
the things he told me! Well, I’m going
to tell YOU something. You may be a fool, but I’m not!
You won’t get another cent from me! I’ll get that money, Richard,… …and more, too! Huh! Swami Yomurda
is a wonderful mystic. He’s helping me
to solve my problems. Well, if he’s what you say he is,
perhaps he can solve some of my problems too. He could,
if you only give him a chance! Alright! I’ll give him a chance! If he can tell me anything,
you’ll get the 500. Thank you, dear! [Knocking at the door] Come in! The Swami’s ready, Madam. My dear friends… …it is very difficult for me
to delve the unknown… …in the presence of those
who do not believe… …in the unseen forces… …which inextricably shape our destinies. In the realm of the great unknown… …there are invisible forces,
which reveal to me… …the secrets of today… …and the mysteries of tomorrow. The manifestations
of these revelations… …come to me
from two different mediums. One… …the mystic crystal ball,… …in which
the events of tomorrow… …are revealed to my sight. The other… …is the magic slate… …on which I receive written messages. …from my spirit control. First, through the medium of the slate,
I shall answer any question… …any of you might wish to ask. The slate is perfectly clean,
as you can see. I place it together,… …and put the chalk inside. Mr. Lang… Yes? Would you…
seal the slate? Thank you. The slate will not be opened… …until one of you
breaks the seal. Now… The room must be
in complete darkness. Monroe, turn out the lights
when the Swami commands, will you? Yes, and do not turn them on
until I tell you. It would please me very much
if you would ask the first question, Mr. Lang! – Alright! Er…
– One moment… The lights… The question, Mr. Lang. Is there any real foundation
for my present worries? Ahh! Light! Light!! Light!! [Cry of horror] Don’t touch that knife! You might destroy fingerprints! Someone in this room
is a murderer! You’ll all stay here
until the police arrive. Where are you going? To telephone the police! Police headquarters, please! [Police sirens] Well, Judge,
did you phone police headquarters? Yes, Captain Devlin.
There’s been a murder here. Has anyone left
or entered this room since the murder? No, I attended to that myself! All right, Johnson, post your men outside,
and see that no one gets out. Or in! Watson, you stay with me. Don’t call me Watson,
the name is Watkins! Well! Lefty Louie,
of the North Side gang! I thought you in the big house. Mr. Lang had me paroled, sir. Why, this looks like a gathering of the North Side clan. What are you doing here, Nick? I’m an invited guest. — You can’t hang
this on me, Devlin. — No?
— No!! Judge… Weren’t you
an old friend of Mr. Lang’s? Yes, I was his attorney
for many years. Well, maybe you can tell me something about what happened here this evening. Well, briefly,
we were holding a… … a “séance”,
I suppose you would call it. The room
was in total darkness. Mr. Lang had just asked a question
of Swami Yumerda. What was the question? Something about whether there was
any foundation for his worries. And the answer? There wasn’t any answer. Then what happened? Ahh… Then there was the sound of a blow,
and of a body falling,… …and the lights came on! Mr. Lang was lying
where you see him. Who turned on the lights? Monroe, the butler. Immediately? Err… No!
As a matter of fact,… …there was a slight delay! Why did you delay
turning on the lights, Lefty? I left the switch for a moment,
to shut off the lights from the alcove. Sure that’s the only reason? Yes, it’s the truth, Sir! So help me! I’m John Frazer,
Lang’s former business partner. Thanks. So you’re a mystic, eh? How long have you been
working this town? Only a few weeks… Hmm… I never happened down
to you before. The Swami’s a very good friend of mine, Captain.
I can vouch for him. Really! This is Mrs. Lang, Captain Devlin. How do you do, Mrs. Lang? Tommy and Betty Lang;
and a little neighbor, Vivian Rogers. Now folks,… …I’m going to ask all of you
to take the same positions you occupied,… …just before
the lights went out. Watson,… …you take Mr. Lang’s place. We will enact the entire scene, from the moment
before the lights were extinguished. I want you to time
the interval of darkness… …as near as possible to what it was before,
and then call for the lights. All right, Lefty, turn them off. It’s all right, Watson! It’s only me! Just trying out a theory. Ladies who are inclined
to be a little indiscreet… …should not use
distinctive perfume! Why!
Why, you don’t think that I… These hairpins I found here
match your hair! Yours?
I may have lost a hairpin or two… Get Frazer! Oh please, don’t bring my husband into this.
Oh, he’s insanely jealous. Of course, you know your husband
suspected you and Lang. Well… lately,
he has been very unpleasant. Every time
he saw us together. And Mr. Lang was kind to you? Yes, he was very kind. Generous… and understanding… That’s all… You may go to your room,
and don’t leave it. Did you ever see
this handkerchief before? Yes, it belongs to my wife. You suspected your wife of being
too friendly with Mr. Lang, didn’t you? Yes, I did. How long
had you suspected this? For quite a while,
if that’s any of your business. And for that reason,
you killed him! No, I didn’t kill him! But I might have,
if someone hadn’t beaten me to it! That’ll be all, Mr. Frazer. You may retire to your room,
but don’t leave it without my permission. Gosh, you sure hung it out on him, chief!
You ready to make the pinch? No! Get Nick and the girl up here. [Dictaphone speaks] I won’t keep you long, Miss. You can’t put me on the spot.
I ain’t talking! I don’t know nothing,
and I ain’t saying nothing. You’re going to do plenty of talking
before I’m through with you. You knock me over on suspicion,
and the gang will spring me,… …and you’ll be walking the sticks. Get this, you! When I get ready to knock you over, it’ll be for murder! And the only thing you’ll ever spring is a trap! Alright. Frisk him! Nice innocent toy you’re carrying! Did your father approve of this man? Well… No, Father
didn’t like Nick very much. Did they ever quarrel? Yes, they did this evening! A very violent quarrel? Yes! [Dictaphone speaks.] I’m sorry. Where was this man
while the lights went off? I was sitting right alongside Betty… Miss Lang. I was holding her hand. Why, no, you weren’t! You pulled your hand away,
just before the lights went out. You can’t hang this on me, Devlin. You know I never use a knife. No? That’ll be all. And don’t try to make a getaway. Ring Mrs. Lang up here. And, by the way, tell those 2 kids
and Mr. Lang’s secretary to go to bed, Watson. Don’t call me Watson! The name is Watkins! W-A-T-K-I-N-S! Watkins!! I wonder how such a nice girl ever got
mixed up with a dangerous rat like that. Well, she’s been running around
through a lot of nightclubs lately. She probably picked him up
at some such place. – Got a cigarette, Casey?
– Yeah. Thanks! Halt or I’ll shoot! [Gunshot] [Gunshot] You’ll have to stay inside! – What are you doing out here?
– Yeah, where are you going? I, I… I just have to go home. I can’t stay away all night. I’m sorry, miss Rogers. I’ll phone your family for you! Take her back to the house! Come on…! Oh, that’s the dame
that did it all right, Chief! Yes… It does look like it, Watson. Bring Mrs. Lang up now! I’ll be as brief
as possible, Mrs. Lang. There were 10 people in the living room tonight,
when your husband was killed. One of them killed him. Have you any suspicions? I don’t know
who could possibly have done it. You recently endorsed a number of checks over to Swami Yomurda. Why… Yes. The last one
was dated 10 days ago. Yes, I believe so. When did you visit this Hindu last? Today. Did you take him another check? – What can all this…??
– Did you take the Swami a check today? No. Why not? [Sobs] My husband refused
to give me any more money. [Sobs] Did you argue the matter
with your husband? [Sobs] Yes. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Lang, you quarreled
rather violently with your husband, didn’t you? But surely, Judge,
he doesn’t suspect me of killing my husband! I’m sorry, Mrs. Lang. But we must all answer any questions
the Captain cares to ask us. What? Yes,… …we did have a few
rather heated words. When did this quarrel take place? Just before we all gathered
in the mystic circle downstairs. That will be all Mrs. Lang. I would suggest that you retire,
but I must ask you not to leave your room. Gee, you’re slick, Captain! She killed him
for his money, didn’t she? She and the Swami… Well, maybe… And then again,
maybe not, Watson! Don’t call me Watson! Now get the Swami,
and bring along his slate. So you are Swami Yomurda,
the mystic, eh? I am… Mrs. Lang, the murdered man’s wife, has been
one of your most profitable clients, hasn’t she? Yes, she has. You are extremely friendly
with Mrs. Lang! Yes. But not so friendly
with her husband. I never had any contact
with Mr.Lang until tonight. You claim to be a mystic.
Why don’t you tell us who killed Mr. Lang? Perhaps I will… …when the proper time comes. You answered a question
for Mr. Lang tonight. Did you not? I did, through the medium of the slate. Yes,… …you have real cause for worry,… …for you are being betrayed
by one you trust. This looks like
it was written left-handed. I can write equally well
with either hand. I’ve to use both hands
in my profession. I suppose, in your profession,
you have to wear felt shoes,… …so you can get around a room,
quickly and noiselessly. Why was there a delay after the blow,
before you called for the lights? I was startled. Naturally, I didn’t think quickly. Didn’t think quickly, eh? Find a room for this man,
so he can retire, and collect his scattered thoughts! Then bring Monroe here. Just as cold
as the cobras of his native India. And as deadly… Well, Judge, There’s just one more suspect… Monroe, alias Lefty Louie. You know, Devlin, I strongly suspected Monroe
before you started your investigation. Why? I heard Mr. Lang
severely reprimand him,… …just before the séance. For eavesdropping outside the study door,
and threatened to send him back to prison. Monroe… You’re in a pretty tough spot. You’re a man
with a police record,… …a paroled convict. You were in the room tonight, when Mr. Lang was killed… …and by your own confession,… …away from the light switch
when the blow was struck. Why did you kill Richard Lang? Oh, I swear I didn’t kill him, Captain!
He was the only real friend I ever had! You’ll have a hard time
convincing the jury of that, Monroe! [Scream.] What was that? Where did
that scream come from? Don’t ask me! Put out that door. Open the door! Did you scream, Mrs. Frazer? Why, yes… My husband
was having a nightmare,… …and he frightened me. What… what has just happened? Mr. Frazer
has been having a nightmare. I think you’d better find another place
for Mrs. Frazer to sleep. Why, certainly!
Come, dear! Not resting well tonight, Mr. Frazer. Come on, scram! The rest of you,
go back to your rooms. You’d better
go to bed too, Lefty. Remember, don’t try to make a get away.
House’s well guarded. Well, Judge… Lefty’s the last of the suspects. I think, though, it would be a good idea
to list all of them. D’you mind writing down their names,
as I recall them? Why, not al all, Devlin. Go ahead… John Frazer, elderly. Married to flirtatious flapper. Yeah… Insanely jealous of deceased! Yeah… Nick Genna. Gangster. Killer. Making play for daughter… …against violent
opposition of deceased! Swami Yomurda. Avaricious faker. Grab stopped by deceased. Yeah… Monroe. Alias Lefty Louie. Gangster. Paroled convict. Yeah… Mrs. Lang, wife of the deceased. Infatuated with Swami. Yeah… Mrs. Frazer… …and Mary Browne, secretary. With possible motives. I guess that’s all, Judge. The kids are out. ¡Unless you consider
yourself a suspect, Judge! Huh? Ha! You write a mighty fine hand,
Judge McLove! McLeod! McLeod!! Say, you don’t happen to be Dave McLeod,
the old-time tennis champion,… …”the Michigan Meteor”? Well… They used to call me that… By George, you were my biggest hero
when I was a boy! – Really?
– Watkins,… …I’ve just made a discovery! This is Dave McLeod,
the old champion! Well, I swing
a mean racket myself! I’d like
to take him on, sometime! Well, in that case, why don’t you and the Judge have a game in the morning? It’s agreeable to me! And now, Devlin, if you don’t mind,
I’d like to go to my room. I’m a bit tired. Why, certainly, Judge, and thank you
for your kind cooperation. G’d night! – Good night!
– G’d night! – Good night, Judge!
– Good night! [Snore] Gosh, Captain, how long
are we gonna stay here? Don’t you know
who killed him yet? Yes, I think I do. Well then, why don’t you knock him over,
and let’s go home? Did you notice the position
of the knife in Lang’s body? Sure, it was… …stuck in his back! The knife entered the back about… …here… …on the left of the spinal column,… …and penetrated downward
towards the right… Therefore, Lang was killed
by a left-handed person. If the blow had been struck
by a right-handed person… …the knife would have taken
the opposite direction. Furthermore, the killer must have been extremely powerful to drive a knife into a man’s back like that. Lefty Louie! Shall I make the pinch, Chief? No, not just yet. Oohh, alright! I don’t know
why they ever wished you on me, Watson. Don’t call me Watson!! What do you suppose that is, Chief? It’s a thousand dollar bond,
made out to Richard Lang,… …and endorsed by him! [Dictaphone starts to play]
Come in! – You sent for us, Father?
– Yes! Listen, Genna! You have a colossal nerve,
coming into a respectable house like this. I’ve checked on you! Turns out that you’re nothing but a hoodlum and a rat.
What’s your game? Wait a minute, kid. …running with the mob, Mr. Lang…
…am straight now… Your kind never go straight! I’m warning you
to stay away from my daughter! I’m telling you,
I’m going to marry your daughter. You’ll marry her
only over my dead body! Alright, then…
I’ll marry your daughter over your dead body. Nick! Father! To avoid a scene,… …I’m not going to throw you
out of the house tonight, Genna,… …but once you leave… …don’t ever come back! …and never be seen
with my daughter again! I knew it was Nick all the time! [Interphone rings] Hello!
Captain Devlin? Yes? It’s Lefty… Yes? I’ve been trying to get a chance
to tell you something, all evening! But I was afraid! What is it, Lefty? I know who killed M.Lang. It was… Aaargh!!! Monroe!
Quickly, come! A knife just like the one
that killed Lang! Did anybody come
into that room? No, sir! – Did you leave the room at any time?
– No, sir!! Sure you didn’t doze off? No, sir, I was awake all the time! Watson, go and see
if the knife is still in Lang’s body. The knife’s gone, Chief! I guess Lefty
knew too much. Poor devil! He was killed by the same hand
that got Lang. Get back to your post, Kennedy!
And keep a sharp lookout from now on! Get something and throw it over him. What are you doing here? Just gazing at the stars… Put this stargazer back in his cage,
and keep him there! Pull up that chair. Sit here and keep guard! And don’t go to sleep! Don’t worry, Chief.
I ain’t gonna do no sleeping around this joint. What are you up to, Nick? I thought I heard
a commotion downstairs. Get back in your room and stay there. Okay. Police headquarters! Sergeant Burke… This is Devlin. Yeah, Captain Devlin. I’m working
on the Lang murder case. I want the Chief to get some information
the first thing in the morning,… …and bring it out himself. I’m also sending some papers down,
for a handwriting analysis. Now listen carefully, Burke… Y’see, there’s been
a little bit of a discrepancy… [Wakes up in fright] Have you a match? Thanks! Keep them! And you stay in there! Okay, Watson! Don’t call me Watson! The na… I told you to stay in… Well, that’s a [man]
still on the job! Yeah, but I thought
daylight would never come. Well, I’m back up. You’ve got to keep on your feet
till the Chief gets here. Okay! G’d morning Judge! How are you feeling this morning? To tell you the truth, Devlin,
I’m feeling a trifle seedy. Well, that should make
you and Watson even. Huh? I would suggest
that immediately after breakfast,… …you have that tennis game. That should limber you up,
and blow the cobwebs out of your brain. I don’t believe I’ve got
even cobwebs in my brain this morning. Sorry. Some person in this room
killed Richard Lang. Someone who had a desperate need
to get him out of the way. There are, of course,… …certain members of the family, and their friends,
who are above suspicion. Judge McCleod, who was present,
is a respected member of the bar,… …attorney, and lifelong friend
of the deceased. Mrs. Lang was in the clutches
of an avaricious faker. Her husband had refused
to give her more money. They quarreled violently,
and she threatened him. But… …Mrs. Lang did not… …kill her husband. John Frazer… For some time, you had suspected Lang
of being too friendly with your wife. You are insanely jealous. You came to that séance,
in this room, with murder in your heart. Get up! Come here! I know that you
didn’t kill Richard Lang. I knew, when I saw
your cripple condition,… …that you could not have crossed this room,
and committed the deed, without betraying yourself. Nick Genna… You’re a gangster,… …a killer,… …and a desperate criminal! You quarreled violently
with Richard Lang over his daughter,… …and I have positive proof
that you threatened his life,… …just before the séance! You claimed you were holding
Betty Lang’s hand,… …but you were not! I have enough evidence on you
to send you to the chair! I didn’t do it, Devlin!
I swear I didn’t! You know
I never use a knife! Shut up, you rat! The worst thing I can hang on you
is carrying concealed weapons! You didn’t kill Richard Lang,
because the killer was left-handed,… …and I know you’re not. The one suspect who is not here
to defend himself is Lefty Louie, the butler. This man was a crook,
a paroled convict,… …who had just been harshly reprimanded
by Lang, for eavesdropping. But Lefty Louie
did not commit the crime! He was the one person,
in this whole unhappy household,… …who was loyal
and faithful to Richard Lang! And the same hand… …that killed his master,
killed him. Swami! You’re a faker and a swindler,
preying on silly women! For some time, you’ve been expecting
large sums of money from Mrs. Lang. Her husband
put a stop to this. Only Lang stood
between you and great wealth. You came to this house
prepared to commit any crime,… …even murder,
to get this money. But you can’t get away with it. Lang was killed
by someone who moved… …stealthily in the dark,
and used an oriental knife. You’re an oriental,
trained to glide about darkened rooms, on… …felt shoes. You’re powerful and agile,
and use either hand with equal facility. Give me your magnet! Oh, I’m not interested
in exposing any of your silly tricks! I’m merely trying to show
who committed the murder! The steel core,… …inside the chalk,
follows the magnet. But you’re not guilty. No man could have
written the message,… …and have committed the crime
in the short time the lights were out. What’s all this nonsense about, Devlin? Do you think
Lang killed himself? Ahh… Just a moment, coroner.
I’m coming to that. Lang was murdered by someone
who was in his confidence. Someone who was
very close to him. For sometime,
his broker’s transactions had been falsified,… …and he had been systematically robbed
of various large bonds. That’s one of the points
you verified this morning, Chief. But Lang recovered some of the stolen bonds,
or their forged signatures,… …and the guilty person was in imminent danger
of exposure and imprisonment. The person who killed Lang was strong and athletic,
and able to drive a knife into a human body,… …up to the hilt. Mary Browne, you write, and perform
the small acts of life, right-handed. But it is a known fact
that many people,… …who are apparently right-handed,
are athletically left-handed. The killer wore
noiseless footwear,… …and was clever enough to wear gloves,
leaving no fingerprints on the knife. A very unique knife,… …such as only a collector would have. Richard Lang was killed
by a famous collector of antiques,… …a great left-handed athlete,… …a former tennis champion. Judge David McLeod,… …the man who forged Lang’s signature
to the stolen bonds! [Big uproar] The handwriting
on this forged bond,… …which you did not get last night,
when you opened the hidden vault in Lang’s study,… …has been tested,… …and matches your handwriting
on this list of suspects. Stop him!
Stop him, quick! [Laughs softly] My compliments,… …Captain Devlin! You’re a very clever man!
Heh, heh, heh, heh… And he escaped after all! I never even thought
of a poison grain! Oh, thank you, Mr. Watson! Don’t call me Watson!!

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