Sisters Event: Abundant Life in Jesus

(upbeat music) I am ready. Are you ready?
(congregation cheering) Yes! We are ready in the house. I’m so expectant for what God wants to do. I love every year when we have these Sisters events, not because you get to hear me or I get a chance to speak, because honestly that is not the thing that I’m after. But, I am what your hosts are telling you. I am after you getting together. I am after our hearts connecting and you connecting with each other. And I am after just lifting up the name of Jesus together as girlfriends. So this is girlfriend time and I love that we can just take a breath, just relax together, and just allow this to be a time of ministry. This is Sisters, this is not Life.Church Weekend and so this is a time for us to just let the Holy Spirit come and do a work specifically in a woman’s heart. And so I just want to pray, Lord Jesus, yes, we just say yes to what You wanna say to us. Yes to what You wanna do. Thank You for being present with us. When two or three are gathered in Your name, You are with us. Use this time, we commit it to You. In Your name Jesus we pray, Amen Amen. And before I get started, I have to say that at all the Sisters events, there are teams of women that it would be wrong just to not acknowledge. We just wanna appreciate all of the teams of Sisters that have come together to host, to provide hospitality and to pray and serve in all the various ways. There’s prayer teams, there’s tech teams, there’s so much involved to also have a reading plan that we’re going to do together as a 25 day study through the first four chapters in the book of John. And those were not done by myself. I had a team of girls and editors and so I just wanna appreciate and please give our hand (congregation cheering)
and appreciate all of those that have played a part in Sisters event every year. It takes all of us, it’s not just one person by no means. And I also have to say amazing shout out and love and honor to my husband, my pastor Craig Rochelle, and my amazing children, my three son-in-laws, my two grandbabies, my momma’s, mom-in-law, and mom, and I just they’re the world to me. And I just wanna honor them and tell them I love them. (congregation cheering) so, sometimes I forget to do that and that’s like I walk off and I’m like that’s just the worst thing. So absolutely, those things are important right? People are what matter. So, as I said, my message actually is a launching pad for this Jesus is Life study that’s now live on our You Version Plan. You’re gonna hear more about that later, but you have an opportunity to get in groups to do this plan with girlfriends and so my message is rooted in the book of John for that reason and it’s themed around this study for that reason. And so I wanna get started by giving you a context for our key verse for tonight. And that is our key verse is John 10:10. But the context of it is that Jesus is talking to a group that’s mostly Pharisees, He’s trying to reveal who He is, His identity, and show the obstacles of that people have of either being blind to seeing who He is, or seeing who He is. But He portrays Himself, shows Himself, as the Good Shepherd. He wants us to understand that His sheep know Him. That His sheep listen to Him and that why He’s come is to be a Good Shepherd and gather His sheep to Him to give them something. Look at John 10:10 and see what the Shepherd Jesus was here to give us. Many of you may know this verse. “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. “But I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” That is from the ESV version, but the other versions, like the NIV, says “have life to the full.” Have life that’s more than abundant. That is full, a fullness of life. And I love that verse. It’s a great verse to put on coffee mugs, put on T-shirts, this is a great verse. Maybe you know it and you love it too. Here’s the thing, what does this mean? I wanna unpack this tonight. What does it mean to have abundant life? If you are a believer in Christ, and I hope that all of you are or will become a follower of Christ, we have abundant life. But what does it mean? Because I think we get disillusioned sometimes by difficulty and trouble and wonder, I do, I meditate on this, I think well what does it mean to have abundant life? I don’t feel like I have an abundant life right now. So let’s think about this because the first part of that verse was that we have a thief. We have an enemy that wants to steal and kill and take the life of abundance from us. Abundant life certainly doesn’t mean that life is perfect. We know that anybody that has been alive for two seconds knows life isn’t perfect. Right?
(congregation laughing) So it doesn’t mean that anything unpleasant is keeping us from abundant life. Abundant life, here’s what it’s not. It’s not based on your circumstances because there’s tons of trouble. I mean, I don’t know about you, but life to me is loaded every day with complications, with trouble, with pain, with sorrow, with stress and all kinds of things that don’t feel abundant. So I’m trying to figure this out. I’m looking at this going, if it’s not based on my circumstances, ’cause it absolutely couldn’t be, because Jesus says in the book of John, it says in John 16 that in this world you will have trouble. He tells us. So how does that play together with this theme that we would have life and have it to the full. That we would have it abundantly. You ready to look at that with me? Because it’s not about just getting everything we want. It’s not about rainbows and cupcakes and unicorns is it? (congregation laughing) Where is abundant life on those bad days? You know the days where if anything could go wrong it’s gonna go wrong on one of those days. I’ve had a day like that where I get up late, so I don’t get my quiet time in, I’m running late to get to an appointment and as I head out the door I’ve got a glass I knock over and break it and so I’m stressed from that and cleaning that up. You know just frazzled from the running late and then I get in the car and I’m getting out as fast as I can and yes, I run over our cat who’s now a tripod because we had to amputate this cat’s leg. Now it was years ago, (congregation laughing)
that’s why I’m not standing here crying.
(congregation laughing) But it was one of those days. (laughs) Yes, it’s really sad, poor little tripod. (congregation laughing) And then I go of course I’m late to my appointment because I had to take the cat to the vet and then I’m just trying to get to my next thing and I run into road rage woman. And so, days just can be like that. An I’m not just like Jesus, abundant life, everything’s great.
(congregation laughing) Life just feels full. And then there are just real situations that aren’t just temporary, just moments of like breaking a glass, but real moments that are ongoing, every day, nonstop, day after day, week after week, month after month, of chronic illness, of constant migraines, of an unfaithful spouse or an unbelieving spouse that you’re praying for. There’s just really tough things that we endure constantly. And then as women, we have to monthly, some of us deal with PMS. I realize that coming in, gathering together in all these rooms where we gather for Sisters, there’s some really heavy hearts. There’s some significant struggles. There are people that are even facing life and death situations and they’ve got children that are far from God and you’re heart is just breaking and you don’t know how much longer that you can hold on. And in these types of context when we think about and we read and consider John 10:10 “that I have come that they may have life “and have it to the full “that they could have it abundantly.” Where does that fit in our lives okay? So, I want us to think about the Apostle Paul. I want us to go in our Bibles to second Corinthians chapter four and if you know much about the Apostle Paul, he was a converted man. From bad man to major Christian on fire for Jesus but he after coming to Christ suffered so much and it was all unjust suffering for the name of Jesus. But in the context of second Corinthians chapter four, Paul he’s having to after all these troubles, having to defend himself just as a minister of the gospel. I mean that’s the context of his writing second Corinthians was a large part of just saying like we’re legit ministers and having to defend himself. Think about how annoying that would be after all you’ve been through when you’ve been beaten and shipwrecked and going without food and all the things that he has endured, imprisoned, and in so many hardships. But he says along with his companion Timothy as they wrote this in verse seven, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay “to show that this all-surpassing power “is from God and not from us.” So they have this treasure. It was the treasure of knowing Christ, of understanding that Christ is the Savior of the world, it’s in them, the jar of clay is just within our weak bodies that this ministry that we do he’s saying is not about us and the power and the miracles and the works that we’re doing, it’s not about us, it’s about this treasure that’s within us. And he said but look, “We are hard pressed on every side, “but we’re not crushed; “we are perplexed, but we’re not in despair; “we’re persecuted, but we’re never abandoned.” He said, “we’re struck down, but we’re not destroyed.” And he said, “We always are carrying around “in our body the death of Jesus.” But see it’s the death of Jesus, the suffering of Jesus. So how do you carry around the death of Jesus? They’re living a life of suffering like our Savior did. They’re carrying that around “so that “the life of Jesus could be revealed in their body.” (congregation cheering) For life, you always have to have a death. It’s always backward in the Kingdom of God. And he said, “So we who are alive” obviously that’s them, “they’re always being given over to suffering, “given over to death for Jesus’s sake.” Because it’s all about Him and so that His life could be revealed through them. It’s such a backwards way. We think that success and happiness is what it’s all about, but it’s about Jesus and somehow He knows that it’s in our dying to ourself and that in our weakness that He could be glorified and that we could be used to show His likeness. And so it’s the treasure within us and Paul understands something about abundant life and he’s showing it to us there. That there is a real enemy and sometimes the enemy is the man, the guy that we call the devil and the demons, but sometimes the enemy is just ourself, our sin nature. Sometimes the enemy is just the broken world that we live in and the enemies around us of being just sinners that are around us, right? Amen? And so we know that we are going to get in these situations that are hard, that are challenging, that in them there is beauty. Yes trouble will come, but there is always going to be hope because of Jesus. There is always gonna be thieves and robbers trying to steal, (congregation cheering)
but they can’t. Because the thing about it, in Christ, yes we get hard pressed, we get in tight spots. You’re in those places now. I’m in those places now. But we are not crushed. With God all things are possible. (congregation cheering) Amen? We are perplexed. I don’t know what to do, sometimes you’re in that place. I’m there a lot ’cause there’s all the things. So it’s like I’m perplexed, I don’t know what to do. But Jesus my eyes are on You and I know that You are enough. I am never without options with Christ. There’s always a way with Him and so you may be perplexed, but you are never in despair because of Christ. He’s enough. And we’re persecuted. Sometimes there’s real persecution in other parts of the world that maybe we don’t deal with today, maybe you do because of people that just hate anything that has to do with Jesus. But, in persecution where you feel like somebody is running hard after just taking you down, we’re not abandoned. Do you know that God will never leave you. He will never forsake you. And that’s what we have. That’s what we have in Christ. When we’re struck down we are not destroyed. This word in the Greek of being struck down but not destroyed, they’re almost same words. But the not destroyed it might mean that you die, that you’re destroyed and the enemy took you out. You were martyred for Christ, something terrible happened, you did die. But this word means that you’re not utterly destroyed. This means that not only in Christ, will a righteous man fall, but he rises again. But that one day, we will rise again and meet our Lord in the air.
(congregation cheering) This means that to live as Christ. It means that to die is gain. It means that we can’t lose. If God is for us, there’s no one that can be against us. (congregation cheering) That’s what this means to have Christ and we have to remind ourselves. Even if we know these things, we have to tell ourself these things because it’s abundance that we have. If you’re a believer, you have abundant life because you have Christ. But the truth is, in all honesty, that we’re not always experiencing this and so you can know you have abundant life, you can know these things. But how do we experience it? Let’s be honest with ourselves. Because some of us, you have all that you, you’re a believer and you have everything in Christ, but you’re not walking in it. You’re not living in His fullness and I wanna just talk to you about two simple ways. And honestly, I wish that I had hours and hours, and days and days, and months and months just to tell you all the ways that we can experience His abundant life, but I don’t need to because the first point of how we experience abundant life, and there’s two of them, the first is that we have to know our Good Shepherd. We’ve gotta know Him. And the reason why I don’t need to spend days and days, and hours and hours with you, is because this is your assignment, to know Him. And back in John 10, Jesus as he’s talking about being the Shepherd says, “I know I’m the Good Shepherd;” in verse 14 and “I know my sheep and they know Me.” And this isn’t you just knowing about Jesus, this is you experiencing Him and knowing Him and He’s your daddy, your Lord, He’s your everything. And let me tell you something about knowing Jesus. You have to know that there’s different stages of knowing people right? Knowing Jesus, the reason why I thought about it and I chose like how do we experience life? I come up with these answers by just meditating on it. But, because Christ lives in the believer okay, John 17, Jesus also said, “that this is eternal life: “that they would know You.” He’s praying to His father. Eternal life is knowing you God and the they could know Jesus Christ Himself “whom You have sent.” Life is knowing the Father. Life is knowing Jesus. I just don’t know that we wanna know Him that well. I wish we did. But yeah, if we could be honest, how desperate are you to know Him? How desperate are you? This treasure is in you. Are you neglecting Him? I want us to get fixed on Jesus. Fixed on Him. Okay, so, one day I’m listening to Christian music and the “Show Me Your Glory” worship song comes on. I love it. ♪ Show me your glory ♪ ♪ I’m singing ♪ And I’m like all the sudden, I get annoyed because it reminded me of where this phrase came from in the scriptures. And it comes from Moses in Exodus 33 and it had never dawned on me before, but when Moses was meeting with God Himself in the tented meeting or up on the mountain, he was speaking to God like a friend face-to-face. I mean they were tight. He knew the Lord. And in the midst of all of that, in the midst of like yeah God you know and God saying you’re awesome and he’s like yeah we’re friends and they’re tight, I mean like here’s the Ten Commandments to show my people. He says “Show me your glory.” And all the sudden out of that song, I just was like, I don’t understand that. I’ve realized I was kinda put off by Moses because, you have it all man,
(congregation laughing) you have it all! I would love to be you and you want more. This seems ungrateful you know? And then all the sudden, it was like a light bulb came on and I just, I got it (laughs). I said, “Oh yeah, that is what You want Father.” You want us to have an insatiable desire to no matter how close we get, no matter how much we know Him, we have got to know Him more. (congregation cheering) There is no level, there’s no depth that we could get to, where we could understand our God or know our God until we get to one day see Him face-to-face and who knows if we can even fathom Him then because He’s created the earth and the stars and the universe and as far as man can see and as far as we can understand, we just don’t know Him like we could know Him. And I just wanna say show me Your glory. Reveal yourself to me. I have to know you. If I don’t know you I’m sunk. (congregation cheering) This life, I can’t do it without you Jesus. (congregation cheering) We have to be fixed on knowing Him. I have to know You. You are everything. You are abundant life Jesus, please show me Your glory. Yes!
We need it. We can’t get enough of it. It comes through relationship ladies. This isn’t a checklist. This is knowing Him. This is your life as a believer. Christ is your life. He’s not a hobby. He’s not a checklist. He’s not a religion. He’s everything. And this is what abundant life is, it’s knowing Him and then you get to know Him and you have to taste and see some more. And so we fix ourselves and we fill ourselves. We fill ourselves in God’s word. We fill ourself in His love. That love overflows through us in abundance even if we’re in the hospital laying there nearly dead or we’re suffering from the pain of rejection. No matter what depth we’re in, we have Christ, we have everything and we fill ourselves with Him. We load ourselves in His truth. This world is getting so dark, but His light in us will never be dampened if we fix ourself on Him. If we fill ourself on Him.
(congregation cheering) We wanna feel it. We wanna fill ourselves. We wanna become like Him. We wanna get around other believers like these Sisters groups. Get in these groups so that together you fill yourself on Him, feed on Him, fix yourself on Him and I tell ya, you’ll start experiencing abundant life. There is no way you can’t. That’s right.
There’s a lot of ways, but I feel like this is a big one. To know Him, fixing and filling up on Him. So I took a poll just for the last couple weeks, knowing this message was coming and then I just polled some of my family members, I polled some of my girlfriends with this question. And I wanna pose it to you. If you could choose just one word and this is for those that are followers of Christ. If you could choose one word that would describe what it is like for you personally to know Jesus Christ, what would that word be? What would your word be? Some people, something comes to mind right away. Other people have to think it out. I think it’s a great question. It was great to hear answers. Let me share with you some of these answers. This is really cool. I heard the word hope. I was trying to think of who said what, but it doesn’t matter. Somebody said peace. Two people said freedom. And two or three people said fulfilled. I said fullness. Joy, two people said life. And a friend of mine said oneness. And I just wonder what your word would be. I tell you what, those answers reveal a lot. They reveal a relationship. They reveal that they know the One who is abundant life. If we’re going to truly experience abundant life, we have to know the Good Shepherd. And the second thing goes hand-in-hand. It’s that we trust Him. We trust the Good Shepherd. Again, John 10, as Jesus is teaching about being the Good Shepherd, He said, “My sheep listen to Me. “They listen to My voice; I know Him and they follow Me.” But we can’t trust our Shepherd. We can’t follow Him if we’re not listening. Right? And so, really, I mean if you’re like me and you’re multitasking. We gotta get quiet. We gotta find moments. We’ve gotta get times. ‘Cause I mean of course the Lord can just shout any way He wants to in the middle of your chaos, but let’s be intentional with Him and get quiet and focus and just rest in Him and trust Him. Ladies, the thing about this listening to the Shepherd. I was thinking about visualizing sheep and you’re around all these sheep and you’ve got the Shepherd and He’s saying, “They know My voice.” And I’m thinking okay, I would know the Shepherd’s voice, but I’m thinking, if I’m a sheep, who am I listening to most the time? In my life I’m listening to myself. I’m trying to lean on my own understanding. I’m listening to all the voices around me that have their opinions. Sometimes without realizing it, I’m getting influenced by the world and the voices of the world. But so much of it is we’re depending on ourself. We’re trusting in our own thoughts, in our own mind, instead of listening to the voice of the Shepherd. We can trust Him. We can trust our Good Shepherd. We can trust Him. We can know that whatever you’re trying to figure out and solve on your own, that He has a better answer. That when you pray, we really don’t have to be praying and telling God how to do it. Does anybody pray like that? You are like, “Okay, Father,
(congregation laughing) “I would like for you to send Jerry over “to Sara’s house and tell.” We just kinda have it figured out and we pray and just tell God how to work. Okay, that’s not listening. That’s not what we want. We don’t wanna trust ourselves, we wanna know that He is sovereign, He is good, He is wise and all-knowing. He knows what’s best. So, we can trust Him. We have to get quiet, we have to rest. We don’t wanna get so familiar with our own voice that we don’t hear our Shepherd’s voice. So familiar with the world’s voice, with other people’s voices, that we’re not listening to His voice. The Lord is your Shepherd. Who here knows Psalms 23? The Lord is my Shepherd. I wanna talk to you about how good and trustworthy the Lord is because some of you, you don’t know Him enough to trust Him. When you really know Him, trust just becomes easier and easier doesn’t it? The Lord is our Shepherd, so we don’t lack anything. He is everything. And ladies, He wants to guide us. If we would trust Him, He’s not trying to take you to a bad place, He wants to take you to green pastures. He wants to take you to quiet waters. He wants to refresh your soul. He wants to take you down right paths instead of the paths that we think are right. He even though we are in the darkest of pits and situations, He says “You do not have to be afraid. “You can trust Me. “I am with you in everything.” He wants to stand near you and comfort you. He wants to hold you. He has set a table before you, prepared all of your needs you’re going to have against the enemy, against the thief, against the robber. He says, “No, come, feast here, stay near Me, “I have a table prepared for you.” He wants to place oil of anointing on your head. Setting you apart protecting you from the evil one and He says, “If you just draw near to Me, “to My voice and trust Me.” Ladies, he says, “My cup is going to fill “and you’re gonna overflow with Me. “Goodness and mercy.” Whether we’re faithful or not. We’ll follow you all the days of your life ’cause I am your Good Shepherd. So you don’t lack. So you can trust Him because we will one day, as followers of Christ, meet Him, meet the Good Shepherd and be with Him forever. You see our temporary troubles will never, ever keep us from God’s powerful presence. Let me say that again, our temporary troubles will never, ever keep us from God’s powerful presence. (congregation cheering) He is abundant life. Because it doesn’t matter where you are, what circumstance that you’re in. It doesn’t even matter what you have done. It’s absolutely who you are with. And in Christ, you have a God who is always with you, who will never leave you, who will never forsake you. Abundant life is in knowing and trusting our Savior. It’s Jesus, He’s our abundant life. And so if we go back to second Corinthians chapter four, we go back to Paul. Paul gave those overcoming statements, he knew where the abundance came from. And then in verse 16 he said, “Therefore” with all these things that we know, even though things are bad, we also know we have this abundance. “we do not lose heart.” You don’t have to lose heart in any situation. “Though outwardly” it says, “we were wasting away,” and that was so true, “yet inwardly” what was happening? They “were being renewed day by day.” Isn’t that encouraging?
Yeah! That whatever is going on in your life that feels like wasting away, in Christ, in the Shepherd, there’s renewal day by day, there’s glory to glory in everything. “Our light” he said “our light and momentary troubles” and honestly I know that some of you are like, “Mine don’t seem light. “They don’t seem momentary.” But they are momentary. They “are achieving for us an eternal glory “that far outweighs all of them.” And “So,” he said, “we fix our eyes,” they’re fixed on Jesus. They’re not fixed “on what is seen, “but on the unseen what is seen is all temporary” stuff. What is unseen is the eternal. So sisters, let me tell you, you might feel in a tight spot. You may feel pressed down, but you are not crushed. With God all things are possible. (congregation cheering) You might feel at a loss, totally at a loss of what to do and feel perplexed. But you do not need to despair because Christ is enough. He shows ways where there is no way. And you might feel persecuted but you are never abandoned because God will never leave you or forsake you. (congregation cheering) And even if you’re struck down and you’re struck down again, in Christ we cannot be destroyed. Amen.
We cannot be destroyed. We will rise again. We have life, abundant life in Christ. His name is Jesus. He’s our abundance in every circumstance. Whatever circumstance you wanna name, Christ is enough, He’s abundant there, His fullness is there. You can count on it. I know it because I live this. I don’t always know Him perfectly. But I know that when I draw near to the Good Shepherd, He reveals how true all of this is and more and you get to dive in to the word of God. Maybe through the lens of this message and the lens of John 10:10, to see His abundant life. Dive in to the reading plan, Jesus’s Life, with your girlfriends to see the abundant life. To see what Christ offers. To see who He is and what He gives and we don’t wanna miss out on it. We don’t wanna miss out on what we already have. Amen?
Amen. (congregation cheering) So I just wanna celebrate a few Life.Church sisters. I’ve got four stories of Life.Church sisters that I wanna highlight. The first gal she has an abundant life because of Christ and she comes from Life.Church Norman, her name is Alex. And Alex she was pressed down, but in Christ she was not crushed. Alex had years of life in addiction. She didn’t know her identity of who she was in Christ. Her life was broken, she felt ashamed, she had believed the lies of the enemy. But she was invited to Life.Church and in time, the lies were replaced with God’s truth. Amen.
Christ love overwhelmed her. His abundant life overwhelmed her. She got planted in her church. She got fueled up, passionate for Jesus and serving others. She became the host team leader in a life group, Life Missions leader and after going public with her baptism she said she had the opportunity to baptize seven other girls. (congregation cheering)
Isn’t that amazing? Another abundant life sister is Michelle from Life.Church Broken Arrow. Michelle I’m sure felt perplexed, but she was not in despair. You see two years ago Michelle had ended an abusive, broken relationship. She was devastated in the ways that you could imagine of physically, emotionally, financially. But she made a decision that she was going to live with intention. That she was going to follow Jesus. She was going to pray. She was going to tithe. She was gonna get plugged into her church and serve. And encouraged by her church family and the pastors there at Broken Arrow, she started a women’s life group. And Michelle said, “As I focused on Jesus “and serving others, I began to experience healing. “I discovered my identity is in Christ. “I’m now full of joy, peace, God’s love, “and I have a sisterhood of Christian friends. “What a beautiful life Christ has given me.” (congregation cheering)
Isn’t that amazing? Now let’s give it up Andrea at Life.Church Fort Smith Arkansas. Andrea, I bet she felt struck down, but girls, she was not destroyed. She suffered a traumatic head injury 18 months ago in a car accident. It was touch and go, they didn’t know if she was gonna pull through. She received phenomenal healing from the Great Healer, but she still has some issues, challenges from that brain trauma. Maybe that will be over by the time I’m sharing this, but through this, she has had trouble multi-tasking. It’s become difficult for her. But through Jesus, she’s still living abundantly. She’s used this as an advantage to her. She used to live life busy and hurried, but now she’s taking time to focus on people, to love people. She’s become a prayer warrior and she hasn’t allowed this temporary challenge to hold her back or pull her down. She’s an inspiration to others and as as she’s drawing closer to the Lord through this time. So, that’s Andrea.
(congregation cheering) And the last gal we have is Jamina and she’s from Life.Church Overland Park, Kansas. All right, my Overland Park
(congregation cheering) and it was two years ago that Jamina didn’t believe that God was for her. Maybe you’ve been there. She actually attended a Sisters event. She came in alone, felt alone, and at the end she was really nervous about interacting and so she said she made her little baby, when she picked her baby up like a shield to kind of say, “keep away.” But, regardless, a loving lady came up and approached her and asked about her, not just “Hey, your baby’s really cute.” And how she was doing. Well, the lady ended up inviting her to become a part of her life group. She joined this group and the “healing journey,” she said, “began in that small group” Her marriage began to heal while she was with other gals in that group. Her post-partum depression lifted. She began to see God’s purpose in her life. See abundant life came when she got around the Shepherd and around His sheep. Jamina’s experiencing abundant life that Jesus came to give. So ladies, I wanna have this time as we’re hearing these words for you. I don’t know what your story is, but I know that we all have things that we want prayer for. So I just wanna use this time to pray. I think it would be a great time if we would all just stand to our feet and I wanna pray for specific things. Let’s pray first for relationships. If you have a relationship where you just know, there’s a struggle, you have a struggling relationship, a hurting relationship, a broken relationship that needs restoration. You want prayer for that, please raise your hand and just look around at those that have their hands raised, or say “I want prayer for a relationship.” And we’re just gonna believe. We’re just gonna use this time and allow the Father to minister okay? And I’m gonna pray, but if those around wanna just lay your hands or just put your hands toward those that raised their hand, we just wanna believe in faith that somehow, some way, the Holy Spirit is He’s here, He’s gonna work, He’s gonna touch, He’s gonna move, and He’s going to release life into these relationships. And do something that only He can do ’cause we know it’s not by words, but it is something about our faith when we come together. And we’re gonna come in agreement and there is power there. Before we pray I just want you to believe. I don’t care if you’ve been praying over this relationship for 25 years, or two minutes, let’s just come with fresh faith, knowing we have agreement together. Knowing that all things are possible. That we have an abundant God, okay? And with that spirit of faith, let’s pray now. I’m gonna pray for our relationships. Heavenly Father, Jesus we need You. We know that without You relationships are broken. Father have Your way in the relationships of those that have lifted their hands asking for prayer. They’re calling out to You Jesus. Touch these relationships, touch the mother/child relationship Father and restore that relationship, bring life into it. Touch marriages Jesus, do what only you can do and bring a healing miracle. Father make ways where there is no way. Touch broken friendships where there’s become bitter roots and jealousy and things that are not of you Father. Bring life, breathe Your life. Father, we need to hear Your whispers, Your discerning words, Your wisdom about how to work in those relationships. Forgive us, show us where we were wrong in those relationships Father. Show us our next step to take for these relationships Father and we just give it to You and we ask Father for miracles that we don’t even know how, we don’t wanna tell You how, we just say Father, yes, we wanna give this to You and say move and do a miracle here today somehow because You are abundant, because all things are possible in You because Jesus we’re praying it in Your name Jesus, Amen. Amen.
And so now (congregation cheering) I want us to pray for those that need healing. Some of you tonight, it’s you. You need a physical healing. You need an emotional healing. A spiritual healing. Or someone that you’ve been praying for already. But I tell you what, like I said a moment ago, this is not a normal night to pray because we’re praying together in agreement to a good Father. So again, it doesn’t matter how many times you go to Father, be persistent, come with faith, know that God stands ready to show His goodness to us. We can trust Him. It’s both Father, yes raise the dead and Father, yes Your will, all at the same time. Every time we pray. But He says come like a child, come believing, come asking, He tells us to. He says come persistent, come knocking. So we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna believe. No matter how many times you’ve prayed, “Father heal me, heal them.” We’re gonna believe today that by faith, this might be the day. So, raise your hand again and just surround those that have raised their hands, and we’re gonna just pray and believe that God is gonna move. Raise your hand for those that you are praying for that need healing. And I believe there’s more of you than that. I have a long list of people I’m praying for that need healing and gosh, we don’t wanna miss the opportunity. We don’t wanna miss the opportunity to keep asking. Jesus you are healer, you are life. Yeah.
You came to give life. And I speak life over every person that is calling on You right now and Father thank You for every prayer that You’ve heard them pray asking for healing. We bind in belief in the name of Jesus and we release our faith and Father we just pray that You would work a miracle, that You would bring healing, that You would bring life. Jesus You told us to ask and like children, we say “Yes, now Jesus.” We ask, we believe, that You can do the impossible. You’ve created all things. You knitted us together Jesus. We can’t tell You how, we just ask, “Heal us Jesus, take our emotions, all our brokenness, “and bring healing.” Father please hear this prayer and have Your way in a healing way for everyone calling on You now in the name of Jesus. Thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus. I want us to pray for provision. There’s so many needs here and this can apply in any way you want for provision ’cause we’re just gonna stand ready and in faith asking. You have needs, your car is broken down, you need something (laughs). God needs to provide a job. He needs to provide more income. You need God to move in your life. If you need provision or you’re believing for somebody else who needs provision, let’s go to God right now, let’s ask Him in prayer. Raise your hand in faith and let’s just come before our abundant Father okay? Father You are abundant life, You are fullness, You are everything, and we come before You Lord and we thank You that You are Jehovah Jireh, You are our provider, You meet our needs. Father with You we lack nothing. Thank You Jesus that right now You are providing, You are providing sound minds, You’re providing discipline, You’re providing finances. Father You’re providing wisdom. Father You are providing the life, the strength, the energy, You’re providing insight and creativity. Jesus we thank You, You’re providing for jobs. Lord, show us the way to go, we are listening. Give us ears to hear how You can provide for us because You will make a way Jesus. Thank You for the opportunity to come before You. Thank You for the faith that You give. We ask it all in the name of Jesus, Amen. (congregation cheering) All right. Okay. Jesus is abundant life, we got that right? He’s our Good Shepherd. He’s our rock, He’s our firm foundation. He’s our constant guide. He is freedom. Jesus is love, He’s wisdom, He’s joy, He’s fullness, He’s your sustainer, He’s the light of the world, He’s living water, He’s creator, He is the bread of life, (congregation cheering) the resurrection, the way to the Father, He is truth, He’s life, He’s our vine, our source, our living hope. He’s the counselor, He’s the Prince of Peace. He’s your hiding place. He’s the strong tower, He’s the refuge, He’s the great I am. He’s our abundance. But some of you I wanna say, do you know Him? Now we all need to know Him more, but do you know Him at all? It’s okay if you don’t, there’s no shame in it, but I’m telling it, if you don’t know Him, you wanna know Him. In fact, you don’t just wanna know about Him, (congregation cheering) but you want Him. I believe there’s so many of you that have come at all the Sisters events that need to know Him. That need to know that He is Savior of the world. That you need to know that He’s the first and the last, the beginning and the end, and He is salvation. Jesus means salvation. And He wants to bring salvation to everyone who would believe and bring life to everyone who believe and so if that is you and you say, “I don’t know Him. “I need salvation. “I need Jesus to forgive me of my sins. “To make me new.” Then I would just ask that you call on Him. You might raise your hand right now and say, “That’s me. “I’ve raised my hand and I wanna be prayed for. “I wanna pray and ask Jesus to be Lord of my life.” If that’s you, raise your hand and say, “Jesus I need Your salvation. “I want You to come into my life. “I wanna know You, I want You to save me.” And as there’s hands coming up, (congregation cheering) we see those hands, we praise You Jesus. Thank You Father. Thank You Jesus. We rejoice in You. I want you to just pray along with me. Everyone pray and you just mean it in your heart. Father,
Father, I come before you as sinner
I come before you as sinner but I ask that you forgive me. but I ask that you forgive me. I ask that you make me new.
I ask that you make me new. I ask that Your Holy Spirit fill me. I ask that Your Holy Spirit fill me. I give you my whole life.
I give you my whole life. Thank You for giving me Your life. Thank You for giving me Your life. In Jesus name,
In Jesus name, Amen. Let’s all worship the Lord, we praise You Father. (congregation cheering)
We thank You for life and now we’re gonna worship our Father in worship. Amen! ♪ Saving makes you ♪

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