Situation in Misurata hospital (Subtitles: Eng)

The world can see how Misrata residents are suffering. Their suffereing is very clear inside the central hospital of the city where we have met the Chief of the Hospital. to inform us on the medical situation in the city. In the name of God, the merciful With regard the situation in the hospital – actually, we don’t have a central hospital. We have a group of medical centres where we have received all the injuired and the martyrs. Most of the operations have been done in the centres. and regarding the medical supplies storage, it used to be in the hospital which is currently under renovations. That hospital is currently under the control of Gaddafi forces. Now, we heard they damaged the medical storage. The medical centre where we were is very basic. All the operations were done in this centre, and we were doing 5 operations at once. They were done in normal rooms, unsuitable for surgeries. And this centre is being bombarded which is forced us to remove all patients immediately, during the night. We took them to pirvate clinic which has capacity of less than 50 beds. And the clinic doesn’t have enough emergency equiipment. We are having to do most of the operations in tents outside the clinic. The situation is very bad, nothing is available The medical team have been working 24hours a day, for more than 40 days. Thanks to the surgeons, they are doing a great job under a great of pressue. We have a serve shortage of orthopedic surgeons, vascular surgeons and neuro surgeons. There is an urgent need for operations, especially orthopedic. we are unable to perform these opeartions. There is a shortage of anaesthetics and special medication for operations. Also equipments for operations. especially equipment for orthopedic operations. There is a severe shortage. And also a shortage of medication for intensive care. There is also a shortage of antibiotics. On top of that, we haven’t had water for 2 weeks. And we brought the water to the clinic with difficulty, using normal cars. And we have a shortage of breathing apparatus. we also have a shortage of defibrillators. We need equipment for the opeation theatres. We have no equipment for monitoring orthopedic operations. We have an outdated machine. That’s what we are using. And it’s always breaking down. We urgently request assistance from the international humanitarion organisations. the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. As well as Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). We need specialist doctors, orthopedic, vascular and neurosurgeons. Because we have some operations which need to be done outside of Misrata, We hope they will help us with that. Especially Libyan doctors who are outside of Libya, to assist these patients. Because there is access via the Qasr Ahmed harbour. Through the harbour, we can evacuate the injured. We also heard there are going provide a floating ship. But until now, nothing has happened. There is a shortage of baby food and nappies. And also a shortage of everything in the city of Misrata. It is a large city but there is no central hospital. Also, I’m urging brothers around the world to assist the Egytian brothers who are stranded at the harbour in Misrata. As quickly as possible. God bless you, doctor. We would like to ask you if you have data on the numbers the injured and martyed at the hospital since the start of the fighting? From the beginning of the fighting, We only heard about because the martyed couldn’t be brought to the hospital They can’t remove them from where they were killed because of the snipers. And also the case is the same with some of the injuried. They can’t be brought to the hospital. Around the March 18, until now around 118 were martyred. Also, 1,300 have been injured, some very badly. Their hands and legs have been severed. Musclar and vascular injuries. Their injuries are very severe and they need specialist attention. And because we haven’t had a hospital in Misrata in the last 2 years. God bless you, doctor. We need a comment from you about your urgent appeal. About the international organisations and human rights organisations. My appeal is espeically to the Red Cross, the international Red Crescent and the Arabic Red Crescents. And to the Arab doctors, and to the Libyan doctors, who are outside of Libya. And to the Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) to assist us and to send emergency medical supplies. And they can send it through Misrata harbour. We need a lot of surgeons, espeically for muscles. And for bone injuries because there is a big shortage. it’s possible to transfer the injured via the harbour for treatment outside of Libya. And now we will try to speak with the patients inside the hospital. We would like to understand from them their injury, and where and when it happened. Host: Salam Alaikum. Your kind name?
Patient: Salam Alaikum. Mohmed Mustafa Al-Araghe Mohamed, what kind of injury do you have? i was injured in my stomach by a rocket sharpnel, my arm and legs as well. When heard the news, that Gaddafi forces were coming through Zarag in the East of Misrata, we went to the battle fields. We were hit by a rocket. What have doctors told you about your injuries? Theytold me, God willing, that I will be treated. They did an operation on my stomach and the injuries to my arms and legs. I need another operation. The muscles (in my arm) may have been cut. Mohamed, from your bed, what message do you have for international organisations? It’s a clear message. Firstly, help those who have been injuired. They are suffering from a shortage of medicine and food. Thanks to the doctors and all the people of Misrata who are doing the best they can. And ask the international community to come and help and rescue Misrata. So another massacre won’t happen in the future. God bless you, Mohamed. Reporter: Salam Alaikum, how are you?
Man: Salam Alaikum. Well, thanks be to God. Please tell us your situation. What is the injury? The injury is in front of you. One of his arm is destroyed and the other still has two bullets inside. When did the injury happen?
It happened in Mahjoub. The reality is only God can help us. The whole world is just watching. the Arab world, the international community and the United Nations. Where are you, Arab nations? Where is America? Where are the American and British forces? Their planes are just circle overhead and do nothing. Did we do something Muammar (Gaddafi)? What did we do? You are bombing and destroying the people. They drove us from our homes. We can’t sleep night or day. What kind of life is this? They (the coalition) brought their forces to our country. For what? Just to show off. Take the dead out and we will die where they lay. Honestly, I hope God saves us. Doesn’t matter. We will die in our country. We don’t need other forces. Nothing. God willing. They are just watching us. “Every alleyway, every house, every person, we will destroy you.” He (Gaddaif) said this in public, on radio and TV. And he said this in front of the whole world. He is not hiding it. Where can we go? Everyone who was hit, whoever was killed is dead. And whomever survived is still alive. Maybe only 1,000 or one million people in the country will survive. It doesn’t matter, as long as we don’t see his face. Even one million is enough. If only one million survive in Libya, that’s enough. The important thing is that we are rid of him. Freedom Group. The date is March 30. From the central hospital of Misrata.

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