Skatepark Call The Shots With Jon Reyes!

So I said what are you doing here UNH’s back to the bed I come home and we have evidence school come here This is seriously the highlight of my frickin day headed over to John’s house for day number I think it’s the state’s three here in New York probably gonna be cruising throughout the city for a little while Three more days and total here in the city and then I’m going over to Illinois. So we got to make the best of them I’m like checking on my daughter and security cameras and stuff in here and I’m like, where is he? Cause usually like in one spot in there. Usually, I know one the camera just seemed like zip okay, so I’m like What is he doing? And I put the speaker on and I ain’t sure like all just like I’m hearing there’s no camera You can’t see you can hear like a bomb that is I said, what are you doing here? UNH’s back for better to come home and we have evidence school Like how do you possibly matter right now? You’re supposed to be mad at prescient or a dog or whatever who’s done something wrong? Right. It’s like awesome can’t pay me. You’re a scheme. That was my Chipotle. I Hope you’ve crab fire. That was hot sauce. I know it was you’re gonna the wings juices. I know you are look at me High kind of plate, please. Could I get rice chicken? Thank you All right So just got our lunch gonna be heading over to the city Tomorrow is 9/11 song a I’m gonna be trying to go back to the city tomorrow But let’s enjoy this get to City and plan our day out. Oh No, no Chill a little plaza spot we just rolled up to with John This park is called Tribeca skate park and it’s right next to as you guys can see Here’s the Freedom Tower and it’s like right in the center of the city So it’s really weird to like see this actually right here I thought you’re gonna go like a little bit further out, but we made it. Let’s get a few clips here Definitely one ride that flat rail this little gaps. It looks like a lot of fun and this ledge looks kind of sick too So just play around a little bit Alright, so we were riding with John ray is now and we’re gonna do a back to back line The line is triple open rifle people with people on the ledge 180 bar out. Look at him. Please have a look. There’s Boom, please even look at this screw tree shirt plug triple first right The John and I are gonna play a small game of call the shots There’s gonna call each other like a couple lines things like that But the thing about this game is we both have to do the line So that way neither one of us wrecks each other because you have two completely different styles So John it is your turn to call the line What do you want up the rail from for if I like not from the very bottom? Okay. Okay. Thank god, we’re both Okay, I haven’t hit this rail even once so this is gonna be interesting. Hopefully you get it first go It’s a lot like this starting to get real at least it looks like though. That should be good right behind John Yeah, I was way too close to you how it goes? I’m sorry around two on the front board I can’t not go that close. I Have my front wheel on the way up who is sketchy that rails life’s really frickin good around three on literally a front board Hey kill, we don’t look like noobs now my trick I’m gonna call I saw you do a frontside three over there So I’m gonna call frontside 270 over the gap that one yeah nevermind different Rick Where you keep it easy with this one 360 this gap and then frontside to seven or the front side three downward You can do those a lot of people like really hate down whips But I know that you can do because you’re from the same era as me But you can do them on the amount of kids that go to my local that cannot downside to apply care. It’s joke, okay It’s not a yeah, it’s not about a cup. Whoever made butter cups friggin set. What a moron moron a person 88 Alright, I get the back three in first Yeah, ma that when we got first shot that’s one trick I want to see a lot of you guys learned say once you learn 360 taalib Please go and learn frontside 360s and frontside 360 down so ups there’s such a cool trick. They’re a lot of fun I personally like them more than 360 whips unless I’m doing them over a box It doesn’t feel like a 360 it doesn’t it feels like a 180. So we’re gonna finger it Okay, they’re gonna flare the quarter but only have like so much space you like the right side the big size took Precision’s. Okay, go guys finger whip cruising through goodness flair bang That land on my hat I really hope I didn’t another first try one. All right do two more So one for me one for you, we’re joining forces on this one So it’s a little bit of me a little bit of you bar spin mani on the top of the sledge then knows what bar? and blue a widow with manual Alright, cool Well, I didn’t lay my first try let’s see if John can do his Looks like he’s got a better setup than me. Oh, he did the same exact thing. I did. No lie I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sharp-edged ledge. That was that slick. Give me a grunting straight I know I grind it straight to you felt it. That was terrifying. All right round two. All right round two Whoa, John coming up Bar Manny go get the noseblunt Whip? Yes. All right round two for both of us. Awesome. Even though I almost died George was definitely cleaner than mine, but we both got on so well done sir combine forces again, but make it hard not scary But it’s hard coming out of this. We’re gonna invert Okay, that’s mine. Yeah to manual. Okay that Bank. Okay trick out choice is yours we’d have to check out Okay deal So invert manual whatever took out really interested to see if John can do an invert manual first go I didn’t the other day it took me a long time and I don’t ever see John and verso this is gonna be really really Cool create that carbon out. Let us know. What do you guys think? Do you think John’s got this one first shot? And when I say first time in the entire line, not just the invert manual I have a feeling he’s gonna do invert manual and then hue up out. That’s my feeling, but we’ll see what happens John’s Definitely a different sort of writer and he’s got a lot of flat tricks out of manuals John Raese Dropping and coming up towards that invert Manny invert. Yes. Go. What was that? You had it though? Oh my go Hi John’s right in front of us if he’s got it My ambert was really bad on that so I am gonna give it another shot I want to give you a little more room because I was a little bit close again My apologies a little more room for John Oh Jesus oh Nice session with our board John over here at Tribeca skatepark. I actually like this part because it’s again another park. That’s small Jibby, all the let just slightly weld the rail right there on the flatland that that’s awesome that rails is really really cool That’s a different man you line so I can see why John likes this place. But thank you again for riding with us, dude Let’s continue on to our next adventure Ok, so we are currently grabbing onto the back of this u-haul truck We’re headed over to where we’re going 360. When I go somewhere special to do a little something for the channel I’m really hoping that the idea will work for the bay because if it does it’s gonna be a great video to post here on the channel but yeah make it there first and right now this is the easiest way because you’ve been pushing all day and this is A massive break for us right now as a scooter rider We ride around all the time and I always need air pods. And right now these are actually on sale so I’m thinking about snatching a pair of those because I need some and plus it would help for editing to was specially when I’m On the plane and there’s a lot of good things. They’re pointing towards East I was really looking at the beats ones, too but he’s saying that they don’t fly out of his ears when he rides and I’m really hoping that’s the same concept with me because my Ears are a little bit different and the normal headphones Did you ever use a normal headphones in the day volunteers when you rode wire? We pull it out like the weight of the wire Yeah, cuz I used to wear those nape a lot all the time. I have to you Skullcandy ones know they’re chillin Well those you can like yeah, I put some weighty. There’s so much wax in there dude. You have no idea Let me go ask somebody really fast next time a headphones, please And you got all Kaiser in there Hot damn girl, oh You’re in man, welcome to the club. Thanks. I’m happy to be here, you know huge thanks to my mom bonds rose apple They’re gonna do that got these babies. I’m gonna take these things outside want to test these things out the whole Brooklyn thing It didn’t work out just so everybody knows but it might work out tomorrow Maybe hopefully fingers crossed if you guys want to know what that is I’m not gonna tell you about it yet, but you definitely 1,000% do not want to miss that video Although Jon’s doing a video on there too. So I’m not going to steal his a complete video idea That’s too much of a face. Yes. We got ourselves. Some tacos gummy as bright. He’s got some type of she’s got some sockos What is that mineral what he’s working? Pretty good so far. They have not fallen out. Thank God I’m gonna kind of expect them to but they haven’t so Johnny’s been right thus far But we’ll see how long that little record of his last. We’re gonna cruise back over to John’s house here Just a second and my favorite favorite part of the day best part of the day cut the electric screwed out But this time I have to take my normal scoot. Jon just showed me like what’s the best way to do it but Apparently, this is the move like having the bar is this way so that they’re not like out here So if I do hit a car, I won’t die. That’s right. We’re at least decent So as long as the car doesn’t hate me we should be okay I’ll let you know once I get there if I’m okay or not

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