Skyrim – Diplomatic Immunity – Full quest walk through ! – Commentary – Distracting the Gaurds

heyyyyyy well got me on a mission called the planner manic immunity doing a walkthrough on scoring room this girl um has to believe i'm Dragonborn so she asked me she asked me the killer dragon fur and I kill the dragon which she just saw a minute ago and I just showed you bragging right Hillary I'm gonna do it continue on the quest go Sony and wanna do it well show you i'm skipping off and on the son-in-law this is a mission I was there in remission funny mixed in a stereo sorry but I saw the show it looks killer and then the dragon power line speed love some hearts anyway trademark well I have to go back to the girl now in the settings and I have to have a talk or speak in the Ratana mana community this is right let's show this person speaking of this person I mean without colleague and that's called a river war drei zwei this very thing he won the quest there's a little chicken and now I think he's mad speed of the process takes too long and look so all this shit I don't wanna do this for what speed at the door you know walking you go downstairs here on the grounds don't I groundseekers where she has a real artist she's anyway she asked me without she has to go downstairs actually tells me what's absolute sorry to hit the wall speed of despair takes too long anyway so again tell us about a man that we haven't traveled to he'll tell us how to sneak in this he's from your barrel and you'll see you gonna represent we gone to the blue part of the palace gonna have to say I only discovered this a divorce so you're from there all today you skip one all the way down there is Symphony partly I just welcomed the request way and I saw this happen ladies executed really well we decided to talk to me and the Cara's all decided to chase Miriam so funny enough to spook twelve girls after open for nice food just wait just just boycott the scene that's weird it was so I just ran off and killed the two witnesses at him like I was ground no penalty no it's not so bad daughter keeps me fed my work fair place but didn't it was gone in and speeding up for talking and born I don't smuggle some equipment into the end of aluminium don't plan on bringing anything else in with you the Thalmor take security very seriously give me what you can't live without and I'll make sure to get it into the embassy thank you is up to you okay I'll get this inside the embassy for you we already got to go I'll find you in the armor don't worry bring the armor into the party and we're gonna be traveling to another location I was sad to see to get rid of um horsemen horsemen we will be gonna lift look at me I'm like yeah your job is to get into the party without being favored trust you aren't considering any oh here we go but mix with the dogged I just was inside villain air and I opened their world left I traveled location I'm sorry to see where I was just where I am then it's a little town of so a little village and here we go she's a are you given now born the gear you want to smuggle into the Amazon oh I named it data point I think I have your invitation fine invitation but the only way you're going to get past the guards really believe gives us particular also which is you need to look the part for you perhaps the party clothes here shoes on the trousers around the top I'll keep the rest of your gear safe throw you back you'll only have what melbourne's smuggled is for you plus whatever you can pick up inside the parent issue is party huh Patti tells us I guess that will have to do you should pass for a real guest at least until April ready to work we go the innocent okay courage they said don't worry it will all be waiting for you when you get back just make sure you get back out of there alive with the information in my head I will indeed a little bit it's a heart free hard mission up to a several times several up on several occasions Oh fellow only to them or do you have to talk to this far if so it meant arriving bygone distress look at her smile eight nurses you'll see it lost on the way up this godforsaken mountain into any desire to actually arrive late I prefer to get very tasty carrot party let's go and yeah our son look at the Questor of us welcome to the Thalmor gift irritation that occurred your invitation please or this is LeFort thank you sir 50 right shield your head in speed it up speed up disperse open the door don't saw it talk to this person talk just for your Riddler what's nice house 1 it's tomorrow boss a way to drink I've told you before not to bother me with such trifles yes madam ambassador my apologies we'll have to get better acquainted later please enjoy yourself talk tomorrow long can I get for your sink get a drink and say I'm ready there you go sir the finest Columbian brandy is there anything else I can get for you let me see if we have another bottle of that I'll be waiting by the door for everyone to be distracted there we go there we go and then we go through them on over here sit down what does a fellow need to do to get one generous soul anything looks balanced if there's anything I can ever do for you do not hesitate Thank You woody thanks buddy wonderful immediately say on friends it is that all my friend you could ear the right person you can know that cause II the seniors just somewhat of a specialty of mine I did stand back and be oh my handiwork let him distract the crowd distract the crowd and you you walk over the mob or that's behind the bar and hailed us lead that leads away by speed of the way pick up all the field possible on your way take of all the cheese and all in the kitchen so you can hear that self if you're needed oil if you need to do it you pick up every bit of cheese you can say I feel so they'll be handy when you're young the girls pick up your armor from the chest well mal born stops so it'll small room if someone misses me at the party we're both dead in this little room and so and then you walk with the back door here hello sir mommy on the carrier's will come along better kill this girl I got pretty hair Armani that will walk oil maybe lovesick so she knows it Oh Marcy like a level of noxious didn't bother so meeting on the field Kol muffled take what is armed with a scooter hammering off strong armor so you have a chance to get good equipment on this mission the other she is and shrubs are ambitious they'll pick of all the host of an affair with it say around here at once we'll be heading upstairs today October walk upstairs dum-dum Condor realms and walk around to the back door and I'll say go to school and you'll see a sea soil it is just kill the guard here I'll speed up the process wonderful Creusot so when you kill him walking on the back you open this door and you see a carrot looking ups away walk around sneak around the back way wait in here until the people start talking in the background when you can hear them I can just tell that it'll tell the man to walk downstairs so they'll be downstairs time to wait and then you go and HD toasters display the door slam that means the my that they've gone downstairs you'll hear the door slam now there we go and you can pick up this field you want there's a car sitting around there I didn't realize weird news i'm i'm travel over here and get the chest the books and letters that would have chest Niki's as fast we can and we have that don't walk down the little stairs doing the chest let's see CalSTRS underst at act all the carrots was kill everybody don't even waiting we come down this morning to kill out the speed of everything I told you then you go in and while you're released a man and okay just keep off until just say I don't know go ahead I'll follow you about the patent code the back trapdoor is the front door only the moment so yeah but wrapped off I just see if they defrost bear down here for the dodging continually for if I just jump over moon towards the door as for somebody's doing I completed that periphery I'm talking needed on the best questions about dawn so I traveled a river world again and I shoveled the local house whorehouse the hotel they go downstairs again down the bathroom and I talked to my Finch the first after ski talk she just talks about showing anything useful oh we're looking to do anyway I had to skip all the path and it was anyways and thank you for watching I'll my deal not a walkthrough anyway so and I'll see it way boy

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