Skyrim : How to Join the Dark Brotherhood (XBOX,PS3,PC)

hello guys and welcome to Skyrim yes I am doing a updated video on how to join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim since that is currently my most popular video on my channel and I decided that I made that video in like 2011 so you know it's time for it's time for a newer video and I was also a lot younger so it is quite painful to listen to that video haha so here is an updated one first first first you need to go to Windhelm alright so if you go ahead and look at the map it is right here so this is windhelm alright so it is in the top right corner of the map so if you just put your cursor all the way up to the top right corner of the map and then come down a little bit Windhelm is right there easy to get to or you can hire any characters to take you here for like 20 gold so pretty easy so once you first come in the gates you'll be greeted with this wonderful view and first off you need to go right up these stairs and then take a left and go on to this bridge thingy and see these two people these two people are key in starting your quest so if you walk up to them then it's true whatever you want to say that event authority knows doing the blocks so they're just talking about how this kids trying to summon the dark brotherhood and blah blah blah so you need to go straight into this door alright so you need to unlock this and I actually don't have any lock picks so I'm just going to go ahead and unlock this alright so you need to go into this door alright so you can hear this little kid raging up here so he's raging like a crazy crazy individual so you go up and talk to her so he thinks that you're the Dark Brotherhood cuz he's a huge dumbass some say are you alright I did the black sacrament over and over with the body and the things and then you came in assassin from the Dark Brotherhood sure alright so it doesn't matter what you say here um I don't think so just say yes of course the black sacrament so very long but nothing that's what she said good accept my contract my mother she she died I I'm all alone now so they sent me to the terrible orphanage in Riften on her Hall the headmistress is an evil cruel woman they call agro of the kind but she's not kind she's terrible to all of us what a bitch ran away and came home and perform the black sacrament now you're here and you could kill growl on the kind sure okay so we're done with that part so now says started innocence lost so we need to exit exit exit and now we need to go to Rifton which if I remember correctly Rifton is down here right here so this is Rifton all right so if you haven't been drifting yet and that means you can't fast travel to rift in you can walk straight out of Windhelm go down here and you'll end up at the stables and you'll see this guy with the carriage you can go up to him and you can talk to him you can ask for a ride on his carriage and you can go scroll down to Rifton it's like 20 gold all right so you just climb in the back and you're off all right so we have arrived at Rifton here they are going to try to shake us down the first time that you're here need to pay the visitors tax bla bla for the privilege of entering the city what does it matter um it's obviously shakedown noise down so you don't to pay them to hear you I'll let you in just let me unlock the gate all right so you can get into Rifton Dawnguard let's wait for em to unlock it first unlock for it sweet alright so now once you're in Riften I will show you where you need to go okay so now that we're in Riften need to go straight you'll get stopped by this guy you would Rifton looking for trouble you can just ignore him I'm really getting wait so go over here you need to pass this market this little centre marketplace keep to the right go around like this and you can go across this bridge and then you'll end up here which is the honor hall orphanage and you need to get your weapons ready so you can sneak up on this bitch dravidan and you can hear her threatening to beat the children blah blah blah so that's her right there so you can just walk up like this doesn't really matter get behind her and kill her and everybody's freaking out and blah blah blah so now you just need to leave don't worry you're not gonna get fucking kids won't get out of the way you don't need to worry about the the guard Keshi knew because this is a quest so you can get away with murdering this old woman now you need to go back to white or not white run I don't know I keep saying white run back to Rifton are not Rifton fuck it dude windhelm so go ahead and go back to windhelm so you can fast travel obviously since you had to go there to start the quest and now you go to the ik same place so you just need to tell this kid that you killed her basically go ahead and head up the stairs and he'll be waiting for you the kind you know yes she is good I knew you could do it I just knew it this kid is a future season killer like I promised this should fetch you a nice price and he gives you some bullshit like copper medallion thing that you can go sell for like 10 gold alright so the next thing that you need to do in order to trigger the second part of this quest or really the third part of this quest is finally place to sleep okay so this is kind of a weird part of the video because a lot of people in my last video said that you didn't need to sleep in a house you can sleep in an inn okay so for some people some people you can sleep in an inn and it'll trigger the quest for me that has never worked trust me I just tried it that has never worked for me please tell me in the comments if that does work for you but that has never worked for me sleeping in has never triggered the quest for me so I'm going to go to my house and sleep there because I know that that works but when you're already in windhelm I would go ahead and try to sleep in the inn and see if that triggers it and if it doesn't you'll have to do what I do and go find either your house or some other place that you can sleep where it'll trigger the quest so just go ahead and go to sleep somewhere doesn't matter for how long so you will wake up like this and you'll see this creepy girl crouching in the corner waiting to attack you you'll just go what where am I who are you and still very much alive that is true more than can be said for old grelod hmm that's not nice half of Skyrim knows old hag gets butchered in her own orphanage yeah yeah that does actually sound pretty bad oh but don't misunderstand I'm not criticising it was a good kill old crone had it coming and you saved a group of urgence to boot but there is a slight hmm problem so this is where she says um you soul my kill little Eric Tino boy was looking kill stealer Brotherhood for me and my associates grelod the kind was by all rights a Dark Brotherhood contract a kill that you stole a kill you must repay okay so do you want me to murder someone else who if you turn around you'll notice my guests I've collected them from my hell that's not really important the here and now that's what matters you see there's a contract out on one of them and that person can't leave this room alive but which one go on so now she wants you to figure out which person to kill uh make your choice this takes a lot of time if you want to actually really fits bitchy shut up I'd like to take then you know where Baba okay make you kill so now she says that payment of your – shut up already god damn that's the way cool all right so here is where you have to talk to these people and figure out which one has a contract on them and kill them okay that's the hard way the easy way is just to kill all three of them so damn it okay so we're in salute this the mail right fuck you fuck you and fuck you all right so that's the easy way just to kill them all say it's time aren't we the overachiever you told me to kill and I killed for you my friend seemed to understand what's truly important yes I did in order to spill blood you follow it no questions no remorse of course and you've repaid your debt in full here's the key to the Shack but why stop here I say we take our relationship to the next level I would like to carefully extend to you an invitation to join my family the dark brotherhood in the southwest reaches of Skyrim in the pine forest you'll find the entrance to our sanctuary it's just beneath the road hidden from view when questioned by the black door answer with the correct passphrase silence my brother then you're in and your wind begins I'll see you at home alright so here's where you have a choice you can either leave her and go find the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary or you can kill her yes you can kill her all right so whenever you kill her it'll trigger a quest where you have to join this team at like exterminates the Dark Brotherhood but that's not what we're trying to do in this video we're trying to join the Dark Brotherhood so go ahead and exit and she already gave you the key so you don't have to go hunt around for that alright so now that you left the Shack you're out in the middle of nowhere obviously with this little shack now where you need to go is to Falk wreath which I will show you if you go straight down on your map from your current location it is right here okay so you need to find a way to get there okay so here we are at Falk wreath okay I don't care how you get there fast travel carriage walk whatever you just need to get here okay so once you're here you need to turn around alright and then you need to follow this marker you can see it up on your bar on your navigation bar here you need to follow that marker so it's not too far from here just sprint straight towards the marker you can hop over Rock Center and whatever you just need to get here alright okay so once you're here it'll look like it's below you okay you need to go over here and drop down and there's the door all right pretty easy to get to my friend goat is inviting me to play a counter-strike right now okay so you need to go in here and activate it will ask you a question and you need to answer with silence my brother and it'll say welcome home kind of a scary place right okay so once you're in here there you go you're done you're in the book dark brotherhood you can go down here and do quests and all this other bullshit and you're done so thank you very much for watching I hope this video helped you out a bunch my fucking friend goat won't stop bothering me but so I got to go I will talk to you guys later see you then

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