Skyrim – Thalmor Embassy – Diplomatic Immunity Walkthrough 1080p

hey you guys all doing love and hacking here just finished rendering the other video I'm sorry to load it to YouTube now so I'm on to the next quest a little shit up here um we're gonna be doing turn the horn to ergo I will do that in a moment diplomatic immunity so we're gonna meet Delphine and Riverwood so that's good too already have you heard there's been another dragon attack kind score there you are did I see him talking to spend no I don't think you were followed come on I have a plan I think I was followed either so we got food drink – I cook I caught y'all Stu tell that is skooma lordy Lordy lordy let's do this no don't make my figures are we're going to get you into the Thalmor embassy I've been doing this a long time remember while the Thalmor have been looking for me I've been watching now how to download acid err Ellen would regularly throws parties were the rich and connected cozy up to the Thalmor I can get you into one of those parties once you're inside the embassy you can get away and find Ellen when's the secret files I have a contact inside the embassy he's not up for this kind of high-risk mission but he can help you his name is mal born Oh plenty of reason to hate the Thalmor you can trust him I'll get word for him to meet you in solitude at the winking Skeever hey while you're doing that I'll work on getting you an invitation to Ellen's little party meet me at the solitude stables after you've arranged things with Mel Bourne any questions No no let's do this sounds good be careful okay so the first thing we're gonna want to do here since I've done this before is go empty your crap off at your house fortunately I have one in solitude so let's go there see my house cribs Skyy repetition I couldn't imagine what we like to play this game without fast travel like if you had to ride a horse everywhere oh my god oh my lord now this is gonna be the problems finding my house well they've been there once it's gotta be somewhere as you will notice I did modify my carry weight and ever since I've done that I've been really lazy about that first I kept it at a normal level where it should be not much not doing that much more I guess this is my first I don't think it was okay so we're ready to do is take many things yeah to find a chest or is there just oh my fine chest my own house this is gonna take time off my video bedroom bedroom fairness just okay so basically I'm going to stop this real quick and then get back to it after I've emptied out all my crap okay okay in that back well 20 minutes later is it my house in solitude and now we are ready to go to the party I think I brought fine clothes I'm not actually sure what I got hopefully it's enough to kill these guys so now I am supposed to wrestle fix it before we're on that diplomatic immunity quest meet mal Barton solitude okay probably this way no here's the knees know about you yes Oh here we go I can't jump over anything to set off that junket bits and pieces all right let's get back to this class the winking scaler all right Eames there's always more to be done hmm yes I'm here for business gushie hmm really you're who she picked yeah me I hope she knows what she's doing oh she's the DS I can smuggle some equipment into the embassy for you don't plan on bringing anything else in with you the Thalmor takes security very seriously okay give me what you can't live without and I'll make sure to get it into the embassy the rest is up to you all right here's what I'll need okay I'll get this inside the embassy for you I've got to go Oh mind your hand don't worry let's see a common soldier so jam I'm going to need my bow oh don't forget the arrows how maybe three will work um definitely some gold glass dagger of course the shield in case things get pretty upsetting push push to Magica figure they're CLE okay and there goes Kyle gloves why don't I just give him everything that should be hope definitely why don't we have that and this is in case things get bad go oh man just that should be it oh the amulet of course your job is to get into the party without being fingered as a spy I'll take care of the rest did I give that all yeah I must oh good thing I had some armor left or supremely confident to go oh so that's what you wanted me to give him the stuff it's gonna sneak the stuff into the party I'm let's sell it being olds not so bad okay now it was dafair I can work around easier done oh I've got to meet her and what Martha no job is to get into the party without being fingers up following me I'll take care of the rest where are you at woman Delfy have the stables okay I believe they're down here wait there are no staples are there have you given now born that year he went to smuggle yes good I have your invitation to the party but the only way you're going to get past the guards is if they really believe you invited guests okay which means you need to look the part and not be armed to the teeth here let's put this on when you're ready I'll keep the rest of your gear safe until you go back I'm ready you'll only have what male born smuggled in for you plus whatever you can pick up inside you can't go to a party at the fountain dressed like I want a hat come on I guess that will have to do you should pass for a real guest at least until you open your mouth ready to board the carriage to the embassy don't worry it will all be waiting for you when yes just make sure you get back out of there alive with the information you read thank you wait I still got arrows on my back not to fix them wonder why that is ah fellow like welcome to the Thalmor endless imitations B's I uh take a left turn on the car no listen Walker I did do my do you think my carriage salute you sir all right let's be the life of this party oh man look at that hair welcome I don't believe we've met I am Ellen with the Thalmor Ambassador to Sky ring and you are don't worry my parties are always well-stocked with the finest food and drink available in this country awesome at first you were introducing yourself I was please tell me more about yourself what brings you to this to Skyrim what is it male born it's just that we've run out of the alto why do I have your permission to uncork the Orillia read I've told you before not to bother with such trash Jesus yes my we'll have to get better to print it later please enjoy yourself what can I get for you you made it yes what do you need there you go sir it's the finest Columbian brandy is there anything else I can get for ya another one all right then so let's create a distraction here drink around and I think you can talk to the cameraman always throws quite a party yeah I just do it this way he was easy what does that fellow need to do to get a drink around here there ah one generous soul amongst a gathering a pinch pennies and links metal tenรญas I don't think there's anything I can ever do for you do not hesitate to call them on I'm calling buddington wonderful I can begin to repay your generosity immediately say on friend is that all my friend you've come to the right person you could say that causing diseases somewhat of a specialty of my eyes stand back and behold my handiwork awesome attention everyone could I have heritage get out of here I have an announcement yes what do you need of course see if we have another bottle of that I'll be waiting by the door for everyone to be distracting to me let's go nothing for anyone notices someone but actually it's gone let's go before anyone notices us ok I came here it's been a while pity in bad weather but again I speak fake of course so far so good such as nobody saw slip out who comes Melbourne what am i only like France mess in my kitchen a guest feeling ill poetry you look like me you know this is against the rules rules is its Ibadi hey I didn't realize that eating moon sugar was permitted perhaps I should ask the ambassador yeah I still nothing your gear is in that chest I'll lock the door behind you don't screw this up come on us someone's this is me at the party we're both dead okay let's get this party started hurry it up gotta get back before I missed good lucky those robes you're on your own County were they with more of the emissaries of treaty enforces no they're high mages just in from alador I guess self is finally it's worried about Oliver what's in here ah chorong I've been wondering how we've supposed to defend this place from a dragon if a dragon does show up maybe we'll get lucky and it will eat the major first sorry Oh yeah Andrew yes all right so this is a sneaky mission you're supposed to be sneaking around here and I'm not very good at it even though I've got like 100 snake where are we going is there anything more stealing in here that had just moved this place is haunted no don't think I'm supposed to be up here then okay so whoa some good stuff in here if there's a bedroom down here somewhere there's one okay no there we go let's get this party started so you can go out either way if I remember correctly they both take him out here I'm gonna do is sticky over to that building there gave us up you got oh shit hey I'm trap what ah save shit no way oh my god I can't believe I died oh good thing good thing let that happen again so basically let's try and kill this guy this time Oh I'm seeing us Wow stuck again Oh lizard like excuse my language that crap about to die again I need that money I don't wanna me guess somebody you're sweet wrong we have other informants who are less no one else has brought you such valuable information have them Edea he's talked Hesse he knows where that old man what that was that that's just not not cool badass no I'm terrible at this game I can see the comments coming loaded all right so we're gonna wonder here's gather this evidence from this here chest and then we're going to make our way down these stairs save you Ghana Kissin badass pops up down here open the door with the key let's grab um this dagger don't just want guard oh Jesus no this time just do I get to fail I told you I don't know anything else about it tell me one more time boss fine whatever you want can't you just kill me and get it over with there's this old man I've seen him around written I don't know where he lives I don't know his name yes he matches the description of this as burn guy you're looking for maybe it's him maybe it isn't that's all I know Hey well who what what do you want them back up them stairs ah listen up spy you're trapped in hey don't go boy hey make sure you gotta make sure you run up there real quick or else he'll be dead soon as I heard some sword strong I had to come up there so now you know us guys ungrateful prick I told you I don't know anything else about it what whoo yeah come on this way I've seen the guards use it if you like but we need to find a way to unlock that trapdoor huh and I believe there's a troll down here and both these guys get their ass kicked so let's save it 2600 saves and we're going to use these Archmage's rose like to make him on fire No whoa magic Oh Oh I think I'm gonna do that again that's it okay well now that you see what happens I'm going to go back and do that yeah I don't think it really matters if you let him die or not but that's how you do that quest from here we'll be moving on to the next quest with Esbern thanks for watching and look at this one uploaded real quick my equipment um yes sir discusses you didn't have to help me so alright guys enjoy

34 thoughts on “Skyrim – Thalmor Embassy – Diplomatic Immunity Walkthrough 1080p

  • Um, I accidently exited out of the screen where you give him your stuff without giving him anything, and now I can't give him my stuff anymore, is it possible to still give him my things? ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Wtf! His was so easy! In the dungeon I have a guy sitting at the desk, the guard does all kinds of magic shit and they spawn this huge monster thing. How the fuck?!

  • 18:27 I canโ€™t sneak at this part, fighting was unavoidable for me :/ a slight move behind a wall and the wizards turn on their hacks and immediately spot me

  • Lmao they send you flying por ๐Ÿฑ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Is this game broken or did i kill the person who brings the my stuff. I did this 5 times an that box is empty

  • Am i a legend if i made it without any of my stuff i just found stuff and used them so i did it with a dagger and a shield

  • You know what I'm tired of this shitty ass quest, I've legit been wandering for over 2 hours like wtf do you mean I'm going back to another save point…๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  • I returned to riverwood to get my stuff again, butt everyone atacked me, like everyone i mett want to kill me, watt did i do wrong

  • great so there is no save before i confront the guy only after and i didnt give him my armor and i had to fight 2 of the guards off with my magic but NOW i had to shoot one guard with my magic and that brought him down so i grabbed his armor but i have low health and i saved but everytime i come back into the save i die because i have low health and i can't do anything before the game loads the save. :)….. i think i might choke someone

  • rip to everybody who had an empty chest lmaoooooo as well as got killed by a dragon right after giving malborn their stuff thts a double wammie akekekeke

  • Gissur almost found me so I hid behind a pillar.
    When he went to one side, I went to the other.
    Such a classic.

    He never found me.

  • I'm level 7 and I'm just going to do it but my sword is so slow and is slower than a hammer idk how #skyrimnoob

  • heh i remember beating this on the 360 now im on the PS VR and im destroying all of the enemies on a thief build not only that i beat the game on a lower level my first time on the 360 and i did noteven make it past elven or orcish eh its not too hard tho

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