18 thoughts on “Slaves – The Pact [*New Song*] (The Beautiful Death Tour 2017, ATL)

  • I was wondering why he kept wiping his face and stopping lol, I remember when I went to watch him, he leaned into the crowd and some woman unzipped him and actually grabbed his dick. He went on this huge fucking speech and at the end he was like, "If I wasn't engaged, I'd fuck every woman here before you." I screamed my dudes lol. This was back in 2015 and if y'all follow Jonny already know what happened between him and his ex lol

  • The longer i stay numb, the longer i don't have to think much. Never have to think about my father and how he walked out on us

  • My best Translation:

    I'm gonna let you in on a secret, I'm so afraid
    of letting my skeletons out, so I bottle them in
    But I know it's gonna get out in the worst way, so I gave in
    I'm gonna be an open book for you to read

    The longer I stand up, the longer I dont have to think much
    Never have to think about my father and how he walked out on us
    how i barely know my mother, for that I'm a shame
    seeing what they think of me, so I stay away

    Let's make a pact right here right now
    you keep your hopes up that i can change
    well i stay honest, you do the same
    I'll keep my purpose, you keep your faith
    that we can get through this
    these tougher days
    these tougher days

    i aways felt that you understand
    so i fell quietly
    My family sees all that I am
    and makes me feel like i can stand up

    no more weights on my chest now
    bridges burned and chances left now
    theres some things that i regret now
    feel the bliss within me

    Repeat verse & chorus

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