28 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek – A New Kind of Communism

  • So, dealing with the problems of the commons from a "non-capitalistic" international effort is communism now? ok, f*ck marx I guess

  • 26:29 "Im not against Zionizm as such." So not against religious states? So Wahhabi Islamism is also fine?

    Fuck off with this religious tolerance. It was exactly that type of religious tribalism that destroyed former Jugoslavia. One would think that a fellow Jugo leftist would oppose making borders based on religious ethnicity.

  • Over the past few years as I have been in the attempt to learn about these topics I find the arguments of freedom compelling and would lean to call my self and anarcho capitalist but zizek has got me thinking alot but I find it very difficult to be convinced that a communist economy would work, how ever zizek has me thinking that maybe a totalitarian rule of a capitalist economy me be the closest we can current get.

  • Can't get why people laugh so hard… I mean some of the examples are funny but on the point… seems they don't take him seriously meanwhile the statements are tremendously loable…

  • 6:23 "The first Axiom of an analysis which locates a phenomenon in it's totality should be a differential approach" — Lots of big words, not saying anything of importance.

  • I really wish the audio quality was better with this. The low audio quality makes understanding his already accented voice and complex line of thought that much more difficult. :/

  • His remark about recycling as a feel-good measure reminded me of this video about recycling in China: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mV1EY6wZHo

  • I have a strong liking towards many leftist theories. I don’t really call myself a specific form of Socialist though.

  • 20th century communism was largely a failure. However, the enormity of the current problems we are facing at a global level means that capitalism cannot solve them, even in theory. But some form of communism CAN. One may crow about theory and practice in communism, but in capitalism the theory isn't even there to solve our problems.

  • I wonder how many millions this new communism will kill? What will the starvation to execution ratios be?

  • West does not presume that time travel is not possible!  Rather, it pushes it all the time, not just from Dr Who etc. but from Einstein's Relativity and related pseudoscience.  Only Chinese leaders have more sense!

  • 35:28 is he asking how Microsoft became so rich? They monopolized the market, whats original about that?

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