Sleeping Naked Vs. In Clothes

– I’d taken off my
makeup, I had my pj’s on– – Wait. You sleep with clothes on? – So you sleep with nothing on at all? That is so weird. – No, you’re weird. – You are. – Naked. – Clothes.
– Naked. – Clothes. Clo–
– Nake– (upbeat jazzy music) – I live with roommates, of
course I’m gonna wear clothes. – Yeah, but you can just lock the door. – Oh, and then if I have heart attack, then no one can get in to save me. (tense music and banging at the door) – [Roommate] We can’t get in. No one will ever get in, not
even the fire department! – Also, if I need water in
the middle of the night, what if one of my roommates is up? (gasping) – I dunno, but sleeping with
clothes on is so uncomfortable. I wore a nightdress once, and by morning, 40 times it wrapped around my body. (quirky music) – Well, I don’t really think nightdresses are the in
thing to wear to bed. – You just get hot and sweaty
in clothes and end up trying to take ’em off in the
middle of the night. (panting) Ugh! – You seem to requite clothes
with falling out of bed. – Maybe there’s some childhood
trauma I need to uncover. – Okay, okay, but what
if there’s an earthquake? (sighing) I would just die with no clothes on while the house is falling down around me. – It’s concerning that
you find it more important to be covered up than get out alive. It is so not sexy to wear pajamas. Huh? – Uh… – It totally depends on the PJs. I don’t need to look sexy while
I’m binge watching Netflix. – It couldn’t hurt. – Being naked means your bits are getting all over the sheets. – Sleeping with clothes on
means your bits can’t breathe. – Clothes are cozy. – Being naked is freeing. – [Both Women] Should you
sleep naked or in clothes? – Have either of you ever
thought about sleeping with clothes on but with no covers? – (scoffing) Are you serious?
– What? – What? It’s the best of both worlds. – How can anyone sleep without covers? – I can’t even have my
foot poking out the end. – Yes. It feels so unsafe. – (scoffing) I need to take a walk. – Oh, my God. No covers? – [Woman In Black Top] Sacrilege. – [Man] Wait, I don’t do that. I was just trying to help. Guys.

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