Slushpuppy Skye to Edinburgh, A Slush Abroad !social Twitch 03

hold on to that anti book man you need that for the kappa guys help us we're getting to a number it's an odd you are you doing anything so I meant I can never remember if you stream during the dotto during that I that a Tesla no it's a decent cash guide absolutely the opposite end of the spectrum from a Tesla what am i cool to have a Tesla and I think I wouldn't send a charging point for a Tesla since we left flied to thy sight all those capital in Oxford but on that I'm pretty sure they're really thoughts cause I found in coal man I hope you didn't your mama bus what are you doing tomorrow then I like up every Skyfall cry I need you Jesus for the followers as an hour day welcome guys afraid Amara no boys nice nice nice we want to say a few things around but after day that makes sense Oh advice just saying he's mom I'm gonna say our buses mom tomorrow not as well sighing well maybe we can just we can just make that into one trip wanna get to dinner tomorrow no bus come to holla that's really found an Aussie but you have to go and someone was with a Sox yet we were up but definitely kind of do more of Europe but when nothing to be out of my kits any other countries this time I was we've had to take it six months off and I don't really think now that I've only just gone full time streaming they're taking six months off just got why are L around Europe is probably the best batch and badges just about sunny job as well side well they're gonna month but my mom's plenty I'm a big reveal plan if you apply man you down up no I Stas which era do you live in old am in if you don't wanna tell to tell the exhaust rent you know where we're standing in a bear I do know that it's the Best Western in a castle the best ways of in the past

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