Smart Home Demonstration by the Zigbee Alliance

welcome to CES and the ZigBee Alliance Pavilion our members are here this week displaying products and services based on ZigBee the original and only open global wireless standard that can conveniently and affordably connect the widest range of devices to improve comfort security and convenience for consumers Cigna is the only standards-based wireless technology designed to address the unique needs a divisive device communication and just about any market and it is particularly suitable for the smart home ZigBee uses mesh networking to eliminate single points of failure and expand the reach of networks with mesh networking when you increase the devices in a home your network becomes much more reliable ZigBee is low power allowing battery-operated devices such as door and window sensors to operate for up to seven years the green power feature even allows you to have devices with no battery at all such as this light switch which is powered by harvesting the energy from a button push a sigelei enabled set-top box like this one or a gateway in your basement can be the starting point for your smart home it connects the devices throughout your home and provides a cloud connection for services such as security monitoring or allow you to control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world the set-top box is often controlled by ZigBee enabled remote control and you can use your television screen as an interface to control the other parts of your smart home remote controls that you seek we do not require a line of sight so set-top boxes can be stored in fashionable furniture out of view of your guests ZigBee has advanced features for remote controls that allow innovative designs such as using motion sensors to browse on-screen content or change channels and volume simply by waving your remote no button press needed there are even find my remote features to come to your rescue when the remote control is lost ZigBee enables a variety of smart home applique you may be familiar with traditional security systems that include door/window and motion sensors to detect a break-in but with ZigBee your security system can be extended to include a variety of senses around the home to increase your peace of mind for instance smoke carbon monoxide and even water leak detectors can be connected immediately alert you or a monitoring center when they detect dangerous conditions discovering a water leak early can save homeowners very costly repairs connected lighting is a rapidly growing segment in the smart home ZigBee lighting systems allow you to turn lights on and off automatically to save energy or provide advanced controls with your television or smartphone these advanced connected lighting functions are allowing consumers an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience connected lighting enables many interesting applications such as configuring your living room to watch a movie you can dim or turn off multiple light with a single button press connected LED lighting not only improves energy efficiency but also improves control over the color of lights providing new ways to decorate your homes Ziggy's ability to connect and control lights is the reason it was chosen by the connected lighting alliance a group of global leaders in the lighting industry as their preferred standard for residential lighting applications ZigBee Alliance members around the world are working to deliver innovative and affordable products for all areas of the smart home including health care and energy management thank you for joining us here at the Consumer Electronics Show and on learning more about how ZigBee can help you control your world you

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  • Question: Turning on or off a pull pump or other appliance based on the home's current solar power generation status. eg if sun is down or I am using more power then solar is generating don't run the pump, run it later when i am producing more then using.
    I presume ZigBee does not have devices to monitor power draw of the house. So that will have to be from someone else, data probably feeding into a Raspbery Pi. Then the Pi has to tell the remote appliance to run or not via a ZigBee product? which product would i use? is there a simpler way?

  • Could you please advise which mobile app used in this very nice video, I have so many options but I like this one you are using.

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