Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm with Lola Strange

(gun fires) – Okay, guys. Welcome to the Hank Strange
Situation on Full30! This is our maiden video, Lola, on Full30. We have been invited into the fold, and it’s pretty cool. I’m glad to be here, glad to be doing videos
on the Full30 forum. I think it’s a cool and necessary outlet for pro-gun people like myself, and yourself, and all you folks out there. Absolutely so in order for this to work, people have to contribute and participate. So that’s what we’re up
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– [Lola] Right. So now, what were we testing today Lola? – The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. – Right, there goes. That
is the Shield, in 9mm. Flip it around this way. This particular one does not have the… safety on the slide, the difference with this and let’s say your XDS that has a grip safety, none of theShields have a grip safety, some of them do have a slide safety. This one does not have that
mechanical slide safety. The safety obviously would
be right here on the trigger. So this is your purchase. Right, Lola? – Right, and this one was
a special order because most stores carry the one with the safety, so this one was one that
had to be ordered in. – So, can you tell the folks out there, why you decided to get a shield. I think you do have an XDS.
– [Lola] I do. but you were looking for other options. Let’s just put it that way. – [Lola] I do have an XDS,
and I wanted something that would be a little
thinner, and sleeker. The XDS is a beautiful gun, and I would say that the
Shield is a handsome gun. There’s just the difference in the look. That’s how I would describe them that way. But the Shield to me has turned out to be a thinner gun for me. The thinner grip, I
really like that a lot. Shooting it today, I really
enjoy the sights on there. That worked really great for me, especially you know, I
wear prescription glasses. So, the bigger and more
pronounced the sights are, the better it is for me.
– [Hank] All right. – [Hank] So first what we did was… You know when you get
a gun out of the box, you want to see how the
sights work for you, and all that kind of stuff, and both, Lola and myself, did that. I’m going to roll in the video of that. So, what happened is… I agree with you. I think my second time
around I got a lot better. You were getting on the paper, but I think you have to practice. But I think that’s overall. That’s not just the Shield.
– [Lola] Right. – I think overall you need to practice, and that’s just a matter of just doing it and doing it over and over again, figure out what you’re doing wrong. I think that when you shoot you’re pulling a little bit to the left, and there’s lots of reasons for that. You’re probably just
pulling on that trigger instead of just squeezing it. I think that would help you. – I think also, when I go to grip the gun, I think my wrist just
naturally pulls to the left. That’s something that I need
to be aware of, or work on. – Now, talking about the Shield, in the single stack,
9mm category like this, I think the Shield is probably, if not the most affordable one, the closest to being affordable. It’s sub 400 bucks. I think that probably Kel-Tec
has something out there that might come a little bit under that. Maybe even by 50, 75
bucks, or more under that. But for the value and
everything you’re getting Smith & Wesson here, I think
is a pretty good value. I’m going to say that it definitely is a better value than the XDS. Those have been a lot more expensive. Then the new Glock 43 that’s coming out going to be almost 600, the retail. I don’t know, people I’m sure are going to be jacking up the price on that. Some people might be able
to get it less than that. So, I think it’s pretty good. It comes with two magazines, so the magazine that’s in
there fits flush like that, and it’s seven rounds. Then the other magazine
comes with eight rounds. It’s really difficult to load those last final rounds on
both of the magazines. – ‘Cause the tension in that
spring is really, really tough. Even after doing it, it
still took some effort to get that last round in there. But you know, perhaps over
time it will break that in. – Right. So in terms of just getting it, we were doing about seven
yards, and we were shooting. I think that worked out well. You’re getting on paper.
I was getting on paper. I really didn’t have any issues there. Did you have any issues? Anything you want to complain about? – No, not at all. – I think my problems would be with the take down of this gun, and I can roll in a little
bit of that for you guys. With the take down, it’s really a straight forward take down, except there’s a lever inside. It’s a yellow lever inside of there. If you drop the magazine out of it… I don’t know if you can even see it. You’ll have to actually get a tool. I’ll try to role it in ’cause you’re probably not
going to see it from here. But there’s a yellow lever in there that you have to pull
down into the magazine well in order to take it down. Then when you’re putting it back, you don’t really need a tool
or anything to get in there because the magazine pushes
it up out of the way. That’s going to be one thing
I would complain about. I’m not really sure why
they went that route. Shield I don’t know. This is my first experience with a Shield. After that, what we decided to do… I mean, that was just
the getting to know you section of the gun, shooting it. So after that we decided to do something that was a little more
real world, more practical, and we shot out of this. We’re sitting on the flatbed
of a Dodge Dakota right now. Or the truck bed. I don’t know what you call those things. This is my first ever–
– [Lola] A flatbed, I think. truck like this.
– [Lola] Pick-up truck. Now, I’m officially country because I’ve got a pick-up truck. So I don’t really know
all the nomenclature. – (laughs) Well we need it! We need it to hall all this brush, and tree limbs, and what not. – That’s not what we need it for, we need it for shooting out of it, and that’s what we did! We shot out of it. So, inside of the cabin, with the seatbelt on,
with the armrest down. and out of a holster that we have. We got a holster from Bravo Concealment. – [Lola] Go. (gun fires rapidly) – [Hank] I think, what is it called? – [Hank] The DOS? Yeah.
– [Lola] DOS. I’m not even really sure
what that means right now. – That acronym?
– [Hank] Yeah. – Can’t recall, but it’s the DOS. – Yeah, I might not even be
calling it the right name. I’ll just put it right here. What kind of holster
we’re using, and obviously you guys will see some footage of that. Okay,so there you go. That’s the Bravo Concealment DOS Drop Out of Sight Holster. So, it goes inside the waistband, and then these click down like so. You have to make sure you’ve got the proper method of locking those in. It goes in over your belt,
and you can tighten this up to make a tighter retention and all that. There you go, Bravo Concealment DOS. It’s an inside the waistband,
so we went through that. Now, what do you think about it? – You know, that was an eye opener because I think that’s a great exercise. Why? Because most likely if I’m
out there with the boys, doing the day to day grocery shopping, I think that’s probably the
most likely situation that I would ever have to draw my weapon. In your mind you kind of
have an idea as to what you would do, and how
excellent you would be, versus the reality of it– – Yeah it’s never so easy. You’re going to be under stress. It’s going to be a difficult thing to do, and the way that we did it… The target, we used a cardboard, a three dimensional cardboard target, it was pretty close to the vehicle. And that’s what’s going to happen. If someone’s far enough away,
you could just drive off unless you don’t really
have any other options. But more than likely that
person’s going to be pretty close, if not right on top of you. I don’t think it’s so much an issue of accuracy and all that,
however, you can miss. – Yes, as I found (laughs). – There’s lots of
reasons why you can miss, I think you have to practice
and come up with a method, and that’s why we’re
doing this kind of stuff. Because if we just stand there and shoot, I don’t think you’re really… I think you’re doing yourself a disservice to just stand there and shoot at a target. We’re trying to do more
real world practical things, and I think in your vehicle
is one of the places that you’re highly likely to need to use a weapon to defend yourself. – Absolutely, I agree. – And you can miss, if you’re nervous and all that kind of stuff. Now, maybe that still
backs that person off, and then you can do better. You can get out of there, get away from them. – Maybe get out, drive off. – If you can do that. If you can’t do that, you’re
going to have to not unbuckle. You’ll have to just go
for your gun. Get it out. You won’t even have time
to wind down the window. if the windows up, you’ll
shoot right through the window. Obviously we’re not
doing that here because– – I’m not replacing the window every week. – I probably could make it look
like there’s a window there, and it shatters and all that. It’ll take me days, and days, and days. – Computer graphics? – We’re not going to do all that. That’s not necessary. It’s enough of an exercise to do it, and it’s eye-opening to realize what you can actually come up against. – Yeah. And I thought the
Shield did pretty good. In terms of, it wasn’t the problem. The seatbelt was an issue. My shirt was an issue. – Yeah, where the gun is
on your person you know, how you have it oriented,
and all that kind of stuff. And, you’re going to do it for comfort, and you’re going to
forget about all of that. So when something happens, you’re going to go for your
gun and where ever it is, you’re going to have to
get it and get out there, and do what you need to do.
– [Lola] Exactly. I think that was a pretty cool exercise. I liked that. We should
definitely do that more. – Yeah, agreed. I enjoyed that one. – And, we also did some other
kind of real world stuff, getting down behind cover. So we have some barrels here on the range. We’re trying to set up the
hacienda better (laughter) – What kind of accent
is that supposed to be? – I’m like mixing up my accents
right now, I don’t know. I feel like all these all these
accents just came in there. We’re trying to set up the
hacienda in a better way. – There you go. – So that we can be more
practical in what we’re doing. And, one of the things you should do is, if you’re outside your vehicle, you should try to get
down behind cover, right. – Outside your vehicle, inside your home. Any situation you really want
to become a smaller target, and not just stand up and shoot. – [Hank] Yeah, because
if you miss the person and they’re shooting back at you, and they’re behind cover and you’re not, and you’re missing them, obviously they could get you. You want to practice getting
down behind something. That’s really difficult! I think that was the hardest one. – [Lola] t was, it was difficult. I mean, you have to think ahead
when you get to that barrel. What are you doing? How are you crouching down? Are you going left foot, right foot? It was interesting, and it was a workout. But it was good.
– [Hank] It was fun. – [Hank] And, I think I
did terribly in that one. – [Lola] But we both had to practice. That was our first time
actually putting it into action, so I think we have to practice that. – [Hank] I just came out
on one side of the barrels, and really you have to
practice going out this side, then coming out that
side, and switching over. A lot of this stuff you could probably do with a dummy gun, or dry fire practice, and all that kind of stuff. Just to get the techniques
down I think will be good. But I’m going to try. Make myself do that more
when we’re shooting guns here because I think people are going to get more useful information out of that. And we were doing it… I did it at 25 yards. I think you did it at 20 yards. – [Lola] I did. – [Hank] You can hit something. – [Lola] You can. – [Hank] Now obviously, I think
the thing with the Shield, over something like a Glock 19, that I carry all the time… Lola doesn’t carry anything like that because she thinks it’s too bulky. I usually carry a Glock 19. I have one on my hip right
now, as we’re talking. I’ve got more rounds in
there, and that’s the thing. You’re going to run
out faster on this one, with seven rounds in there. If I’m carrying it concealed, I’m going to go with the seven rounds because I think the eight rounder just sticks out a little bit too much. – It does. I wouldn’t do– – It’s seven plus one! – Exactly, which gives me eight. I’m fine with that.
– [Hank] Or, eight plus one. – But I think I would more likely carry it seven or seven plus one. – Carry the extra magazine. – Yeah then carry the extra magazine. But then, now you’ll have
to reload and all of that. So, you want to practice
some of this stuff, and really get proficient, and give yourself an opportunity, if you get into a situation where you need to hit a target, that
you can actually do it with the rounds that are
in the gun at that time, because you open yourself obviously for more danger when you run out. Because now, you’re reloading and if the person knows that, they can run up on you, and do
all kinds of stuff like that. – More rounds is always better. I know. But if you’re going to carry less, then you have to prepare for that. – That’s all the super tactical… You know, we don’t do any of that. I’m not super tactical. – Neither am I. – We’re both learning about a
lot of this stuff out there. It’s a good thing to practice all of these things and get training. I see from doing these exercises the reason why we need training. – And so do I. – [Hank] So now, what were
we shooting here with this? We were actually shooting GTR Munitions Factory Reload Ammo, 9mm. They do 9mm, 45, 40, and 2-2-3, so you’ll see us running all that stuff when we’re doing tests from time to time. All the time! They are a sponsor of the
Hank Strange Situation, so just letting you guys know that. Overall, what would you
say about the gun, Lola? I really like it. I think this is one of the best options out there for a single stack. That’s me. I didn’t let you say what
you think about it first. But, what do you think? – Well I mean, the Glock 43 is coming out, so I don’t know if it’s going
to have some competition. I know–
– [Hank] Yeah, but right now. – [Hank] You don’t have
a Glock 43 right now! – [Lola] I don’t have a Glock– – [Hank] Forget about that!
– [Lola] Okay. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes. What do you think about the Shield? – Right now, I like the Shield. – Okay. I would carry this probably
more often over the XDS. – Because the XDS you
think is kind of bulky for what you’re doing.
– [Lola] I do. – It’s bulky, it’s longer,
it’s got a thicker grip for me. You know, I still think
it’s a beautiful gun, but this is more purposeful for me. If I’m not carrying a 380,
which is the next downsize, I would go to for even
smaller concealment, then I would want a Nine, and I think that this fits that. – So in this sub-compact,
single stack category, you think that the Shield is pretty good. You’re going to stick
with this for a while. – I’m going to stick
with this for a while. I also like… I already mentioned the
sights were great for me. I also like the fact that
it’s very streamline. There isn’t really anything on here that snagged on anything. Any issues were with what I was wearing, but it’s smooth enough
where I can wear it without having things dig at me,
and all that kind of stuff, that you go through with some handguns. I like it.
– [Hank] Agree. – Yeah, I think it’s
cool. I like it myself. It’s for you to carry. I’m
pretty happy with what I’m using. But you know there are reasons why even I would carry something single stack, and I think this fits in pretty well. The biggest thing I think
about this is that the price is very competitive with
everything else out there. Matter of fact, it’s
lower than everything else even things that are coming out. Probably the only thing that’s going to be cheaper out there in the category, I’m going to say is probably
something from Kel-Tec. And, maybe we’ll do versus things. And that leads me to why you guys should sign up, follow us here on Full30! This video is going to be
exclusive to Full30, Lola. It’s not going to be anywhere
else, except on Full30! And, you guys need to sign up, get yourself an account on Full30, so you can comment, so you can follow us, and see all the things that we’re doing. And of course, follow all
our other social media, we’re on Facebook. – And we’re not leaving YouTube. There will still be content on YouTube. – [Hank] Sure. For now! And, there will be some content here. – For now! We’ll see what
happens in the future. But for now, yeah there
will be stuff over there, and we’re on Twitter. We’re on Instagram. I
said we’re on Facebook. All those good things,
Pinterest or whatever. I think Lola does the
Pinterest most of the time. So, Hank Strange on all of those things. Right?
– [Lola] Right. – Okay. So, how do we
usually end this, Lola? How do we end it?
– [Lola] We end it with– – Peace out! See you guys got Lola Strange! What more can you ask for?

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