[Smoking] Juan felt a sense of freedom after his treatment. (English)

My name is Juan Vargas. I work in computers,
I do information technology. November 28th, 2018, that’s the
day that I quit smoking. I had been smoking for 40 years,
since I was 14 years old. So, a pack a day, that accounts almost to
three grand. I did the math. Yeah, it’s yeah. That’s only the how much money
you spend, but you know, cigarette affects your teeth, your health in general. So yeah. 20 or 30 minutes later she told me,
“Okay, you’re ready to leave.” And goodbye cigarettes. No urgency to smoke. There was
like some small cravings, but those cravings from that day were
diminishing hour-by-hour, day-by-day, until like right now if
I have some craving is like maybe every 10 days, they last
not more than three seconds. Like my friends, they tell me, “Hey, you look
awesome. Your skin, everything. You look.” And I say, “Okay,
Yeah, I quit smoking.” Yeah. I tried every method to
quit smoking and I couldn’t. I tried the patches, the no smoking
for some time, no smoking. during that week … during the
weekdays, because I had so much urgency to smoke that
it was terrible. I couldn’t quit. The cravings with any other
method were always there. So you had to put a lot of your
own effort into quit smoking. When I did this method with
Abrahamson, it was like, no cravings. I feel healthy. It’s a sense of freedom.
Yes, even when I go to my dentist, she says, “Oh Juan, I can see it in
your teeth.” And I’m so proud. Yeah.

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