Social Impact Story: EducationY

Roman Rüdiger, Founder and CEO of EDUCATION Y Hello! Half of the professional occupations that
today’s 15 year-olds will choose in the future do not even exist today. In order to prepare young people for that
as well as other challenges of the 21st century, they will need not only knowledge as such,
but also creativity, critical and constructive thinking, the ability to innovate, as well
as the ability to collaborate well with others. I am Roman Rüdiger – the CEO and founder of
EDUCATION Y, a social profit enterprise. EDUCATION Y is one of the most important organizations
for educational innovation in Germany. We have an 11-year record of success – so
we are experienced change-makers. What do we do? We are preparing young people, via their significant
adults, for educational success in the 21st century. Our long-term impact vision is: educational
justice and equal opportunity for all children and youth. That is why our integrated programs facilitate
positive change along ‘Four Fields of Competences: emotional and social, cognitive and digital.
In the educational experience of disadvantaged children & youth – throughout family, kindergarden,
school and university. Our programs influence both attitudes and
behaviors of the 'significant adults': it means parents, kindergarden and school teachers as well as
university students aiming to become teachers. Our approach has been proven as both highly
impactful and highly scalable. I consider EDUCATION Y my personal greatest
opportunity to create change.

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