Social insights: Neal Schaffer [in]terview | Different Usage for Social Media

in the context of b2b what do you see is the difference usage of social media I think in general and this goes back to my own experience in b2b sales biz dev marketing it was the best practice that whenever I went to a customer I offered them a new piece of information I was a resource so that every time I came every time I asked to meet them if they were one of my customers and I wanted to keep in touch with them they would accept that because they knew that I was going to offer them some information for instance I do this when I was in Japan they were a few social media directors of you know fortune 500 Japanese companies I came just to exchange information and I knew they'd meet me because they can find something valuable that they didn't know and its really that aspect is exactly what I think for b2b social media marketing that's where I think and we talked about being the resource but i believe the content is the key to engagement you're not and there's some b2b companies that get away with posting photos and you know hey how was your weekend but at the end of the day it's how do i do my job better how do I you know purchase better products that are going to make my company do better and make me look better and it really comes down that at information so it's engaging through content and I think once companies realize and every b2b company has tons of content I often tell how when I worked in Japan for a certain company I would often use the CEO coming out to Japan to get access to upper management but it wasn't just that I was getting access to upper management he had stories I didn't know because he was the founder of the company how did they find that why did they develop a product in a certain way how were other customers worldwide using this product that I didn't know about so companies have all these stories that are all resourceful that they can be telling they just need a process of really you know unfolding those and creating content around them and a lot of formats so for b2b without a doubt it's in not to say engagement isn't important because it is as well but I think it really comes down to providing starting with providing your own resourceful content with your own company's unique perspective on your industry

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