Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian (Crowder)

[Applause] please please mr. Crowder if you'd like to make your opening thank you let's hear it for you – Republicans putting this on come on let him know you love him let's hear it for my little ant even though you love him let's hear for Miss summers let her know you love her time to listen up you silly liberal fruitcakes I came out I wanted to tell some jokes let's do some reality checks here you have any idea sir how pathetic it must be to be you these people wanted to come out and have a good time here a few jokes and thoughtful discussion but your head pops off the pillow in the morning with oh how could I be a professional victim today let me go in and screw with their act just because oh my god your parents didn't tell you that your opinion wasn't worth that much look look they're confused they're confused you know why because I'm not your gender studies professional a cater to your trigger warning microaggressions safeSpace bullshit I don't want to do this I want to come out and tell a few jokes you created this monster we have to go ten more minutes of this let this reverberate let it be a life lesson this monster right here that you're so afraid of the face you see in your nightmares was created by social justice warrior assholes like you and now you have and now you have this wonderful faggot that's what happens be okay we're good yeah yeah darling you can call me what you like okay there we go crying out loud listen nobody here wants to hear your opinion that much and here's what's so crazy you couldn't wait 5 minutes unlike leftist we have an open panel in a Q&A session because we want an open idea Oh on the races there you go listen new one where'd you learn that one in social human studies 101 right next to the right next to the giant I don't know wild boar I couldn't see you said there's no such thing as bad chips ah guess what if you think there aren't you are one okay yeah I didn't know it's okay because I got some here so screw you I have a faggot pass and a fat pass today we wanted to come out here and tell a few jokes we wouldn't have a thoughtful discussion we want an open conversation of ideas you guys can't be grown adults enough to literally wait 10 minutes to the point where we open the floor and I'm like leftist guess what we don't try and ban you when your speakers come to school we don't show up in protest and call them oh shut up you just got owned and they are trying to come back five minutes later it's like George the jerk stork oh they're running out of you George Costanza you androgynous little amoeba and by the way these opinions are yelling out they're not even your opinions they're your opinions from your gender studies professor the really reason you picked it was because you thought it was your best chance at getting laid you just decided to walk on in to try and pick up chicks at the San Francisco retread pot-smoking drum circle only to realize that you're very glance in the direction of a woman causes a barren room how do you think it's gonna get better No no privilege that's not going to happen I don't want to come out here and give someone the finger but it's because he walked out of this chick is it start a show like that this is absurd at least when you go back to like Christina Christina sorry christina hoff sommers days self-professed democrats hippies the retreads that you guys want to be least they thought that we're fighting the system they thought they were trying to create transparency they really thought they were for free speech you people are openly and completely against it you're not fighting for free speech you're not fighting for rights you're fighting for the right to be a pussy and not your opinions that you don't like I'm done oh if you only take if you only take one piece of advice from this okay please sincerely don't be an asshole your whole life all right

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