Socialism 2014 Official Promo

this is socialism and every year it's the biggest gathering that I know of activists are here to learn from each other and talk about how to change the world how to win I honestly had no idea what to expect but going to my first talk I was immediately blown away the emotions of the raw intensity of like debate discussion is incredible it really brings together so many people that on a daily basis are struggling about the injustice is of the system and we realize that we're not alone you have people that are like-minded but also like action festivals there's no conference quite like it in terms of the vibrancy and diversity and electricity and energy of the people who attempt it provides a forum for dissident voices and a genuine kind of comrade you debate among people who really want to change things you get to talk about theoretically and historically important be all the injustice in the world and how to change them but then you actually get to discuss that with other organizers and activists you don't know nothing about revolutionary politics then you'll learn something from this name top on black feminism and intersectionality I don't think I've ever actually even heard any talk like that anywhere before force in the last two years more than half a million there's just so many problems out there in the world and this is the place to learn how to take on those problems there's nowhere I go in the world where I see this many people committed to social change you are with people who have the same dreams the same kind of hopes for a better humanity that makes you feel energized there are lots of people starting to wake up and see the limitations of official politics in this country this is your conference this is your political home socialism you

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