Socialism 2017

so we're here outside the venue for socialism 2017 it's going to be a weekend of discussion and debate on political ideas to change the world and we've got four main themes for this year's event the first falling as it does in the centenary of the Russian Revolution is the lessons from those events for working-class people today onwards we don't live in the past we have to learn from the past learn from the victories of working people everywhere and ponder also the defeats working-class people and young people living in a world where the Paradise Papers have once again revealed like the Panama papers before them the rottenness at the top of society the richest 1% hoarding their wealth wealth giving us austerity and telling us there's no alternative it is such an honor for socialist alternative to be able to share this evening with you on in this very special year the centenary of the Russian Revolution hi everyone I'm Shah misawa I am a member of socialist alternative which is a u.s. socialist organization that is in solidarity with the committee for a workers international that the Socialist Party of England and Wales is a part of and I'm so honored to be able to be here represent socialist alternative at socialism conference of the Socialist Party here in London and it's been wonderful to see so many people there were thousand people here right now packed in this hall for the rally of socialism and we're here celebrating you know internationally we're here together celebrating the centenary of the Russian Revolution which was without a doubt the greatest progressive event in human history and the question we're asking this weekend is how do we bring another era of revolutionary movements forward we know that there is a mood of revolt on both sides of the Atlantic in the United States where I'm from there is a real desire to defeat Trump to defeat the right-wing agenda to defeat corporate politics and as socialists our message is that the working class of America is getting ready to fight historic battles but none of that will be automatic we will need real leadership and Marxist have a huge role to play so we've got sessions this weekend on fighting low pay on fighting for free education and all of those issues with trade union activists from the birmingham Bin's dispute fighting against cuts to women's services young people standing up for their rights and fighting for free education all of those people will be attending and that is another theme actually of the weekend as young people young people who are now more open to a socialist alternative to cuts and capitalism there has been a case for a long time so we're very pleased to be hosting a series of workshops hosted by the young socialists which will deal with those questions of how can young people fight for free education learning the lessons from the Students Union in across the Spanish state who defeated the government there in its attacks on education we organized for general students strikes in a month the first one the first strike of the 28th of September were 150,000 people marched in in Barcelona we're also very pleased to be co-hosting with refugee rights campaign and Tamil solidarity a session on how refugees and asylum seekers can fight for the right to work launched in a campaign with the Socialist Party with our members in the trade unions who are going to be fighting on that issue in the next period and then the other issue another key theme of socialism 2017 is working-class internationalism that is the internationalism of solidarity that we stand in solidarity with those fighting repression in Catalonia with those fighting Trump in the US with those fighting back against war poverty and austerity and unemployment across the world so they are the key themes of socialism and we know there is going to be a fantastic weekend I can tell you that already because we've never had such high pre-sales as we've had this year it reflects the interest in changing the world and fighting back in ending austerity and looking for a socialist alternative so we hope that everyone who attends have a brilliant weekend thank you so if you're watching this and you're not a member of the Socialist Party of England and Wales yet check us out make sure that you play your own historic role in this period solidarity

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