4 thoughts on ““Socialism Fails Every Time” — Shaun Hair Speaks At Patriotism Over Socialism Event

  • Excellent spech. We have a party in government called the labor green's here in Australia. They wont the same thing as this bat shit mad woman you have in the UNITED STATES. THEY ARE OXYGEN THIVES BRAIN DEAD PEOPLE. THEY couldn't run a chook rafl. Let alone a country. TRUMP 202O. and after that he can come and run australia. God knows we need him here. !!!!!!

  • Socialism AND capitalism fails every time. Socialism has never had a fair chance because infiltrators have always corrupted it. They've CAPITALIZED on it – unfairly – just as capitalism is EXPLOITISM. Yes taxes are theft backed by the threat of violence from the state. Voluntarism is the only free option.

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