Socialism Hits the Mid-West Cortez & Sanders Tour the Heartland Spreading their Utopian Gospel

how's it going folks well it looks like mr. Bernie Sanders is taking a little miss Cortez on a field trip throughout the Midwest spread their socialist gospel and it looks like grandpa Bernie got his hands on Little Miss freshman fascist just in time she took an interview on a PBS show called the firing line this is a newer show that's supposed to be somewhat aggressive but I'm sure walking into this being the new latina darling I'm more than sure she didn't expect anything but softballs but honestly considering the road ahead the question or answer we're gonna be discussing pretty much was a softball so Before we jump on that government-subsidized bus with dumb and older and dumber and head out on our little Midwest socialist revival let's take a little bit of time here and go over a little Miss cortezes beauty pageant style answer the occupation of Palestine I think what I meant is like the the settlements that are increasing and in some of these areas and places where where Palestinians are experiencing that difficulty and access to their housing and homes do you think you can expand on that yeah I mean I think I'd also just I I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue mhmmm interests on pace so much for that top shelf Boston University education I guess all right let's get started Alexandria or Castillo Cortez yeah a quartet yeah yeah yeah that's what I just said isn't it okay Alexandria talks about the occupation of Palestine but she doesn't know what that means on the PBS show firing line Alexandria El Castillo cortez god damn it I'm not gonna do this the whole article this is worse than Barack Hussein Obama my name is Ted all right we're gonna call her Alex okay agreed and I call her feminists buddies do all right on the PBS show firing line Alex the rising socialist star of the Democratic Party tried to talk about Israel in the end she showed the world that although she might be good at parroting progressive buzzwords she doesn't have a clue on the israeli-palestinian conflict host Margaret Hoover who had served in the George W Bush White House asked Alex about the israeli-palestinian conflict Alex mentioned the occupation of Palestine okay for most people that use that phrase it refers to the creation and ongoing existence of the State of Israel which they argue has deprived the Palestinians of their homeland well at this little twenty eight-year-old Democratic Socialist from the bloc seems completely unaware of this as she stumbles her way through her answer I mean completely unaware oh I think what I meant is that the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty and access to their housing education like such as South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they should our education over here in the US should help the US or should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries um yeah so anyway eventually when asked to elaborate she retreated from her position admitting that she had no idea and telling Hoover I am NOT the expert on geopolitics on this issue and that is for certain this exchange does not inspire confidence in Alex or the young progressives that she claims to represent even with her degree in international relations the lack of knowledge beyond buzzwords should not be surprising that clip getting on your nerves yet I'm sorry she's just so damn phony people the minute this woman gets even a little bit comfortable in front of the camera she sounds like a 16 year old valley girl and I'm like totally serious the bullshit Latin pandering just reeks with this one moving on this is actually a very controversial issue the Democratic socialists of America of which alex is a card-carrying member and whose ranks have swelled after the 2016 election asked a resolution in 2017 supporting the boycott divestment and sanction movement known as the BDS the BDS has been criticized by Democrats and other people on the left for its lack of clarity on support for a two-state solution and thus the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state unrealistic approach to the right to turn lack of support from the Palestinian Authority an ongoing embitterment of the already tense conflict among other issues Alex who in the same interview claimed to support a two-state solution before referring to the entire conflict as the occupation of Palestine clearly has a lot of reading to do before jumping into Washington and national television Democrats such as Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez who have been quick to claim her as the future of the party should also think twice their star doesn't seem quite ready for the national stage and on some key issues she doesn't even seem to know what the hell she really believes I mean how can someone be so passionate about a topic and yet know so little about it at the same time after dramatically defeating Democratic caucus chairman Joe Crowley there was a rush to proclaim this young Democratic Socialist Alex the future of the Democratic Party but if she's the future it's worth taking her words seriously even if we overlook the fact that her self-identified ideology has led to more suffering and death than any other in history or propensity to embrace positions she knows absolutely nothing about it's just fascinating what do you say we hop on this bus and go watch these two geniuses trying to sell socialism to the Midwest all right folks this next one's not a Breitbart titled Alexandria or Castile Cortez compares electing Democrats to ending slavery socialist Democrat Alex in for Congress in New York's 14th district invoked the United States ending slavery and the role that Kansas played while campaigning for Democrat candidate James Thomas in the state at a rally with senator Bernie Sanders in a campaign speech Alex seemed to compare Kansas helping to end slavery across the u.s. to voters electing Democrats like Thomas to Congress she says I learned that Kansas was founded over the struggle of conscience of this nation referring to a history class she took in grade school yeah she recalls that class was right before lunch so it was her favorite that's not in the article but it should be it was when we were deciding who we wanted to be as a country it was when we were deciding who we wanted to be with the kansas-nebraska Act the people who were leading this nation said you decide to the people are we going to be a slave state or are we going to be a free state and it was in 1861 that the people of Kansas decided that we were going to be a free nation Alex continued back then the people of Kansas were the tipping point for the future of the nation today they are again Alex said and I am confident and I am hopeful in the ability of every person in this room to knock on their neighbor's door Alex then rattled off the numerous socialist programs that she and fellow Democrats say they are pushing for in the 2018 midterm elections before invoking the end of slavery once again we want to be a nation that approves and expands Medicare for all we are a nation that will not stop until every child is born with the opportunity to go to college or trade school free of costs and we will not rest we will not rest until every person in this country is paid at living wage but what this moment requires of us just as it was in 1861 what this moment requires of us is for everyday people to do more than they have ever done before to reclaim the soul of this nation continues the self-described Democratic Socialist recently called on left-wing activists to occupy the borders in the u.s. all airports and all offices for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to protest president Trump's strict immigration enforcement Alex is increasingly shaping the Democratic Party's open border platform ahead of the 2018 midterm elections since her beating of establishment Democrat Joe Crowley in the Bronx Democrats in the House and Senate along with progressive liberals like Cynthia Nixon in New York have been demanding ice be abolished and all immigration enforcement ended all right moving on to Kansas City Alex the surprise winner in a New York House primary last month told the crowd of more than 3000 a suburb of Kansas City we know that people in Kansas just like everywhere else in the country just like families in the Bronx just want a fair shake the 28 year old latina from New York and the 76 year old Jewish senator from Vermont struck a stark contrast in the hotel ballroom though they reflected the range of people in the racially and ethnically mixed crowd that weighed towards Millennials but included grey haired activists and parents with children their combined message sought to unite not just the diverse group in the hall but Restless liberals around the country whether you live in Kansas or Vermont or New York City you want your children to have a decent life senator sander says and yes we have differences but despite these differences we have a hell of a lot more in common while the Kansas campaign swing created a lot of buzz Republicans were skeptical it would help Democrats make an inroad in a conservative state state Rep Tom Cox a moderate Kansas City area Republican said there aren't pockets of Liberal Democrats and the Kansas City suburbs but question whether Sanders message will resonate more broadly he said Democrats tend to split between liberals and moderates with some union members and supporters holding conservative values on social issues even our Democrats around here are not socialist Democrats he said if someone would describe the third District I would say center-right Alex has made numerous absence or unexpected victory over Crowley asked by that same PBS news host I mentioned earlier Margaret Hoover if capitalism had failed working-class Americans the far left congressional candidate erroneously claimed that evidence of the system's failure lies in the fact that US unemployment is decreasing over time because more people are working two jobs well I think the numbers you just talked about are part of the problem right but we look at these figures and we say Oh unemployment is low everything is fine right Alex told Hoover later adding well unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs but employment is low because people are working 60 70 80 hours a week and can barely feed their kids just a little side note folks people working two jobs in the United States is at an 11 year low last but not least here's another dumbass moment for Miss this is her making an appearance on one of Bernie's social media accounts I'm assuming hello everybody I'm so excited to be hopping on here senator Sanders accountant we're here in Kansas City to rally for Brent welder we're gonna flip this seat red in November now I know that's some pretty low hanging fruit there but come on folks we're in the middle of Kansas that seat probably hasn't flipped blue in 20 years and I understand there's about three thousand plus people that showed up to this little indoctrination but Kansas City pretty much borders three other states so I'm assuming if you're out in the parking lot you're gonna see tags from all over the damn place and people driving in from quite a distance I'm assuming Kansas City isn't a regular stop on the field of burnt or either way things are gonna be interesting moving forward Bernie's definitely got his hands full with this younger and more attractive latin version of joe biden well folks that's about all I have on miss at her first exciting field trip with Grandpa Bernie hope you found this somewhat interesting if you did hit that like button subscribe if you haven't leave a comment down below you know I guess the new thing to do is hit that notification bell please and until next time Thank You Seattle for being one of the most progressive cities in the United States of America [Applause] we won't know we are going to we are going to let you on the mic okay okay alright so we are trying to be reasonable we are trying to be we are trying to be reasonable we are we're gonna get you we're gonna let you on the mic they're gonna give you the mic for senator Sanders at the senator Sanders after senator Sanders all right we're we're shutting it down you are are shutting it down you are disrupting this event that you are disrupting this event we will we will we will shut it down you are shutting it down you're however you gotta go how long are you gonna go we will give you [Applause] ready ask them to let you speak

26 thoughts on “Socialism Hits the Mid-West Cortez & Sanders Tour the Heartland Spreading their Utopian Gospel

  • I grew up in Soviet Union and don't understand why they call her and her followers social democrats when their ideas are same as communist party of Russia ideas and slogans we had to watch on TV everyday in USSR, they are real communists calling themselves social democrats for now, until they win, after , with media like CNN propaganda this country will become another communist Venezuela , only worse, don't people see that Cortez lady and Berny are crazier than Lenin and Carl Marx themselves?

  • She doesn't have a clue about anything. No, I love the clip sooo funny. Ending slavery that's a laugh, they invented it plus the kkk. Lmao

  • LoL guess im a detailist……her forcing the mics out from in front of her face tells me its all about being seen……

  • who was that stupid pagent bitch and what the fuck was she trying to talk about!!! That hurt my mind listening to her!!! UGH!!!!

  • When Bernie who's running for president he had a lot of followers actually he was a threat to Clinton. Now he has shown his colors…I dont think he will ever win another election.

  • did you see bernie getting stomped on by the two big mouthed,obnoxious black bitches at his rally,what a pussy he is,i would have knocked them on their asses.

  • I had to laugh at that bernie event I have never witnessed such a incredible event of unmanliness ?
    in my life to call them pussies is degrading to pussies there bernie fans is your presidential hopeful
    getting chased off the stage by a couple of big mouth kids and one dumbass wtf I am still laughing
    Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat
    Semper Fidelis
    The Gunny

  • "You can call her Al. Call her Al"

    What do you suppose the MSM would say if the resident's of an all white neighborhood tried to stop a Black or Muslim family from buying a house in that neighborhood?

    Oh AOC, you silly gander, everyone knows you read BOOKS and not CHAIRS!

    How ISIS can take over the USA.

    1. Get Bernie Sanders elected President.
    2. Wait for his first Rose Garden speech.
    3. Push their way to the podium and demand unconditional surrender to Islam. Bernie will comply.

  • She won't stop until every child can go to college but only if they survive our liberal murdering genocide of aborting late term abortions and murder of 1 day old babies that only a mother has a say (Fuck Fathers rights who may want to save their child from murder) and only the mom can take a knife and plunge it into the babies heart, or head, or the womans right to choice to wrap her hands around the babies neck and choke it to death. Vote Democratic people, murdering babies is good for America, fuck the babies right to life!

  • "The Feel The Burn Tour" Hahahahaha! That was awesome! You never cease to amaze me with some of your commentary! Classic stuff for sure! Seriously though, it is incredibly hilarious to watch the Democratic party self destruct and become moot, but the way you sling the words around and come up with the commentary you do is even funnier! Before I face the world every day I watch a clip or two to remind me that even though life can be difficult and challenging, there is humor and stupidity there to balance it all out! Here's a suggestion: Do one on the effect the "No collusion, No obstruction" findings had on the "Trump Haters". It is so damn funny to see the looks on their faces when that report came out….the stammering….the hypocrisy….that "OH SH*T" moment! I can see it now…. Robert DiNiro shuffling around his house reeking of Old Spice cologne babbling incoherently…. Rachael Maddow crying hysterically in the bathroom, arms wrapped around a tampon vending machine….Nancy and Chuck at the same time losing all control of their bowels and sh*tting themselves…… Man, I hope this goes on for more….it actually is uplifting and inspirational to watch!

  • Yes, the Democrats are self destructing. AOC is dangerous…she resonates with the weak minded…but when their socialistic hopes and dreams go down the drain they'll come of age and wise up. Personally, I want to see her sporting the bra-less look!!

  • "The difference between a Conservative and a Liberal is that a Conservative knows from the beginning that you cannot solve all of the world's problems." — Thomas Sowell

  • I still have a hard time thinking she could make a drink right in a bar? To listen to her talk is Like listening to a young teenagers in Jr high school?
    If you asked her how was school today! She would say, it was like, well ok you know, we had play time? & that was like, fun?

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