Socialism is Immoral

hi i am colonel and this is my seller so a friend of a friend accused me on Facebook of doing dumb and gross generalizations because I said that the Socialists and memorials no ethics no conscience and no brain now I to explain why I said such thing and that was plain my my position about this and that was plain why it's evident is absolutely true that social is that no morals no ethics no cautions and possibly no brains so let's start to just define the no brain part so anybody who does not understand generalizations of course doesn't have much brain because if I say for example that the Irish drink a lot or if I say that the Swedish are brought of course anybody will know everybody will understand that of course there are Irish who don't drink they're not so many but there are I know a few of them and of course there are sweet who are not blond but most of the Swedes are actually blocked and anybody's been Sweden for sure as noticed that so someone will accuse others of generalizations usually is pretty damp itself so when I say they're down the world yeah they're so let's come to the socialist part so I say that social is techno Morris and explain you why you believe this and not have been said about what socialism is about who shows socialists are and I've given a lot of study and a lot of thinking about this and it's not it's not so easy but the end I adopted the point of view of my friend and mentor I don't Larry so basically socialists are those who want to live with your money they want your morning they want to leave at your expenses they are too lazy or too inept to to earn their own money to so stay in their life saw they prefer to use your life which is very weapons much much easier it requires a lot less sacrifice and a lot a lot less work so of course in order to do such a thing you must have no morals because if you had more else you will not accept a such a situation you will do the go get a job make some money and buy your own sandwiches instead you want to use my money to buy your own sandwiches because you are too lazy or too stupid to make your own money together to get a job to do something I mean just just very lazy so of course there are different type of socialists know there are also you know socially is to say they are they are the enemies of fascist but you know so I fascist and social is that they are basically the same thing you know it's just that it's just a different Department it's just a different flavor or socially because fashion themselves they want to live with your money they don't want to work so there are of course different types you know that mostly there are two types of socialist there are those who want your money because they want to use it where they want to put in their pocket they want to leave at your expenses and then there are those want your money to give it to others you know they don't want your money to make a chart for example because we don't want to use their own morning of course you want to use your morning because we're all so there is a lot more of someone else money to be used for charity so these people can make a big career or they can make it themselves sir I don't know a reputation of being a big philanthropist to using someone s morning to do charity yeah but basically there's no big difference between these two things you know if you use your own your if I take your money to blow it on you know I don't know coquette sandwiches or if I want your money to give it to others who will blow it stupid things then what there is no difference between these two things you know is a stealing theft in both cases so this is why I say socialist have no morals and no I tix because they don't find any problem in leaving up summarized expenses you know stealing someone is morning to use it for themselves so to use it for their friends and on top of being a dishonest and no morals and no ethics the social is that no boats because if they had balls they would come and Rob you at gunpoint you know they would buy a gun and they come and Rob you you know beat you up you know hit you in the head and take your morning but no they're too chicken to do that they are too useless lazy and inept to do even such a simple thing and they probably also afraid that you might react so what they do they invent excuses they invite extravagant excuses like social justice or equality or that is yet to pay your fair share of your morning so you others can leave at your expenses or social contract there are lots of these excuses you know and being the socialist also bonus they will demonstrate and they will all be a double vote so that someone else does the dirty job the job of stealing your money so they get the who they get to do this when they get the government to do that you know they get the central state to do to steal your money because of course if the socialist comes to my door and asked me to give him in my morning I would just say no I'll just keep the guy out of my house also do even something more effective and they know that they are afraid of that because remember they have no balls so what they do they send someone else they send the government with all its thousands of heavily armed agents and this guy will come and get my money with the force and there is nothing I can do about it no I don't have a choice is you know because you know I subscribe the social contract because I was unfortunate enough to be born in a place where there is a big government in almost born in Italy us that's really no big luck because the Italian government exists really heavy-handed when it comes to stealing others people morning and so they don't go themselves to do the dirty work they send someone else and of course these people are themselves socialists because they don't find anything wrong and companies still in your morning to give it to others and of course they will keep some of it you know because they do some very important and necessary job which is still your morning which according to them is perfectly okay of course a lot of people really believe that this is all is all so okay is it perfectly normal because you know decades of indoctrination in the school in the public schools and the decades of living you know under a continuous rain of propaganda from the central state they believe that the federal state as a right to your morning you know they believe to the fact that the Central States things that all your mornings is actually theirs and they can take it on or they can leave some they can leave you some of it so you can leave you know you can buy some food then maybe pay your house and a heating for your house but mostly these people think that they were right to your point so basically this is why I think socialist they must be that must be dishonest it must be more that must have no ethics because if they did they will think that what they're doing is but then we stopped doing it but these people don't think this way they just keep coming for your morning and they never have enough because of course a lot of people in this system would find more convenient to be socialists and being normal people like me like other people i know you just go to work every day for for their money they don't go and steal it to someone else because they think they are entitled to it you have the right so as usual i finished my video with the advice you should only think your position i think you should look at yourself in the mirror and think about what i'm saying if it that you really think about your doing you know you're stealing you're leaving on someone else at some of these expenses this is highly moral you should just go out and get a real job and make your own money and live with your money and then perhaps you will understand what it means what it means to work so others can come and steal your money because they think that's that's a right that's a real way to live that is perfectly okay to leave from someone assessments and it is not okay so to those who feel offended when I say that socialist is basically an immoral human being well this is actually the truth and it's not my fault you know of all I'm doing is I'm that you do in the face what I think and what everybody should because the problem is that too many people are afraid of saying the truth to go and tell these people you are stealing my morning you're still in my life because remember when you stayed my morning you still in my life because I spend my life earning this morning when you steal my money you still in my life so do you have no right to my life my life is mine I only have the right to my your life so hope is clear and you have fair offended well that's all my fault is your fault so stop being a thief stop being a parasite go get a genial job and stop being a socialist goodbye

4 thoughts on “Socialism is Immoral

  • The problem is socialism sounds good which makes it easy for idiots to swallow. It is only until you start thinking about economics and specifics do you see its weakness. Then the people who try to keep pushing it won't even want to talk about specifics, ignoring how socialism kills economic innovation and motivation. Then these idiots complain that the economy is fucked, so they ask for more handouts. These guys just can't process the idea of cause and effect.

  • Right: "Ma Giuda Iscariota, uno dei discepoli, quello che poi lo avrebbe tradito, disse: « Quel profumo valeva un patrimonio. Si sarebbe dovuto vendere per dare il denaro ai poveri! » Non che gl’importasse dei poveri, ma, siccome era lui che teneva la cassa
    dei discepoli, spesso ne approfittava per uso personale!"
    We knew these socialists for many millennia; then again, is only our own fault that they are still around.

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