Socialism Sucks and Beer is Freedom

(rock music) – We are in Washington
D.C. at the world premiere of what is perhaps the most important book in the history of economics,
at least since yesterday, called Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their
Way Through… Through… Through the Unfree World. I haven’t actually been drinking yet. I happen to be with these
two economists, cheers. – Cheers.
– Cheers, Matt. – Is this like deja vu all over again? Drinking and talking economics? – It’s called like, my daily life. – And one of the things you
guys discovered in this book is that in socialist
countries, the beer sucks. – It does, so the socialism runs, the socialism runs through
the whole book, yeah. The beer metaphor runs
through the whole book. Let’s talk about the worst case first. In Venezuela, they ran out of beer. The country ran out of beer. In fact, what happened is
they have a monopoly producer essentially, Polar,
that’s nominally private, but the government planners
allocate foreign exchange. And what happened? – Well, I mean, here’s the thing. If I was a socialist dictator, everything would go to hell
because socialism sucks, but I would make sure they make beer. And the problem in Venezuela is the guys who are in charge of the hard currency, the very little dollars they have, they didn’t give the beer
company enough dollars so they couldn’t buy enough barley, and you run out of barley,
guess what? You can’t make beer. So the country ran out. – So on the other hand, I went to one of my favorite
craft brewers, The Veil, and this is their session beer. It’s 4.4% lager. I suspect it’s lower ABV than even Polar. Man, that’s got a lot of flavor. And the beautiful thing about America, we’re in America now, so we can get any freaking beer we want. – Capitalism gives you variety. Socialism sometimes
doesn’t give you anything, and when it does, you don’t get variety. – So this is a double fruited gose, and gose is a classic, very
light, slightly tart style of German beer from northern Germany, reimagined by a bunch
of hipsters to include, this has pineapple, it has cherries, it has all sorts of fruit, and it’s kind of like
an alcoholic smoothie that you might get on a beach if you weren’t in a socialist country. Cheers. (glasses cling) Look at that. This is super healthy. – This is a little feminine-smelling. – It’s like a breakfast drink. – Like a Bloody Mary? – Eh, more like a mimosa. – You’ve never had fruity boat drinks? – Oh, it’s actually, yeah,
it does need an umbrella. – The thing is, I looked
at it a little cross-eyed when you first picked it up
’cause it looks kinda sludgy. If I saw this when I was in
one of the socialist countries, I’d be like, oh shit,
something went wrong. In this case, I’m like, oh wow, capitalism is really gonna cater to a niche market that wants
something special with this. And it’s right, this is unique, which is different ’cause in Cuba, now they didn’t run out
of beer like Venezuela, but you get two types of beer in Cuba, Cristal and Bucanero. I think one’s 4 1/2 and one’s 5% alcohol. It’s basically the same content, and they’re both basically a kind of a skunky Budweiser or something. – Here’s the thing. Socialists, they sell you on equality, and equality sounds kind of nice. I mean, it’s not a bad word. They sell you on equality,
we’ll give you equality, but what they actually
give you is sameness, this dreary sameness. Wake up every morning, you get two beers. Tomorrow, same two beers. The day after that, same two beers. And we were there a week, and we were just dying for
some variety in our lives, not just our drinking lives, everything. The food is the same,
everything’s the same, so it’s a little bit of a bait and switch. They give you something like equality, but it’s a kind of equality
that most people don’t want. – Okay, so that was weird, but
it’s gonna get weirder now. This, and this happens to be a favorite style of beer of mine, this is called I’m Really Done With U, and it is a, I believe a
triple dry hopped double IPA, double dry hopped triple
IPA, so I screwed that up. Triple IPA. – It didn’t confuse me ’cause
I didn’t really understand after like, double. – The one point is it’s 11% alcohol. – I got that! – Just throw it back, it’ll be good. – All that fancy stuff
that you just talked about, they don’t do that in North Korea. That North Korea stuff. – You can’t get this beer in North Korea? – (laughs) You can barely get beer. ‘Cause you use these fancy
words to describe beer, we, the three of us,
split a North Korean beer a couple months ago. – You gotta pour at
least that much because– – You gotta man up. – And by the way, we may
all be dead tomorrow. – It was a big one, but
between the three of us, we couldn’t get through the damn thing. What would you give it for tasting notes, ’cause Bob and I have described it before, but I wanna hear what you’d say. – There was definitely a waft
of turpentine on the nose and a little bit of Drano as it went down. It was a pour out for me. I’ve never had as noxious
of a beer as that, and I’m not one to pour out beer, but this was just toxic. You have to work hard to
make a beer that shitty. – I’ve had to try to change my language ’cause I still don’t do it right. When I walk into bars
now, oh, what do you want, and there’s a bunch of beers on tap. I’ll say, oh, I’ll try your something, and by try, I mean give me a glass of beer ’cause there’s almost
no beer you can hand me that I can’t drink a full glass of, but people now bring me
these little tasting things. I’m like, no, no, no, no,
no, I meant it like a man. With the Korea, that’s
the first, I couldn’t– – It’s my first snort
on camera, by the way. – (laughs) Yes! I lasted longer than you guys, but I left the soldier out there. – You were soldiering
on just for the point of the artistic integrity of the show, you wanted to do that,
but it was disgusting. – My punchline is if I
was unfortunate enough to live in North Korea, I’d
probably drink the stuff, and with any luck, it would kill you before the government would. – This is the most ridiculous
video we’ve ever made. This is it. Now, I’m gonna test all
of your presuppositions about what is beer. This is an imperial stout. It’s called Hollow, Hollow Place, conditioned on apparently a
shit ton of vanilla beans. – Oh. – So it’s gonna taste a little bit like chocolate cake, maybe. What’s fascinating to me
is that these are all beers made by the same guy in the same brewery, and sold to the same customers, but if you like this beer, you’re probably not liking
that beer and vice versa, ’cause the guys that really obsess about these monster beers, a sessionable lager is just
not a thing they care about. – Well, what you also pointed out is this one company just
gave you a greater variety than we saw from beer
in the three countries that we visited. – Yes. – But we did find one
country where it was formally socialist, and it wasn’t so much beer. They do have all right beer there. You could say something
about their beer, maybe, but the real special is wine in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. So, this was as socialist– – Which is a beautiful country. – Beautiful country, so
east of the Black Sea, south of Russia, just
north of the Middle East, a kinda tough location, actually, and they essentially
had no reform for what, 15 years almost after the
fall of the Soviet Union, and then you get the Rose Revolution, and radical capitalist
reforms come through. Mass privatizations,
de-bureaucrat… de-bureaucrat… I can’t say it.
– They fired bureaucrats. – They fired people. – Can you say that word sober? – I’m gonna wake up in the morning, and I’ll try to say it, although that’s not guaranteed sober, but I’m gonna try it in
the morning when I wake up. In any event, what’s happened is their wine industry has transformed, too. – It’s wonderful. If you’re a wine snob, I’m
not, but if you’re a wine snob, Georgia has become a mecca for wine tours all over the world, and all that’s because they
got the rid of the commies, and they created these
free market reforms. Entrepreneurs looked around,
and it is a tough place, so what can we do here in
Georgia to attract capital, to attract customers, and
wine has been the thing. – So now that we’ve drank
11% beers and 10% beers and I don’t even know what those were, this fruity punch thing, what do you want people to do? What’s the action item here? – Well, I’m gonna drink the beers, I would like them to buy the book. – Socialism Sucks, buy it, What’s your preferred vendor? – – And you guys, if… (laughs) We’ve been drinking a lot of beer, talking about Socialism
Sucks: Two Econ… (beep) it. – Dude, Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World,
that’s pretty easy. – Yeah, there you go. What he said. This book is available
on amazon got, dot… (laughing) – Well, I guess the subtitle’s
harder than I thought. .com. – Buy this book! (rock music)

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  • Get the new book, Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World, on Amazon:

  • Thank you much sir Matt of Kibbe for once more exposing socialism for the failing marks marxism it truly is – and why we in the "free" world , at least free for the better part of the moment, should give thanks to our Creator & God for all good things we've enjoyed in this life, taking much of it for granted , including the variety of good beers; enough to choke a bull moose !

  • It’s easy for these guys to blindly praise capitalism when they’re too drunk to see how many people get exploited as a result of corporate greed.

  • Also why is it that it’s not called socialism when big banks need a a handout, or when oil and agriculture companies get subsidized? But when ordinary people need food, clothing, shelter, and education then there is a problem?

  • 1:55 : “Capitalism gives you variety” Sure when it comes to stuff you don’t actually need to live, like beer and tv’s, you get plenty of variety at varying price points. But when it comes to the essentials like housing and medicine prices go through the roof because the need is constant and not subject to change and allows landowners and big pharma to price gouge to their hearts content. But hey at least we have cheap beer.

  • I swear I’m sick of chucklehead frat boys like these douchebags blindly praising capitalism while ignoring all the underlying issues that are making democratic socialism popular in the US. Maybe instead of calling the other side stupid you can offer valid solutions to put an end to the price gouging and the exploitation that capitalism creates.

  • Also interesting how they never mentioned Norway, Sweden, Denmark, oh yeah and freaking Germany the country that makes the best beer in the world, they have high taxes and a ton of social programs but I don’t see you calling them socialists.

  • i'll be voting for AOC for president. the Reagan and Bushs proved nothing for me, just making wars we didn't need….cheers.

  • You talked about Georgian wines after they came out of communism. That reminded me of Chile after Allende got the boot. They're the now the wine provider to America.

  • New subscriber. Both funny and true. Reminds me of PJ O'Rourke's book 'Eat the Rich'. By all means read it, if you haven't already.

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