Society Is Kaput & Other Truths From an Ageless Spirit: Lisl Steiner

can you talk about how you feel about doing this oh I love it so talk about what your style says about you can I tell you a little about my history who I am okay I was born in Vienna Austria and in 1938 my father I exported me to Argentina with our mother it was six months before Hitler was using Jewish women to clean John's or the street in their fur coat and I became a freelance journalist the moment they see life oh she's the greatest photographer of the history of Life magazine and that's all bullshit I came to New York in 1960 because I had covered something in Chile I fell in love with a time and life man and then he got cold sheet and didn't want to marry me I was contemplating jumping off the Empire State Building really forever in hell but I said okay I'll jump off and then I was on a picnic with an architect friend of mine from Austria and his wife who was a wild one sexually she said I know a man and his wife just left him he's a little wild so I said okay invite him for coffee so here comes this man a mixture of Charlie Chaplin Schweitzer and Einstein one year later I married him and had a great marriage for twenty five years when he died he when he was died he had a stroke I filmed eight hours of his death what he was telling me he was angry with me he was not angry I was loving because he was in pain he was 83 he was suffering and I facilitated because at one point he said to me no more water and if you don't drink water being in this Fame completely fail dying that does it when there's all kinds of mourning but there's a lot of bullshit in mourning the more guilty or the more you mourn you know these families who have Thanksgiving and then they could kill each other after Thanksgiving the society we live in is kaput it's not anymore real feelings real morning I mourn by being happy about something that I wish know how to do it celebrate the death they have it in the league rainbow nut at the Undertaker charges you twenty thousand I'm 88 I mean living 87 but I make myself one year older I don't want to be look younger or be younger I like to be one year ahead so recently I had a width little elope and I went to fix it and I said how much would it cost to do this and he said fifteen thousand dollars so I of course I would never do it I only wanted to know the price wouldn't it be nice if every spring we would look better just like leaves falling in the fall and then everything is dead and then spring and all this beautiful new that would be lovely but it doesn't help I'm only seeing dying when the time comes you know yeah I'm not going to appreciate and die before my time although I believe in suicide and all that bullshit of the families don't want somebody to die and keep her lie for him I mean it's bizarre explain to me what you feel your style says about you my style is no style I become more primitive by the moment because or or more and more in disagreement with what is happening I have a solution for world peace I would take the Queen Elizabeth put every politician on it and sink it in the air Atlantic okay what assumptions people have about you based on your side right now I've hundreds of people who would like to get me on that fucking Facebook and I am on it because I want to see what the children of my friends are doing I can't answer all these people who want to be my friends I believe what is so sad is that one doesn't keep up with old friends and you gather all these people who want to really know your friends I haven't figured it out yet I wrote a letter to this creepy owner and here our Facebook what our Facebook Mark Zuckerberg I wrote him I had my birthday in Vienna November 19th the first thing they were did my friends and some others they exchanged cards you know networking I don't want to have 10 new friends if I like somebody yes but that's something else we are living in this crazy period of superficiality you see old people would say oh it was so wonderful in 1920 let's say Oh in 60 and it was I could approach Miles Davis I hung out with Luz Armstrong I could photograph Kennedy like this and that's impossible to be there thousand photographers doing the same picture what would you say is the biggest trouble that you've had in your life that you turned into a strength I didn't have much strength I grew up in a nice way only child my parents were so in love that they kindly neglected me I had a profession at 14 in an art shop I was illuminating French erotic reviews so my sex life started at 14 and then I got married at 23 and I was a virgin at 23 because my father used to say any man who does something to you and kill before years later we had enough of each other but kept to be friends life is not going back that way they are ups and downs money-wise so disappointment with somebody if you don't get that feedback of these two important people father mother you have problems and if you're lucky and have a great analyst at that time then you okay but the great analysts are all dead but then if you have the strength you get out of it but inner strengths come from having been treated well as a baby until the age of 10 after the age of 10 it's over if you haven't gotten it then you have to struggle more what was your greatest achievement to become a v8 look I'd never think about things happening I sat down on my front on the front porch of the house and I had a little trouble with my back and I had a little operation and then at one point I was diagnosed with cancer in breast cancer which I have a feeling never happened well they make mistakes by Diagnostics you know I had a feeling it was just a made benign thing but I was radical and I removed my breasts and I could have had it corrected not I wouldn't have had a reconstruction because of the 88 I don't have a sex life I'm so happy to be alone I wouldn't want somebody in my bed right now all these bullshit doctors with their oh let's invent a drug for this and for that that's all bullshit is business the first thing I do in the morning is put my war paint on a favor right now the look of a madam inaho and green here maybe a little lipstick because now recently only I have our these little lines coming down vertically and if I use red lipstick it doesn't look too good because the meth goes up there but who cares at this point it's what I am and not what I look like and excuse me but go fucking safe review you know if that's a consideration when when do you feel when you feel the most beautiful I feel beautiful inside and I'm happy to be Who I am I feel good because I do little things for people directly I don't have a handyman and not handyman he is a gardener and this has his guatemalan has a boy he hasn't seen in 10 years is in touch every day by telephone and in the winter he has no money so I lend him money which he religiously gives me back in this way and those are little just I'm help and happy to be able to do that I can't do big things but I have been nice and each time you do something like that you feel good about yourself do you feel like you've lived your dreams I like the idea that it happened to me that I became a photojournalist it's all positive I didn't have big dreams of being the super star the super this if I would have slept with five guys at a time in life I would have had a different career but that wasn't what I was trying to do you know I know people have committed suicide to have everything Under the Sun but it's not the answer you should only have the money you need for your subsistence and one should end one's life without possessions no way I have my panties on which I keep that on yes you can keep okay one second okay here comes you see it didn't do a good job here but I don't care this is me and I don't have any pain and I don't show them to anybody really but I don't feel I have cancer I'll die of something and you know if you every moment think Oh God and this is no use it's going to happen one day so there are ways of exiting I have a wonderful doctor who's going to help me he doesn't tell me he said part of it is champagne and then something else and that lets you go fast because I am NOT going to linger if I have a stroke or whatever if I die if I know that it's going to happen out the door when you feel the most vulnerable well I don't feel vulnerable I don't maybe I am but I'm so primitive that I don't notice you see when you give way to somebody it can become something else but if I have a thing going down I just ride the waves and I don't think about it then you haven't got a problem you only have a problem if you got this happened now this life is too short why in your body place to be I just feel good sometimes in the morning I don't feel good but then by doing something you overcome that and in my bracket of 88 87 but I say he did you become more frail you walk like a duck to prevent several Falls I'm a fallen woman I fell several times look you know why I'm so good at whipped with my bones when I was 16 I had dramatic art lessons the first thing you learn is to fall down and once you know that and I was a mountaineer I made love on a mountain I was a horse woman so when I fall I'll fall correctly but what luck runs out my next fall can be it if it something happens dams so all these things you just take them the way they come then you're less conflicted but if you take each moment and see oh this is the end this is the beginning of it's very if you can't change destiny in some way you I mean we have a housekeeper and she says I'd be careful well it's an empty word because things have been spite of you being perfect you know that it's they employ a needle that was meeting

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