SOCOM 2 – Mission 1 Gameplay HD | All Objectives Completed (PS2/PCSX2)

take cover and sit tight we won’t move on to the rendezvous 120 700 team it’s vital that you locate the informant and gather all the Intel he has to provide utilize that information and carrying out your other primary objectives and everything should proceed smoothly once the weapon ship and his prep for destruction head for the extraction point and exit the area could lock commander you must locate the informant callsign mallard the information he can provide is essential to the operation alright team you are the lady looks like it up and get moving get that Intel suggests there are multiple patrols along the main roadways we should stick to cover to avoid alerting them to our presence when heading to the rendezvous point stay clear of the main roads to avoid confrontation with the running patrols project eleven o’clock be careful disney question in your gender spur articles Assad ornament over see I’m intl on veteran six acre corn / olin from the phone that is the date even those a picker controller you’re you’re all got general gova mama patient ER measurement cannot do and associations ecori M&A lift for the colchester dr beldegard the parking choice if you’re coming to the door to to the sewer say us for the java melee is a contest cocked I’ve dick and digit and knowledge may come in handy later that’s a good thing you took all those alpini languages adjusting the freeway student planning markham energy scratch one target try sir roger holding my fire ok ok that rate of fire kyon put one down watch it too safe based on the Intel report this building looks like the rendezvous point the informant should be near mind do you have a light I lost my lighter I don’t smoke maybe you’d like a drink instead yes I think I will drink with you lucky me i have found my lighter after all I was beginning to worry that you were not coming there are many members of the black market in the area then hurry and tell us what you know ok yes i will tell you someone has to stop them they are killing anyone who gets in their way if they knew I was here they would kill me too there are guards patrolling the bridge they have a machine gun in a bunker nearby they will use it if they are given time if these two radio back to the farm you will not be able to Surprise the men there there are maybe ten men beyond the breach that is a sniper by the church tower I’ve taken the liberty of hiding a sniper rifle for you under some rags in a bunker further down the road as you suspected the farm is being used as a distribution point for munitions and is heavily guarded you are lucky that no one knows what you plan to do in this country otherwise this mission would be impossible for you we’ve handled ever characters and these but have you met any as ambitious if you do not stop the growing black market soon they will supply many terrorists gardens that would not be a good thing for our Jean man Johnny I must go in these clothes I stink like a peasant and going to get the hell out of here before the fire fight breaks out hey where’s she going we don’t have time to go chase him down hqb advice mallard is on the move requesting a team to intercept over copy that Spectre don’t worry about will pick them up proceed with the mission alright outstanding the Intel the informant provided should prove useful in locating and destroying the Syndicates weapons shipments I’ve got three good hiding spots on your lap all of them are located near the church contact voluntary tangos copy that all ready to engage down Roger holding fire I’m and invitations to the course that I vient de ya up front about you and tonic 8012 thirst sinica Sharpton Jarrah when she didn’t get messages and George air-cool accompanies you today I’m really shocked Antonio just bait such a short in daughter who had to take in dortmund SI o mumbai city the right pocket ok ok commander if you come across the terrorists Foreman see if you can capture him alive he could provide us with some valuable Intel primary objective complete before infiltrating the village verify the locations of the terrorists patrols use your binoculars to maintain a safe distance when doing this secondary objective complete HQ we’ve been pointed the first patrol good now make sure to pinpoint the location of the other patrol would you take about secondary objective complete secondary objective complete secondary objective complete command we’ve established the locations of all three enemy patrols objective completed your clear to proceed with caution one of the weapons shipments is located in the gas station the other in the small barn would you serve ok secondary objective complete make sure to put both sets of weapon crates for destruction fingers on the trigger sir go down we have to give the area that destination command of the charges set secondary objective complete follow your lead primary objective complete HQ the charges are in place these guys are in for the surprise of their life nice 14 now proceed immediately to the extraction zone ok let’s move to extract national agenda to church model of a previous quarters never fear your POS not 30-minute Corp want a NEC good country and shooting for POS nada yeah mommy’s got the jetta that the g tardes ninos rating wanted to live for my Grove that you took place in attempting to ski I’ll make sure to record that long do down like Boyd command we’ve secured the format we’re ready to continue with their leader captured maybe some of the terrorists will see the benefits of surrendering rather than fighting it out to the death mission complete excellent work destroying those weapons now we get my attention let’s see what our cessary sent to get friends do next

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