SodaStream. An Island of Peace

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40 thoughts on “SodaStream. An Island of Peace

  • Don't Boycott???……. I'm watching Uk Parliament House of Lords RIGHT NOW?!?!?! about Palestine and Israel's SICK SICK actions??..


    ''You Horrible excuses for humans Israelites!!!!….. when will you people realise you're actions are destroying the world… destroying hearts and minds…things that cannot be fixed by just ignoring global law''

    America uses it's Veto's so Israel can commit more murder??? that's being COMPLICIT!!!!

    ''EVERYONE MUST Stand united and speak out… this all MUST stop or else we are part of the crime itself''
    ''Anti-semitic cards will be used… we've heard all the excuses.. enough is enough''

    ''Lets not be blinded by hollywood style advertisements… seek the truth.. things have NEVER been worse''!!!

  • I'm glad to see the friendship between Israeli and Palestinian workers. Maybe one day, the Muslim women will no longer have to submit to their male owners. Those head coverings look hot and, un-necessary. I know that this IS necessary in order to keep Muslim men from acting like 13 yr old boys but why don't other cultures rape and beat their women, treating them worse than they treat the family dog? European Countries are suffering greatly. Hope it all works out soon.

  • For all you gullible sheep gushing over this video, grow a brain. This commercial is nothing more than a staged and scripted PR campaign designed to portray SodaStream in a positive light. PLEASE.

    1. Pay attention to the "testimonials" of the Palestinian workers. Totally fake. Scripted. Unnatural. They were forced to participate in this video with fake smiles and cheerfulness or face firing.
    2. The guy at 1:28, Nabil, doesn't even work at the facility anymore and didn't as of the premier of this commercial. See his picture and story here:
    3. SodaStream operated plants and production facilities in the West Bank for almost 20 years. The West Bank is internationally recognized PALESTINIAN LAND by global law and the Geneva Convention. Which made SS's presence there ILLEGAL. They only left due to bad PR from their presence there and BDS pressure, NOT from genuine concern for Palestinian human rights. Nor did any of the profits from there operations there go to the Palestinian economy AT ALL. SS occupied Palestinian land and used their resources to sustain an ISRAELI company with no profits going back to Palestine.
    4. SS current facility in Israel treats Palestinian workers as slave laborers. Any Palestinians "lucky" enough to work in higher positions are supervised and micro-managed by Israelis. Did I mention the insane wage gap between Israeli and Palestinian workers across all levels of employment there? No OT pay? No sick leave?
    5. SS employing a handful of workers DOES NOT erase the fact that Israel is an apartheid nation with over 70 years of ethnic cleansing, murder, theft, illegal occupation, harrassment, abuse, humiliation, checkpoint "control" and destruction of Palestinian life overall.
    6. The only reason why Palestinians work at SS is because they cannot get meaningful employment due to the fact that Israel has crushed their own Palestinian economy. Making Palestinians economically dependant on the nation that is crushing them doesn't open any eyes here?
    7. If SS is such a pro-humanity company, then why must Palestinians get nearly-impossible-to-obtain permits just to work at their new factory in Israel? Did I mention that they laid off over 500 workers from their prior factory?

    So before you guys weep tears of joy and commend SS on their supposed love for equality, know the truth. Until SS corrects the aforementioned points and pays amends to the Palestinian economy and workers for illegally occupying and profiting from their former West Bank location, they have NO right to claim to be something that they are not – a company that truly cares about Palestinian human rights or humanity overall.

  • Love you guys! Continue the good work! Today at our Lidl store I saw SodaStream carbonators carrying the "Made in Israel" sticker with the Israeli Flag and the statement that this product is made by "Jews and Arabs working side-by-side in peace and harmony". I was so touched by this bold statement because all too often companies from Israel were concealing their origin or that of their products out of fear from possible boycott campaigns. As this video demonstrates, it's not just a claim but a promise being lived and fulfilled daily.

  • Don't matter all your attempts to make Arab people love u. The Arab peoples don't love and live with who killed their kids, women and old people and made many massacres… you are aggressive people.

  • What is a shame is that plenty of palestinians just hate what BDS do, which is totally counter productive. Can you imagine sone of BDS actions have families unemployed because of them, estimation of over 1000 people who suffer it after they closed Maale Adumim facilities. Shame on them, their war is against jews and they dont care about real palestinians. Israel take care of them, despite what morons keep on saying.

  • It's not only in SodaStream, Palestinains & Israelis working together in peace and mutual-respect in many more factories and there's plenty of Arab doctors and lawyes in Israel. You don't see it beacuse there's a lot of money behind the "Palestinain Aid" which only the corrupted HAMAS enjoy from. Movements like BDS just hurt the great harmony that already exist and eventually will hurt these great Palestinain workers. #IsraelLoveEveryone #StopBDS

  • This is what Boycotters of Israel/BDS – Boycott Divest Sanction are scared of. I'm so sorry this island of peace has to close down and that the palestinians lost their Job. BDS is being made illegal all around the world and I really hope you will be able to reopen again and work and live together in PEACE.

  • There is only 1 source of peace and that must be found within yourselfs. Peace would mean that you have overcome the animalistic instinctual pleasure seeking mind. Our overbearing mind is the true reason we suffer. It is a judgement, mindchatter, negative thought, revenge, fear. Unslave yourself from the mind it is the only battle you need to fight. Visit TruthContest read the Present. It explains how life works, it explains the big picture of life and when fully understood change everything in the best way possible. I know in certain countries in the middle east it is hard not to get pulled down in the stream of hate and violence. But the Truth is the only way

  • Me pregunto cuanto le habran pagado a los arabes (si es que realmente son arabes) para hacer esta repugnante propanganda. y si lo es me encantaria saber si el sueldo que gana un arabe es el mismo que el que gana un judio. (lo dudo)

  • this company operates in settlements like the settlement from which the killers of Palestinian toddler ali dawabsheh came out

  • الاسرائيليين خونة وايديهم ملطخة بدماء شهدائنا في فلسطين ولبنان وسوريا ومصر والاردن انهم اعدائنا وهذا الفيديو كاذب ويخدع عقول من لم يحضر مجازر هؤلاء القتلة في حق الشعب الفلسطيني واغتال علماء الوطن العربي حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل في كل من ساهم بهذا الاعلان

  • Both of you in the video are shit , these Palastinian are fucking traitors smiling with the Isralian sons of pigs and monkys ..

    Will Never forget ..

  • So now people of israel love the earth of فلسطين and they want piece … i respect the jewish people.. but (israel) i wish to see one of them in real life .. btw its dirty way to find piece by showing arab people saying that

  • فلسطين للعرب لن نرضا بأن نكون كالهنود الحمر ضيوف في بلدهم ولا يوجد ارض لاسرائيل فلسطين للعرب وهؤلاء خونه وسيخونهم اليهود ويجلبون العار لابنائهم لخيانتهم وطنهم فلسطين تحت مسمى بلد جديد وسياسه جديده باسم اسرائيل شرفاء لن يرضون للخضوع فلسطين لجميع العرب كل الاديان تحت مسمى فلسطين وليس اسرئيل وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

  • LOVE IT!
    if we let us see that most people are good and want the same thing –
    this affects us deeply…
    instead of the constant bombardment of 'war, war, war, terror, terror, terror'….
    thank you SodaStream for doing this!

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