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hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m going to be playing solar storm which is a cooperative game all about a spaceship that we are the crew of that has flown too close to the Sun and as you should know that’s always a bad idea and we are basically gonna get swallowed up by it unless we can redirect all the power from our ship into the energy core that is not working at the moment unfortunately though various parts of the ship have been damaged and will continue to be damaged throughout the game and so we need to run around patching things up and once a room is completely patched up spend the resources to divert the power to the energy core once we’ve done that for all the rooms we win if the ship doesn’t get destroyed in the meantime this is on Kickstarter right now and the link in the description to the campaign page and probably in the corner as well you can see all the final stuff this is just a prototype bear that in mind and so what I still need to tell you today I’m clicking on subtitles if I make any mistakes they’ll hopefully be corrected there let me know though in the comments if you notice anything that isn’t there already and so yeah we’ve got little glass Marty helping me out you can see him from above this time if I lay him down he just turns over and you can’t really see him very well anyway that’s not we came for the game so on your turn you have three phases of a turn the first turn is your actions you have three actions each action on here costs one action and you can always save your actions as long as we have these tokens left you can save actions for a future turn I think I’ve just dropped one there but yeah you can build them up for later turns you will really need them to you know get around and stuff because we can move one space orthogonal a is one action repair a room each room might have some damage in it now we drew two very bad damage cards at the start of the game that’s always damaged six things they may be a mixture of the same thing but I think there are six different rooms that have been damaged once so to repair a room we need to be inside it and say it’s the crew quarters here I need to spend an energy a green card to repair this green section here you can activate a room each room has a special ability and you can use it as long as the room is fully repaired if there’s any damage in the room you can’t use its special ability that’s an action divert room power if a room is fully repaired you can spend these three resources here to divert the power from a room which basically is the wind condition we need to divert power from all eight rooms around the energy core and then get back to the energy core and use an action to reactivate it we can scavenge for this you roll a dice if you roll a three or a four you get to take a resource card if you’re on a five or a six you get to take two resource cards if you’re on a one or a two you get nothing that cost an action you can share resources if you’re in the same place as a fellow player you can spend an action at a time to exchange cards well take a card we’ll give a card and you can save your actions for a future think so I am the first player I am going to get some actions going I think so I could get into you know the the engine rooms fully repaired that ability is swap a card from your hand with one from the discard pile there isn’t a discard pile yet so that’s not so attractive armory place to protection tokens on any rooms now this means that if they get damaged then the protection token gets taken off instead and not damaged but I think I’ve had a bit of an idea here so the metal up here I could spend an action to go to the mess hall and then a second action to repair it with purple so I put a cube back on it from the damage so that goes into the discard pile I spent those nanobots to repair the damage in the mess hall and I’ve almost almost almost got the right cards to be able to repair the mess hall completely but unfortunately and even in energy so I could scavenge and risk not getting it I could use the mess halls ability now it’s fully repaired to give take or exchange or resource card with another player I might do that actually exchange so Marty doesn’t end up with fewer cards I’m gonna take the energy because next turn provided the metal doesn’t get damaged I’ve got the three cards I need to divert power from it okay so I’ve had my three actions I moved I repaired I activated the room that’s it for my actions phase phase two is take resources I can either have a resource from the two on display here or two from the deck one you see I think I’ll just have one from the Declan when this resource deck runs out it is a pretty hefty deck but once the resource deck runs out that’s the end of the game for us the other end of the game is if a room needs to be damaged it’s got no cubes on it left so it’s already been damaged three times and it gets damaged another time we lose then as well you know the the hull has been breached and the the ship is hurtling into the Sun so what would I like so over here we have nanobots to repair the bridge nanobots to repair here as well in case this gets damaged again I’m gonna take nanobots and the final thing ship takes damage we draw a damage card and at the the top of the deck it only damages one room in the middle it damages two rooms and as we get towards the bottom of the deck it’s gonna damage three rooms every turn here it’s the cargo hold so we can go here now the cargo hold is taken to damage which isn’t great but yeah Marty can maybe sort that ice he’s got a red but he hasn’t got the the green in East there is a green on display now so we top up that display the cargo hold has been damaged and we can move on to Marty’s turn so what has he got he the engine rooms fully repaired he hasn’t got the resources he needs to divert the power he could making over the medical bay maybe and then if he starts in that room he gets two extra action tokens mmm I think that’s a good idea I’m Marty’s gonna go one two he can’t move diagonally and then three to repair the medical Bay and so long as it doesn’t get damaged before his next turn which is a bit risky really doesn’t get damaged do take two action tokens when you start in this room so that’s what he’s going for he needs to take a card so he is just going to take a single card and you can maybe scavenge for the other green that he needs to repair the medical Bay so we topped that up and then for damage it’s gonna be what should be the medical Bay the crew quarters which not terrible but it’s something we need to pay attention to definitely okay then so it’s my turn and I’m in the mess hall I have the cards data data energy I’m going to spend them and I am going to divert power now the metal can still get damaged but if it was to take three damage for example we can spend any one of these cards to fully repair it so it’s been made easier now we don’t need to spend a card per cube so I I repaired with my first action didn’t I so what would I like to do now I’ve got some nanobots so I could head over to the bridge and put that set up to be fully repaired I think that’s a good idea actually but then I couldn’t do its ability its ability is look at the next three event cards the damage cards and put them back in any order so I could go over there and repair it but I think what I am gonna do is go over to the armory instead with my second action and with my third place two protection tokens on any rooms so these will stay until the room is damaged or until I start my next turn so I’m going to put one there on the medical bay so Marty isn’t gonna lose his bonus there and let’s put one of the crew quarters because it’s looking a little bit rough I take the one and two cards now as well to remind myself that I put those cards down at the start of my next turn they need to be removed if they’re still there so that’s my three actions I diverted power I moved I perform the action because the rooms fully repaired and take a card I’m gonna take a universal card now the universal cards are the difficulty of the game basically if you are playing easy you get six in the deck if you’re playing normal you get four in the deck or this isn’t the rulebook but that could be considered easy mode for two players and you know as it gets harder you remove you’ll play with two we will play with no universal cards which are a wild card can be anything that’s the resource I’m taking and then at room to be damaged is the armory which is where I am unfortunately but that can be prepared soon enough I imagine okay Marty he’s in the medical Bay he takes two action tokens when starting in this room so he’s got five actions he’s gonna spend an action right now to scavenge so rolls the dice and he gets a fort which means he can take one card either from the top of the deck or the display the displays what he wants anyway so that gets topped up so that was his first action his second action can be he’s got two greens in a blue know and he can divert power from this fully repaired room so that’s his second action and what should his third action be we need to worry about some of these other rooms maybe what if he scavengers again for his third action so he got a five there I think that with tough camera and five so he gets two cards so I think he gets oh yeah this is a good idea he gets red and green maybe from the display and then uses now does he use these two extra actions or does he wait here and try and get another two bonus actions when he starts next time because he’s got the resources now to repair this and if he could get another red he would be able to divert power from it as well so I think at the end of his turn when he takes resources he’s gonna take two from the top of the deck and hope to do that he’s got himself a red brilliant then we need to damage something and it’s gonna be the medical Bay which just gets its protection token removed start of my turn I need to remove all protection tokens I put down and now I need to think of what to do so I would like I’d like a blue resource really let’s try and scavenge so I got a five I can take two things let’s let’s take the green wine up so that’s my first action note up these up second action to repair the data there and I think my third action is actually gonna be if I use this as red red green purple I can divert power though it was tempting to use the protection ability because I’m worried about these rooms anyway that is it’s the universal card spend but I think for a good cause mother you’re gonna handle that I think yeah Green Green would help in the crew quarters one of us is gonna have to run over there at some point are we to try and sort that out okay so I have my card that’s the room gets damaged and it’s the mess hall which is here but we can we can rush to that and just repair it all with one card if we need to so we’ve got three rooms out of the eight quite please how this is going so Marty goes in here gets two action tokens when he goes in there so he’s got seven actions if he wants to have this turn he can just hang on to these tokens though so let’s see he doesn’t want to be in here anymore so he’s gonna go one two three to repair the room so that’s his normal action spent and then he’s gonna do blue purple red so he’s gonna have to spend one of the tokens to take another action but he’s diverting power and then he could even just go back in there and get two more action tokens next time yeah he’ll do that and so in and actually took her to run back in there but then he can he’s a bit closer to the crew quarters and he’s gonna take two from the top of the deck because we need quite a few cards over here to sort it out in anyway and then event card it’s gonna be the bridge and yeah so that’s something where I can get over there come on so my turn I have green card which isn’t that useful so we can’t you can repair the mess hall with that I can’t put protection on rooms while I’m here though so I think I’m gonna do that I’m gonna protect these rooms so that’s one action and then I think I’m just going to move over to this side to the reactions at the end of my turn I’m gonna get blue cuz that’s the next one I need to repair this yeah they take one from here or two from the deck down here I’m wondering whether to take two from the deck no I don’t I don’t think I’m going to I think I can scavenge if I want the next thing I would have been purple as well so event card what’s getting damaged now it’s the engine room and there’s no protection in there Martis turn he’s heading over here isn’t he so he could or he gets two action tokens for starting in the medical Bay that’s repaired then as he could see Finch he’s close to doing this he’s gonna scavenge and he gets a six that’s two cards so you can take one from here and it gets restocked and blue is perfect so that’s two cards that was his first action wasn’t it second action third action to repair there we go and then fourth action so he needs to spend a token he gets blue green purple wow this is definitely this supposed to be the luckiest time I’ve ever played this so yeah it’s darvis hit that one and it could even he can repair a room no you can’t because he hasn’t got the right resource but yeah that’s looking quite good isn’t it so this room here wants a blue next so you could grab that for his resource at the end of the turn then damage it’s gonna be in the repair center so yet another thing we can do about that but it’s not too bad my protection tokens get removed and so I think I’m gonna I’m gonna repair definitely and then I’m gonna scavenge so I get a 1 which is nothing how do I scavenge again I’m gonna take an action token then the end of my turn I get one card working at two from the deck but I want the purple because I can repair this again I’ve got an extra action too for a future turn so now we’re into the 2 so this is gonna be the engine room and the repair center so a repair center engine room so that’s something to worry about now Marty he’s gonna spend now this has been diverted he can just spend the green although he does want it for over they should come spend the green to fully repair that that’s his first action unfortunately didn’t start their second action their third action he’ll spend the data to repair the room once I think he might stop there for now he’s gonna end his turn actually could have used the ability to repair it from there couldn’t even have an extra turn and then he could scavenge because this is repair a damaged room by one space and discard the matching cards it’s basically repair any damaged room you still need to pay spend the cob we don’t it to be there so gets two cards he’s gonna take them from here I think it’s a red and a green Green’s good for there Red’s good for there that’s okay by me then at the end of his turn he isn’t gonna spend any of his action tokens he’s going to take a purple because that’s good for sorting out that room as well my turn we need to damage something it’s going to be the bridge and the armory armories the bridge is where I am no that’s that’s frustrating so I can get a blue though so my turn I’m going to scavenge and try and get this blue yeah I get four is just one card that’s just gonna be the blue second action and third action are gonna be repair we need a visible card there that’s fully repaired I can that’s three actions in i scavenged and then I repaired twice I do have this I can look at the event cards and swap their order around now think I’m gonna hang on to it for now anyway my resource we need blue red and green so I’m going to take this blue oh it’s the universal and then we have the bridge getting damaged again are 90 of purple as well and the cargo hold which is fully repaired – that’s okay and Marty’s turned that so he’s got the green hasn’t he wants more Reds maybe he’s gonna nab the universal to be able to so they say he’s going to go over there that’s one action that we can repair it without going that canting can use the action to repair remotely he could do that in the other rooms that were worried about one action – – move over there three to get the thing so I think he’s gonna repair the engine room because that’s just on ice fish on one cube and then he’s gonna scavenge see what he gets he gets a two which is nothing he has got all of these actions oh so he’s gonna scavenge again by spending a token that was a five he’s gonna take two from the top and so that gives me a red that he needs he still got more actions it’s gonna scavenge again that’s too well getting cards and he shouldn’t do this so he’s got greens now you do have a limit of six four-year cards and so it’s final one I think he’s just gonna take the universal and then he can get something done with it damage is gonna be on the repair center and the cargo hold cargo hold a repair center so he can’t use that ability until that’s repaired for me I need a purple so I need to go scavenging really yeah getting two cards would be really helpful right now but I got nothing second attempt at scavenging I got a three so I got one card so I guess I’ll repair it so that’s my second action isn’t it third action will be to repair and I will leave that there I need the red card so there we are as long as this doesn’t get damaged again I can repair it next turn so damage is in the crew quarters and the mess hall so that’s crew quarters okay marty is going to go one and two to repair with the energy cut the energy card three to repair the room a diver at the power I mean because it’s fully repaired now and and he could move a place put into a room that has another porn in it so he could basically move him to me or me to him I think that really helps either of us oh yeah he’s gonna save his action token he goes another one he’s another card I think it’ll take two from the deck what cloaks we’ve got six rooms so damage still two for now engine room and medical bay medical base fine then rip the bridge and it’s still fully repaired so let’s divert the power while I can and let’s look at the next three event cards and put them back in any order we want we don’t in the engine room coming out really so we’ve got there’s a three so we want that at the bottom anyway armory and mess hall they’ve got two and one on them so I want that to happen last really Medical Bay crew quarters that’s probably a good one to happen next so that’s the exact same order they were in okay so my actions were repair diverse and no I just diverted did the action and then I’ll save an action and I will take two from the top of the deck I think okay damage is happening we just saw it in the medical Bay and the crew quarters I said we are leaving a lot of stuff quite risky here and I can’t remember what the next thing was but I don’t think it was either of those it just happened Marty is oh this room quite damaged isn’t it so maybe he wants to he could go one two and then just spend a purple to repair that fully not ideal but he didn’t have the you know I’m as close as him at repairing it yeah that’s what he’s gonna do getting cards he’s gonna get the red so that he could repair the cargo hold next time if he needs to damaged in the armory and the mess hall oh dear I might have to run to the mess hall I haven’t got a card that does that there so it’s my turn I need to scavenge really don’t want to one or two two cards so I’m gonna get one from there and purply is good for the engine room later so I’m gonna go one there’s there isn’t a purpose though to weave diversity the power so just with one cube I can do all of that and give take or exchange a resource if Marty if I take this from Marty from our third action next turn I might be able to do that as long as we can keep things afloat yeah the end of my turn I’ll take a read I don’t forgot enough resources if enough actions to do it I need one two three four five actions which is enough and then Marty could go in there and activate the energy core as long as we can keep afloat so crew quarters armory cargo hold oh dear okay so Marty’s turn he is gonna go one and do the cargo hold to fully repair it then three and then touken for repair the armory fully as well but it’s all gonna come down to what gets damaged now oh he takes cards he’ll just take one what’s gonna get damaged the engine room ah the repair centers fine and the mess hall is fine okay they say it’s not terrible it’s just a setback one two three repairs that I don’t think there is any point spending my action tokens yet because I can’t I can only repair it all the way even if I spend those and I might need them to rush somewhere that’s gotten really damaged yeah so I will take maybe green to fully repair if it gets damaged loads bridge there we go Medical Bay fine mess hall a little bit worrying but not terribly worrying yet Marty then see many purple or green there he can just stroll over one spend that as a purple or a green or whatever – to repair and then give me a resource it could take a resource off me you can have the green if he wants to use it for something that stays three actions or you could just save the action rather than just do something for a laugh he’ll save the action card he will take I need the purple so he’ll take the red so that stays out damage is happening ah no the bridge the engine room again and the crew quarters we need he needed protection tokens we needed those putting down really to protect the engine room from this happening all the time so I can do one two three actions to fully repair it now I think it’s too risky to use my extra actions because I need basically to do a scavenge role hi and have the top card of the deck be purple because then I could scavenge and then repair I mean divert the power and then Marty on his turn can swoop in and win the game it’s worth the risk isn’t it so yeah I need I can swap a card from your hand with one from the discard pile but that’s I need more cards so I need to scavenge hi yes let’s get two from there which need one from the debt down we and the purple it’s not purple so I can scavenge again but I still wouldn’t have the action that cost an action didn’t it I could scavenge again but I still wouldn’t have the actions to do this so let’s just take from the display and hope that we last there’s nothing in there oh dear so close to have I crew boards doesn’t come up with engine room has again armory and the cargo hold so they’re all fine two three run there and fully repair it that’s probably the thing to do one two three spend it extra action to fully repair the building in danger then he’s just gonna take one from the deck he doesn’t know what he needs I need a purple I don’t know where they are so I’ve stood here I’ve got a pair of got all of these so I can get the blue I can scavenge for a blue wait went that was Marty’s turn he took the card he hasn’t damaged anything as he medical bay repair center armory okay so now from my turn onwards the event phase changes instead of just damaging a room each time we’re gonna roll a die and discard a certain number of cards from the resource deck and remember if this runs out and there’s not that many cards left this runs out we lose but I think we’re very close to winning so my turn I’m going to scavenge and hope not to go to one or two brilliance I didn’t need two cards but yeah that’s that’s actually not that amazing kids wasted some more cards but yes so that’s one action two actions is repair with that blue three actions divert the power from the last room we need it from unfortunately someone needs to go to the energy core and activate it but I’ve only got one action left so we can’t spend that but we do hold breach now and roll unfortunately we roll the six which means three cards come off the resource deck oh I need to get a card as well that I did get it do I get a card I got an energy card why not and then three need to come off the deck but we’re okay we’re okay because Marty can now go one two three to activate the energy core and we have escaped the solar storm just in time actually I thought I thought things were going amazingly well and then yeah well if this started coming and we were basically if we’d roll the six then the deck would have been empty and we would have lost Ward we rolled a three let’s make it more perilous we roll a six and lost it was the very last turn but there we go that is an example of a solar storm hope then they gave you a good idea of what the game is like and remember the campaign description is campaign link is in the description and you can go over and see all of the final stuff as my voice just runs act slowly playthroughs on this channel and if you would like to support it and keep these playthroughs happening it’s only possible because people support me on patreon patreon comm slash liquor drips and you can get a say in what gets made on the channel and all sorts of lovely stuff but again thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you for the next game bye everyone you [Music]

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