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[inspiring classical music] – I was on the streets and homeless for at least 16 years on and off. If I found a job, I would maybe go stay with someone or an
apartment or whatever. You know, and then when
I got tired of paying for it, and didn’t want to be bothered, headed back up the streets. You know, it’s due to alcohol. [inspiring classical music] – [Steve]: Piquette
Square was opened in 2010, and it was built as a direct response to the crisis of veteran
homelessness here in Detroit. The real mission of Piquette Square is to provide a safe and supportive housing environment for
formally homeless veterans. The old idea was that you didn’t get someone into permanent supportive housing until you addressed their problems. Substance abuse, mental health issues, but the reality is that it’s hard to address those problems
when someone’s homeless. We found that housing
first is really critical. – If someone is given access to permanent supportive housing, they are actually 85% less likely to reenter the homelessness system. They can experience both
a stable and safe home, and also the supportive services that they need in order to be successful. – I feel 200% better, yeah, because I successfullly made it. I made the transition from becoming an alcoholic to a recoverer, and there’s not a lot of
people that can do that. – From a human perspective, having a home is equivalent
to having a foundation. It’s a place to grow your family, it’s a place to build your life. You have a place to put
pictures on the wall and grow plants, and there’s a fundamental dignity to that, that I just don’t think can be overlooked. We know the importance of that as a mortgage company, but we also know the importance of
that as human beings, and we’re committed to making sure that people across the country have that foundation. – Yes, yes I take a lot
of pride at home, yes. Yeah home is what you
make it, home is value. [inspiring classical music]

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