Songs on Our Road to Freedom with Calvin Earl

In this program now, it is
mostly songs and as I say it is taking us through that
journey, the American songbook but it is also highlighting
the spirituals as the foundation inspiration for all
of the music that was created here in America by different
artists. I want you to know and get to know my ancestors,
our fellow American that actually worked in the field,
that actually worked to help build this great country, it
took all of us, every slave and every non slave to create
what we have today. And it is up to us to pass it to the
next generation, when you really go back and you are
proud of the people who endured this, then you become
proud of yourself. You see, so this is what happens when you
know your ancestors and you know your history and really
understand that in them songs that they created is our
history, that when they created these songs it was a
way to have a conversation, it was a way to heal their pain,
it was a way to teach their young, record their history,
they were victimized but do not look at them as victims,
look at them as our fellow Americans.

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