Sonic Democracy: Through Our Eyes

[Applause] [Applause] we begin every year in Sainik democracy by finding our members and seeing their individual skills to give them a partner from vocalist to guitar and bass players keys and synth players even down to our technicians each member in Sonic is individually set to their own place in our family [Applause] many members in Sainik have not only played one instrument but have also learned a second instrument just to have that extra knowledge and experience behind them this year marks the 9th year of Sonic democracy and with our continuous growth in popularity the release of two studio albums and years of performing in the William Dawson theatre as well as being an opener for both Neverest and Marianas Trench sonic has grown to length way beyond just being a class and with constant support from friends and family as well as support from community and DSB one it helps us grow and learn more effectively and with every year that passes we strive for our hard work professionalism and creativity what is sonic democracy to you I think it's the representation of people who want to accomplish something that most people might be too scared to try to accomplish so getting a group of people together that have a passion for something in our case it's music but I think sporting teams are the same and finding out ways to work together I think that's step one how do you work together to accomplish this very complicated goal and then what are the necessary tips steps to get there drew sonic democracy for me sonic democracy is figuring out that path to get there working together it's different every year people are different every year the songs are different the approach is different but in the end it's the same and that is a group of people young people who shouldn't be able to do this but they always do and that's the coolest thing [Applause] each member in Sonic from past and present have their own unique stories to tell and this band not only teaches us but also gives us lasting memories that we can cherish the rest of our lives being a member of Sonic is not like any limit to us we see each other that's family my name is Nicholas poss-eye I sing for them professionally kind of in the past three years but this is my first year at Sonic democracy so uh that's fun and one of three brothers and the third brother to be in this band so that's pretty fun I put up to a bit of an expectation for that but I think that's fine I'm Sedona Jones I am a singer I've been seeing since I was like five years old and Music Festival in your footfalls and now in Timmins I actually like seeing the Opera as well as like the and stuff that we're doing here in Sonic I have six siblings all of us we're living together at one point quite hectic and I'm part homeschooled yes we're dolls guitar five years I'm a ginger I'm a farmer and I am fine from the left I haven't saved for a long time so I can't really my name is Thor bash shell I play the drums I play bass and I sing as well as do sampling I've been playing bass for four years drums for five and only been singing singing professionally for one year as well as sampling music is my life basically outside of school at a record and write music my name is Breanna Sutherland I see well I've been singing since I was a little kid just like in the car with my parents professionally singing or like taking lessons for about I started singing taking lessons for singing a year before piano so if I have been singing for years it'd be 74 piano I music inspirations probably my dad because he's the one that always encouraged me to pursue music or if it's whether it's standing on the back of a tailgate truck at my camp and doing concerts for everybody or karaoke nights or writing the album for Sonic it's always been him I'm very clumsy and I've always been the youngest kid in the band so I've always been the child my name is James Marsh I am a first year drumming I've been bleeding drums since grade seven but I took for your break and then I just sort of to see you again so I most enjoy playing a jazzy kind of drum style because it's a nice change from just the hard frog kind of thing it's a nice kind of swinging back I was born in Timmins where is Andrew Falls then I moved here when I was in grade seven when I started playing the drums so I started at Ross PD public school started playing in the grade seven band it was fun kind of miss it and came to high school I took a drumming class in grade 9 only lasted to one year it was fun but that was the year I stopped playing drums and then three years went by and then I started lynnium because I thought you know it's my last year of high school might as well try it again social media manager of Sonic tomorrow same been singing since well in lesson since grade seven I've been playing guitar for a year when I made my own so everyone comes to me for band-aids I'm very grateful Ryland Chism I'm a lead guitarist and singer I've been playing guitar five years singing I just started a year and a half ago seriously 17 years old unemployed like it's a Sonic I'm Juliana literally cheap I play guitar and I say what kind of weird my liquid science classes my math classes a lot I like to hang out with friends mom my name is Nathan Zink I played the guitar and some Mason banjo one time complained for about two years now just a little over two years a little bit about myself I like that least amount of the classes is stuff like that that I'm taking this year so I can begin to well mostly music and stuff like that as many music credits as I can take I will take just because that's just where I feel most comfortable in the school it's what I like doing a lot on my spare time again it's just playing a lot of guitar and stuff like that because it just kind of I don't know it's kind of just the thing that I do to relax and just have fun as well as just playing games with my friends just messing around and stuff like that you've got a very dry sense of humor so can we crack a sarcastic comment or make fun of you in any way shape or form you probably shouldn't take offense to it my inspiration is funny my parents I grew up mostly with classical music so I learned how to do theory and he's experienced all that so I was able to do a lot of orchestration into the class I helped arrange the song they exist on last year's absolutely so we couldn't find music to sing Bohemian Rhapsody this year so I helped arrange that my name is Kyla Raymond play bass I've been playing bass for almost two years now and before that it was just Qatar for a year it's spare time I don't leave my room I'm just playing games all day or I do write a bit like creative stuff Sasha I play guitar roughly two years your musical inspiration I'd like to say Brian my music do you like listening to rock and metal my name's Stefan drama couch and playing drums for 5 years my biggest inspiration for drumming's probably Nick Menza our Lars Ulrich Camp endless though harder to hold the stick gives me more of hand cramps my name is Michaela cold one I right now I'm playing an Ibanez as serious yes five how long have you been playing I'm not even here who is your inspiration well currently it's like every musician around me right now us all my peers they're pushing me forward to be the best musician I can be I'm also really into sports my name is William Bernie I play bass and drums I've been playing bass for about five years and I've been playing drums for about two years I'm 15 I have come from O'Gorman I I just found out about sonic democracy and I thought it would be a lot of fun so I tried so I applied and I made it so yeah and I don't know I don't really have any other hobbies and music and playing keys for seven years and bass for two years who is your musical inspirational very brilliant he's helped me a lot for my music in theory I'm entirely self-taught on both keys and bass never had any lessons Aaron asked me to a national bands my name is Christopher join a party I play lead guitar players only play for us since April for me are my simple Erica warship blues my own style stuff a must pay on earn cover second foyer to Mannix and Blue Zones Bombers alleged do my own thing since hours I was a child I never listen to rock music anyway I never listen to music when I was since high school gray night my teacher put in some walk news at first I'm easy ac/dc another stuff here is that played again and after my teacher the other cover said Justin sister lets happen washed awfully hot and my name is Julia I really want to play guitar one time my name is Grayson Cody I play guitar 1.5 years I'm point five years one and a half years I worked at Food Basics I like food basics the managers are all right I have brown hair blue eyes and I wear glasses and I'm currently wearing a sweater my name is Tristan Melanson I do bass and guitar but mostly vocals I've been singing properly for two years besides music I'm a pretty boring person my personality is basically based around music everything that goes along so you know I mean goal in life is to be happy as a songwriter and performer my name is Garrett Taylor I play the bass now my driven super quiet until recently I am Josh Warner I am co-manager and lead lighting technician I have been a tech with Sonic 4 this is my fourth year now and I've been managing for three years mr. Firman offered me a position as a lighting technician because I was interested in the music business quote originally but I ended up in Sonic as a technician and then eventually joined the music business one second I have always loved music and mr. Firman definitely heightened that love but I'm not a musician and III ended up sigh I never expected to end up gravitating towards a business role but it allowed me to be around music all the time while accomplishing something great without just like sitting around with a bunch of musicians next to mr. Pro main I've already started my own company managing artists populist music and I plan to continue that until the day I die at this point most of my life is spent with music I will with music I spent my time with musicians yeah it's taken over my life my love of music basically so the future I saw Sonic perform in grade 7 and thought that it was like really interesting I was more interested in the lighting and actual play as most the tech game I guess I like music that's really my name's Lewbert democracy this is my first year I'm pursuing a technical position because I would like to enhance my video editing skills and my knowledge about technical video edit here therefore my friends for their YouTube channels but other than that I've just downloaded video editing in their person Brenda Lucia's brother I'm kalisto I am a technician a lighting technician this is my first year here I like lights a lot I think they make the show look really cool and I wanted to get involved in that basically watch some sonic shows the lighting was cool and it'd be cool if I did that too I like art I draw and stuff I am a technician I have been doing this for 3 years I've always really enjoyed like videos and my dad was a photographer so there's a lot of like experience with that so I was already exposed to a lot of camera heavy stuff so it's my fifth year of high school after this I'm going away to school out of town hopefully pursue the career I want and actually get geography going already kind of started my own stuff personally for video editing and such as well as a lot of stuff for Sonic and I think I could probably think from name for that 100% this is Sonic democracy through our eyes you

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