South Park The Fractured But Whole FREEDOM PALS Xbox One Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4

how’s it goin everyone and welcome back
to South Park the fractured but whole so we’re going to see Cartman I guess we’ve
got to put in the code in again you mom just Co okay go back common UK ok unique
take a see I guess I’ve got to go over here again
well he’ll insult me alright well how’s it going out there okay good talk
well it’s an IP show some potential and I’m gonna upgrade you to somebody
sidekick or something congratulations I just maybe wanted to talk about your
superhero character a little bit um your character sucks to be honest and I think
I’m gonna let you do a class let’s pick another ability to add so what kind of
skill set are you looking to add to your repertoire oh nice
I was hoping this would happen so I can add any one of these thank you let’s see
what we got you seen these two elementalist storms always broom when
the elementals around shock and chill foes and buff friends keep local
humidity at an ideal 40 percent sidewalls prime directive is to kick ass
master in the battlefield of powerful Paula knock back moves okay late-night
infomercials have weaponized the psychics my immigrants in their powers
oh yeah what amazing moment for you you must be excited to better to enemies me
so if I use that that’s gonna be more about helping everyone else our I feel
like I’ve got a couple of characters that do that already
oh I don’t have anything that won’t bother myself elementalist I think I
might go with elemental it’s that they’ll probably call fire and ice and
stuff the temps and choice unlike you now
they’ve given us more choices so you captain today’s class we’re nicely
together but now we’re gonna need to change your backstory too so let’s go
back again to that fateful night back we knew a little you did lay awake that
night but the reason you couldn’t sleep was because you wanted to make the world
a safer place you walk to the mirror I walk to the mirror you looked in the
mirror and wondered if anyone would ever love you then you heard a noise but but
it was a baby crying okay out in the hallway you thought you
guys attacking a helpless baby on the floor or I’m not working that baby
didn’t you you never had the power to stop them and so you called upon your
newly discovered power damn right I did oh it’s a big guy again how dare you
beat on the little baby by trapping the biggest in a nice prison ice prison for
you bitch think so he’s cold it’s neared by the cold the intruder
could only watch as it turn casting backs what’s amazing this time he
commands turn like that yeah who do you think you are kid
shooters approached you know little did they know they had set themselves up
perfectly for a sand trap sand trap attack apparently yeah
I think the baby baby uprooted me okay we’re gonna be opportunity to heal and
focus your powers here done focus oh this is this is good this is just what
I’ve got to be over there okay mash it nice and ready your ultimate
attack heart-earth you unleashed into the intruders an elemental answer do it there it is done and done to show you and that’s showing him show
me all their effects all effort nice and the down anyway no you beat them you
swept the baby up in your arms to take him somewhere safe and then that’s when
the unthinkable happened we saw your dad fuck your mom from then
on you had to live with the facts because you were busy pumping a baby
stop your mom from being fucked by your dad
that’s heavy man I’m really sorry I know you probably want to know why why your
dad fucked your mom those are answers you’ll have to find
for yourself what’s happening what have they done now we’re coming soon
well new kid looks like you might be needing those newfound powers follow me
let’s go I’m so ready I have new powers so open
your eyes sir the power’s out you have four power slots
okay use it out two slits power to replace then press a so Oh like I see I
kind of like that ultimate rather than this one let’s replace it with the
elemental this one hmm the two moves thing is really useful I
feel like this attack its I suppose I want to think about the range I have in
the combat area so this one sort of straightforward that’s obviously just
giving me two tons and that one sort of effects more of an area so mmm-hmm I see
what else we got I mean if I’m gonna replace this one
should I just pull the new ones on except for the double time ah these ones
yeah they have more of a range which is kind of useful oh my god I might put
they will put these on for a little while see how we go I guess we could
switch them out as we go so it doesn’t really mail
I’ve got this one though hmm attacker plus appreciation of dolphins to
themselves or a nearby Ally I mean that is kind of funny and stuff and it’s
probably would be useful but the Teutons thing is also really useful ice prison
hmm I feel like I’ll keep the normal attack because that’s like a straight-up
at that we’ll go we’ll leave it like that for now but I’ll try to switch this
one out for the other two elemental it’s the Billy so we do mess of them a little
bit when we go I guess we’re gonna unlock
more and be able to mix and match it’s fucking awesome let’s go follow the
queue no time to waste right oh yeah okay this way but hope toward the bus stop
it’s a quickie trap let’s go yeah I can’t run as fast as you
isn’t a bunch of move confrontation is brewing yes this way keep going towards
the bus stop man escort missions are the worst wasn’t it be before to run faster so close hey George may tree fight off
and gird your loins for battle cut the noise you don’t quite look like a boy
new kid or a girl that’s great yeah I remember
so when I walked out of Qunu friend you should have walked out with me I like
her dead friend because you had your own movies thank god you’re here they’re
really going at it super Craig had to have movies before
wonder twinkles introduced Hado sets otherwise y’all don’t think so thanks
because you’re a traitor tweek and now you’re with a group of super traitors
this was started by you by people who thought there should be preferential
treatment to certain heroes we are the ones who walked out of the fucking
franchise mysterion all right you must listen to me right now I’m
speaking to you tell us get out of my head Timmy your franchise is going
nowhere face the truth you guys are kind of douchebags these bags in my mad deal with it we’re gonna fight week and
everyone star that combat defeat the freedom for hours Mysterio no big
mistake man oh man I gotta watch out for Mysterio all right Jimmy let’s get it
I can only hit one of them I think Aramis I stand to you what will this do
to them swap spots of an ally and heal them here that isn’t great for that strike the foe so I already do one it is
just a straightforward one that does a lot of damage and it turns Jimmy
invisible so somebody wake me when it’s light yes those who didn’t know speak
the yah we are I think I don’t know if missed an episode or two but the yaoi
art have been falling didn’t that’s from one of the episodes where a group of
girls in the school start drawing pictures of tweek and Craig in that in
that sense and now there then they actually got gay together so I mean
whatever like yeah I don’t know I struggled to follow a little bit oh yeah
they’re gay oh they were and they broke up it’s weird it’s in the show somewhere
ever get that feeling life is if you want to get your up okay let’s fucking
mmm or should I protect someone choices decisions I’ve got the master mind
difficulty on to so this isn’t does anyone need healing I new kid needs
healing I can heal both for them at the same time a thing cannot strike yeah
nice craters flip them off mysterion well I can finally go thanks I love this
game I really do it’s great hmm now I can flip them off let’s flip
mystery’ enough because I like it Craig’s pretty close to shit I saw some
physics Jimmy hmm I get new kid reading these healing if I come over here can I
heal him no he’s too far away fuck or if I go down the slot we’ll try no I’m too
far away all right I can’t use my X bar at the moment II because I’m already
invisible I guess let’s go after Tolkien what can I can’t get anyone else in the
corner of the bleak I kind of want to fuck up mysterion cuz he’s like probably
one of the more powerful so let’s do some putts in boosts Jimmy’s
back wait me I was going after Craig playing me
oh no he went up a new kid okay so I need to use I’m cold so cold and made me
skip my time son of a bitch I need to heal a new kid I really do
the core needs healing – I was hoping to use the Teutons when new kid came around
but it just another fight that make oil is really good for healing people let’s
hope the NA might happen okay he’s fucking fabulous he didn’t even get hit
so let’s go was just whack Mysterio in the face sucker Kenny Tupperware you
bitch you know I’m lucky I healed up blue kids Jimmy someone’s got a super who’s
haven’t be seen here I’d sure we should save him maybe saving for new kids cuz
he’s got that new one maybe can i Houston
yeah I couldn’t he or new kid now Jimmy good shit you want to eat he was like
the best for you maybe I should swap file out from our
ski talkers Jimmy’s a really good healer mister counter okay so let’s use a
two-time thing can I heal house call looking Nick I was fucked
let’s go heal coil I won’t let me oh there we go coil have some of this bud I
would give it to my side I had it myself Cheryl sorry Kyle I’m so sorry it was a
waste I’m looking at Carl I’m sorry Matsusaka
um fuck I did not want to do that yeah let’s use that the elements they so
because I can hit everyone I think with this hopefully either doesn’t affect
teammate sit over there it’s gonna be a good attack so you have to stand I think
on the same square as your teammates to use on there maybe maybe you can’t do
that it’s how avoid someone nuclear don’t let Cartman fool you it’s
game over for you mysterion so they miss their tones I shot myself
yeah I think they will miss the turns out everyone’s hopes okay as if a coil
so let’s bring yourself up or something moderate amount of health this will have
to do a coil it’s probably going to give him all his health back from health I
found its craft some definitely need to craft something low on health homes I’m
Stevie on slope it’s cold so he might miss his turn didn’t have to do it shock
to nerd yeah well I think we’re still groundhog this is him
get it done you mishit on Tolkien let’s play back to
making new kid mrs. Turner lee Ermey yep let’s do it everyone’s helps okay I
think he’s no Jimmy’s is a little low but just smack someone in the face
okay you’re in the way Jimmy’s invisible too which is nice tweaks from mrs. time
so they can’t even revive each other our whole thing height power I guess I could
really get Tolkien someone’s got start moving over towards Tolkien but we’ll
keep quite all back here here I go okay I want to bring tweek
over here and use his defense so that when he comes around again you can get
tweek it’s kind of cool how you have to strategize on where you’re gonna leave
people always move them they switched all right
Jimmy’s hot shit hmm we could probably take out how can’t uses his straight-up
move I’ll move to the right place I can probably hit him with this thought
I have to move around to move around everyone shit
yeah there we go get him this could take out Jimmy you’re on the
wrong side of this new kid Teutons supposable I need to craft up some
health items after this cuz hammer garni let’s take him out and maybe might get
rid of him completely you was pretty uncommon among mortals core needs to
heal I don’t got to help another time okay
sweet father yeah come party get rid of it
skipper do tweet circuit in my movie it’s just token left let’s go good knock
back that I do yeah oh shit new kids I can’t get to him to heal him what can I
offer stand here when I get to him here we’ll
the very least that way he’ll Craig so let’s do it Sinatra if it will bring new kid back these guys Altima under what Craig did I
used Craig’s Alma yeah I don’t know strikes nice damn bottle ass oh well we got it sweet yeah that
difficulty definitely makes it harder mastermind difficult you’re really
getting the hang of it hey wait what about COO oh shit come on
hey where did he go who what happened Timmy got away hey hey completely made
to my mind you okay no seriously you guys he fucked the shit out of my brains
madam we fought for a little bit but it’s his mental powers are too strong so
we did all that for nothing not quite I got to me cell phone they’re
dead there’s sure to be a lead on that let’s get this back to base super quick
and analyze it nice okay so that was a parallel laughs
well it’s next exactly back to coon friends I’m guessing that’s probably the
main mission still bug that I haven’t got Brandis thing I need to figure out
whose key in his wife and kid got the government on your tail I’m gonna
explore a little bit we have a little look around is this guy what your origin
story did the mob kill your uncle and now you won’t rest until you have sweet
revenge sorry kid come back when you’ve got more
classes under your superhero Bell Oh Pizza nice obvious yeah we uh out what’s
going on the poster your presence is requested at City Hall the mayor of
South Park wishes to speak with you don’t make her wait okay new mission I’m
gonna go in the post office first I will make a wait fuck you mail postal worker
suicide no nice isn’t the air thin enough around here without folks parting
it up that’s worse just because she said something on the file and your post
office and a far before I leave as well Celia I think there was another box
there I didn’t open but I’m gonna come back to like mega explore this game
I have a little look in a few of the places we walk past not all of them
what’s going on in here what will it take to put you in the seat
of our friends and family plan today goodies interested
do you sell some of the car Brandis album in here kind of one there I’m not
gonna like it’s about costumes and things really components are also good
here you can sell them and stuff that’s quickly going to the crafter now we need
some help stuff like really bad the burrito is the best thing we got really
and takes one ohm here we could make a few of these and make a few of these
it’s mobile Freeman taught me how to do this we got a few we got craft and rank’
it’s gone out so we can craft new stuff good shit thirty xp for that now ranking
up nicely could probably do more but I’m not gonna pay attention to that right
now who have been in here Lebanon the Kuna friends have to feed the Freedom
House in Civil War did fuck them up so do me kind of going there Kenny has
involved with that on mysterion he’s awesome
so I mean I’ve got a choice of stuff to go and do and go and see big guy alibis
cats I’ve guess I’ve got five more says find
out who’s been keen keep around he’s got over you want to know how to get around
each ad I’ve gotten new things in my house so let’s go to Carla’s house there
I guess good coming new kid let’s go he’s fast see you new kid call on me whenever you
want to get somewhere never you wanna get somewhere yeah call on me whenever
you want to get to much he still talking um okay so I wanna go to my last one
needs to go into Carmen’s place I think the next crude and friends mission is in
there we got the mayor thing let’s go into our house real quick and on the
spot his house hmm it’s my house so there’ll be further
down the street I know it looks similar yeah
I think this might be it I would have been getting you this stuff now though
got this pop thing yeah can we use the ladder I fell oh I don’t know oh well
guess there’s so many having problems at home
why cuz I’m fired anyway well maybe we can get something later they’ll help
with that how’s it going to make a bunch of new friends I’m not going to stop you
just keep your mouth shut you know what I mean I feel like I can rely on you to
do that yeah I’m not really talking much dad I’m not gonna lie so in my toy box
there should be some new stuff if there’s new artifacts or whatever I’ll
just quickly grab them and we’ll leave I think this is where car drops your
rewards so there’s anything you I kinda like we get a bunch of like pickups as
well we should probably have a look at where is it the artifacts yes if there’s
something that may be better we’ve picked up recently I don’t think it’s
gonna be but no 4th is definitely the more powerful stuff the shit we got from
the Ubisoft Club but I think that that’s gonna be crap soon enough I have some
more powerful shit seen as the ones I hope you’re keeping those lip its me to
keep my lips zipped so we got choice I’ve go in
mosquitoes it seems like mosquito is still at raisins I’ve got gold there but
let’s go let’s go events with the main story a little bit horsey Carmen see
what he’s got to say I’m pretty sure he’ll just drop me back onto the map to
go somewhere else so we’ll be able to choose what we’re
doing next anyway let’s go see fuck you mum get in there ah there you are bud
huh alright let’s get to work dude you gotta keep mosquitoes away from
those raisins girls if he relapses that shit’s on you he’s there again isn’t he
I’m gonna have to go there and do more uh my skills here though he’s fine for
now well I’m gonna do it okay when have you found super Craig Timmy’s
load has a bunch of notes in it something about a girl who has
information about all the criminal activity in town what girl it just says
find the girl with the dick tattoo what girl in town has a diktat oh I don’t
know mosquito but the freedom pals must think she’s the key to finding the
missing cat it’s a freedom house find her before we do they’ll get the hundred
dollar reward we cannot let that happen we have to stop the freedom pals from
having a sweet franchise at all costs then we have to find the girl with that
tattoos tonight fast as is right we all have to sneak out of our houses tonight
and search the entire town what do you say new kid are you up for it
home down yeah join us anyway go easy on him you guys he’s had a tough
life when he was six years old his dad fucked his mom what I’m sorry friend but it’s time they
learned your tragic backstory but hoe doesn’t trust anyone because his dad
fucked his mom and he couldn’t do anything to stop it
that doesn’t make any sense I know how could the person you trust do that to
the only other person you love Cartman everyone’s dad fuck to
everyone’s mom hey Dad fuck our mom’s okay so does that mean your dad fucked
your mom cam yeah yes my dad fucked my mom that’s why I’m here
don’t steal his backstory dude that’s not cool you’re so fucking stupid
every human alive on earth had a dad who fucked their mom out stop this is not
what’s important right now we need to find the lady with the dick tattoo yeah
let’s get off so we can prepare for evening miss it let’s go Coon friends be
such a fucking idiot it’s okay calm down I’m afraid you’ll have to deal with that
kind of bigotry your whole life I know when people don’t understand they lash
out I’m going to let you be a sidekick tonight to one of the Coon friends go
home and sneak out after your parents are asleep I’ll fill you in later change
out of costume let’s go with the Iron Man costume for a while
rotate to change your cluster what I unlocks a new one okay so what can I
just have the conscious change whenever a one that would be cool but no I don’t
think he’ll let me thank a venturi hmm how did you change my country
costumes it’ll miss the tooltip there and I will find out whatever roll around
there’s a new normal kid for a while okay so I’ve got more shit to do I guess hmm don’t go soft to the left for the
next Coon and friends mission let’s just do the main mission so I can do it do
you want to go and see what’s going on with mosquito operations again though a
kite line Express to Main Street is almost opened there’s gonna be more so
fast travel things where’s this the end of night one what are you doing talking
to the school counselor why’d you answer the phone have you lost your fucking
mind our child felt the need to go talk to the school counselor doesn’t that
bother you at all so you told him the truth yes I said we were aware of our
child’s gender issues you dumb bitch you’ll ruin everything
I don’t have to listen to this from a stone down pothead I need a drink sure
drown your problems in Chardonnay you stupid skank
oh hey whippersnapper have a fun day out playing no ha ha ha well I’m exhausted
gonna get ready for bed dinner’s on the table if you want it
Punk but then straight to bed okay pothead alcoholic turn in for the night
commie leaf happens if I go out we get grounded again hmm okay
I guess it can’t go anywhere god damn it I don’t maybe oh maybe we can go out at
night I kind of want to go back to Stan’s house and see if there’s someone
fucking move his car we’ll be out for dinner one night new
kid so feel free to use code base on a code base on the mission tonight yes sir
I guess we might go home at night he dinner fuck always something else to do
okay downstairs eat my pond cast dinner from my
alcoholic mom apparently it’s not going so well at home finished kiss domestics
every night where’s my dinner my dinner oh wait no it’s not two hours right I’ll
just walk past this to pour new kid ate my dinner go into bed go to your room
and sleep okay sweetie I just want you to know
that whatever happens mommy always loved you good night sweetheart this
projection have a video everyone be sure to leave a like if you have enjoyed it
and let me know what you thought about it in the comment section if you can
have a great day that’s all next time take it easy

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