South Sudan Peace Talks – The voices of refugees

more than 24 thousand refugees from South Sudan live in Jebel alia it's an informal settlement on the outskirts of the Sudanese capital Khartoum conditions are harsh many dream of returning home to a peaceful South Sudan now a revitalized peace agreement may give them the chance to do just that several refugees travel from jebel alia to the capital to make their voices heard others came from Kenya Uganda Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo they met face to face with South Sudan's leaders to discuss the agreement the deal says refugees should be given the details of the agreement fawni Joyce has been a refugee in Kenya for most of her life she and others asked important questions about the agreement and commitment from South Sudan's leaders to uphold it it's very important for South Sudanese to ask questions about their criminal sign first of all it concerns them it concerns the reasons why they fled and they need to be they need to feel confident that this agreement is going to hold during the meeting the refugees also voiced their concerns some worried the agreement might go the way of other failed peace deals what is good make it others raised concerns about what the agreement will mean for the rule of law Security land rights the economy education and health care leaders from the government and opposition in South Sudan listened they said it was important for refugees to be included UNHCR and mediators of the dear the government of Sudan and the East African regional body agad organized the meeting that was important but before the peace agreement is signed that those who decided to ensure light that the sacrament is played to the Phrygians why they go for this why they go for that the refugee is called for the agreement to be translated into all languages of South Sudan now they will go back and share the details of the deal with other refugees where they live for refugees like Margaret and B having a seat at the table was an important milestone they have heard of our cries they have heard over our suggestions we hope it will be a permanent twist and it is going to be the last piece more than four million people have been displaced by the crisis in South Sudan UNHCR Nets partners need more than 1.5 billion dollars to urgently meet the needs of those displays until they are able to return home to a peaceful South Sudan

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