Spartacus Blood and Sand (TRIBUTE) || Freedom Fighters

nothing will keep me from returning to your arms not to get I not the Romans not the gods themselves the way he fights like The Legend of the Thracian king of old Spartacus he was called what is this place the afterlife friend gladiators the truest of Brotherhood’s that is not my name I’m a gold oh man Lara a man must accept his fate will be destroyed by it you know that in another life human die might have been us brothers all mental it is what time and method what is beneath your feet sacred ground absorb water it is what morrow this view this time I grow I’m an owner the business there is but one path kill them all join me brother or whistles mass balance ball join me Crixus but I would not see the passing of a brother the purpose of sport I would not see another heart ripped from chest or breath forfeit for no costs and together we shall see Rome tremble [Applause]

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