Speculation swirls after discovery of human remains in far West Bexar County

detective thank you some people are hoping the discovery of human remains in Far West Bell County might solve a mystery they’re wondering if the remains could be those of missing mom and businesswoman Andrea McDonald sheriff’s investigators meanwhile plan to look for more clues in that area off Highway 211 between Culebra and Bandera roads our Trina Weber is live at the scene Katrina good morning you say you expect to see more action after the Sun comes up good morning that’s right that’s when they told us they will resume the search now we do have deputies here now they’ve been here all night basically protecting and watching over this crime scene yesterday a passerby found what we were told were human remains burnt beyond recognition basically bones in this area sheriff’s spokesman says they’re not even able to tell at this point what the gender of the person was that will take weeks or even months of forensic testing to know for sure still that hasn’t stopped people from speculating about who this might be at the top of their list is 29 year old Andrea McDonald who disappeared from her North Bear County home last month I think there’s a good chance this is her and this is going to be good closure for the family there’s circumstances I don’t like I mean to find a burned body who does that that’s just beyond inhumane that’s one of the many people who have been searching for Andrea McDonald the sheriff has said in the past he believes that she is dead killed by her husband 40 year old Andre McDonald so far has been charged only with tampering with evidence in this case earlier this week he was released from jail after a judge reduced his bond the show says it is too early to tell if this is McDonald or exactly who this is he said it could be again weeks or even months before they have the results back from those forensic tests reporting live in Far West Bear county Katrina Weber case at 12 News

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