Spiritual Freedom

In this moment, we take our littleness. We bow it to the ground, our so-called individuality, it’s our ego individuality, and we bow it to the ground, saying “not today.” And we rise
as free souls. We drop the shackles of thought systems and beliefs of the past
and lack and limitation. We join together to say, “this is our destiny, to be the
Christ on earth, to be the presence of God on earth.” In this moment, we are so
grateful that we are somehow called here, attracted to be in this space to hear
one another and support one another in our quest for remembrance. This is our
destiny and we accept it today: peace, freedom, and independence on all levels.
And so it is. So when we got started, I had asked people to think of, before we
actually started filming, because we’ve got people watching from all over the world,
but I had asked the folks here — “think about something that you’ve been
able to break free from,” right? And it could be small or large kinds of things,
but it’s important for us to recognize that we have broken free. If we don’t, if
we don’t give thanks and acknowledge the things where we have let go up
successfully let go of then actually there to a degree they’re still there because the way the universe works in part is when you say thank you got it
goodbye you know some acknowledgement of it’s done and so it is or as Jesus puts on the cross it is accomplished
that means closure without closure you know how people are with that I haven’t had closure without closure to a degree that thing you even thought you got rid
of but without that last piece of closure at the rib
on it to some degree energetically it still clings to us you know we have to
be responsible about that so I’m going to talk today is about for some of us
some countries some places Independence Day fourth of July but obviously I’m not
going to do it in the typical mundane kind of conversation when a deepen our
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last one I just posted on my friends of Facebook page but I might try to do on
one of my other pages but there’s a really amazing song too beautiful for
this world is the name of it written by Craig Terrell and the musician but he
was also one of them Seattle Seahawks football player and I met Terrell and I
thought he was really a great soul really good guy and he asked me to
perform the wedding for him he and his beloved back in Seattle and we did I did
that for them years ago but he told me about this song he had written and I
said well I’d love to hear it but at the same time I’m not you know I have no
idea whether this song is gonna be really good or not but I thought well
you know I’d love to hear it I’m open to it so he sent me a file of it this is a
years ago and man amazing too beautiful for this world and it was about because
as a football player he was helping kind of an outreach program and in this case
it was a young girl who’s gonna pass away I think cat cancer it just might
have been 8 or 10 or something and to hear this big football player talk about
how to moved he was and sad and tears in his eyes that this beautiful soul that
he was sort of mentoring as you know he’s a football player and she’s like
wow you know and and she passes away but but it wasn’t like she just massively he
felt it I mean he and he wrote the song I think is perfect for every soul we are
too beautiful for this world you know so this little girl
Dawei and he was just so sad and moved and yet in the song he’s saying but I
understand it’s somehow it’s gonna be okay but the wording instead of just
lost lost loss it’s a different angle that there are people that more we’re
all too beautiful for this world but it’s more apparent in some of us than in
others and I thought it was a very moving you know way for him to to share
those thoughts so by all means whether you go online or his website or Facebook
do anything you can because it’s been a while since I’ve thought of the song but
some folks post it on my friends page some neat songs and that’s the one that
came to mind so if you can check it out listen to it and then post all kinds of
kudos and say hello to Craig for me all right all right
onwards and upwards so independence you know people think of independence
Independence Day and fourth of July in these kinds of events we think
immediately fourth of July and and some of us just figure oh it’s probably not
gonna have to go to work tomorrow that’s the the real mundane some of us remember
to give thanks for a shift in the world and a freedom this country found and all
that I think that’s cool too but I always look at things I tend to look at
things from a broad perspective so I realized immediately you know there’s
two kinds of freedom and independence internal and external what we don’t
usually realize is internal freedom and independence can manifest external
freedom and independence not as likely for external to create internal freedom
and independence people say I’m working so that I can
retire and have my financial freedom or my independence usually they die a few
days later you know so they didn’t really get to the benefits of what they
thought they wanted we have to learn to find freedom and independence internally
now it has to be something we choose and it is a choice but we choose to bring it
into our soul now then whether you retire you don’t retire we should still
feel freedom people do that they tend to build things up for that eventuality and
then you know it all too often fails I can’t wait until one day I’m married
I’ll get to have all these wonderful and and it’s still life can’t wait till I
get a divorce and it’s still life if you date more creeps you know after the
divorce even you still are potentially gonna that’s a testimonial right there
if you keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing then what kind of where’s the
freedom and where’s the independence Benjamin Franklin said disobedience to
tyrants is obedience to God he wanted that to be our nation’s mob you know the
others alike dude that’s a bit intense you know we don’t want to upset people
more than we have to but think about that statement think about that
statement in relation to your own voices of doubt and ego disobedience to tyrants
meaning saying no to my ego is automatically saying yes to God
you know because God isn’t something we have to like actually earn it’s there
it’s it’s a consciousness that’s here but we can’t see it because we’re
enslaved by the voice of the ego which isn’t really a great voice to be
enslaved by nothing no in statements good but the ego has no intention of any
good for us so we’ve got the idea of internal and external independence or
freedom the you know the internal freedom is is is the foremost but the
external one is the one people focus on the most thinking it’s going to get them
something and in a sense our both of those are are shackled by the ego
whether it’s internal external independent that could be it can be held
back by ego internally or externally but even when we think I’m gonna shoot for
some forms of external independence you know how do we actually achieve it even
external how do we achieve it if you think by working to get there gets you
there technically you’re still enslaved there’s a Zen kind of a way and it’s
called acceptance but to accept our freedom and independence meaning our
true identity it comes love and forgiveness believe it or not
love and forgiveness it sounds strange because people think of love and
forgiveness as having just one dimension to it
it’s multi-dimensional love and forgiveness is what shifts us from
singular thinking to multidimensionality love and forgiveness has the greatest
power of anything on this planet whatever you want to know you want to
just have a little greater income love and forgiveness can provide it but you
want oneness with God only love and forgiveness can provide that so that’s
that’s that says a lot for the concept of love and forgiveness so we have these
struggles I’m going to read a quote I brought you know but we have to
understand that one of the greatest effects of peace and freedom is that we
start to find our free will and as you exercise proper free will you start to
get more peace and freedom so we have to understand that free will is a part of
this entire conversation independence freedom how do we get it we have to
fight for it you have to speak up you have to pick it you have to petition
that’s not God saying that even though it sounds like it’ll pay off because
we’re gonna get some independence by fighting for it and sometimes that seems
to be what we have to do but if you fight for it you forget to pray for it
it’s gonna be a hollow victory if you have to seemingly fight for freedom and
independence like a divorce or a breakup of a business where people are all
messing with each other you know once upon a time the beatles broke up but
they were part of a band and so when three of them decided to invest with one
particular new manager that was going to be their financial man he was ripping
them off one of the four McCartney said this guy cannot be trusted he’s stealing
from us the other said no no let’s just do it so
that means he was now losing money because he’s part of a unit he had to
sue his best friends and bandmates to get himself out of the Beatles so he
wouldn’t lose money and he ended up the wealthiest of them
did he have to do he actually had to do that to prevent harm so sometimes you
have to step up but when we do we can still do so with guidance god I know of
no other way help me help me and guide me especially my heart and soul guide me
in this that’s why the forefathers of our country to a degree they were saying
we would rather not have to do this they didn’t say this is a great opportunity
to have a war they were like it we would rather not do you know the pain that
Abraham Lincoln was in during the Civil War the man was constantly in turmoil
because it seems like that’s what we had to do so he was just trying to do it
with as much Center as possible so sometimes the actions seem like they
need to be there but that’s only because human beings haven’t realized yet the
full power of the mind in our minds alone we could have resolved those wars
in a day but people haven’t completely realized that so the ego will twist even
you know that this concept of free will because you have to exercise free will
to find independence you know I have but one life to give for my country right
that’s my greatest regret that’s the voice of someone saying I believe in
something great here I believe in something fantastic there’s a spirit
guiding this but it’s not because one country’s good and ones bad it’s because
one is still trying to enslave the wars were greatly about enslavement the
reason we were able to get people finally involved in world war two was
more and more hearing about the enslavement that was going on the Civil
War of course the wars are about money to
money and power you know but greatly especially the psychological support of
work came from seeing too much enslavement and in the First World War
it’s not dissing of any other country Germany England or anybody else on this
planet but it’s it’s a it’s a time for us to
come out and America we’re saying well we’re gonna try this new thing and we’re
gonna have a new level of freedom the Eco doesn’t go oh well then I’ll just
stay out of America and live elsewhere the ego rides along with every movement
we we take every action we take every place we move to the eCos still there
because we’re there it’s in our minds so it’s there to sabotage so the ego is
gonna say you know I would rather you not exercise free will because that’s
your spiritual identity and if you discover your spiritual identity one
second later the ego will cease to exist so the ego doesn’t want us to know free
will because we didn’t then choose goodbye to the enslavement and yes hello
to freedom but when you say ok I’m an exercise free will the ego will twist
even the meaning of free will the ego makes us think that our free will is
actually more like individuality like separation from one another it means my
free will means I have my own opinions which are coming from my ego by the way
but I’m gonna fight for them so the ego will even twist what free will means and
then it will teach us what an unhealthy free will looks like so here’s a quote
I’m going to share this is from a song and it’s it’s I think it’s a hilarious
song and it’s called I want to be the boss it’s by the band
10cc but there’s this one part where this this tyrant that’s singing the song
that wants to rule the world it’s I want to rule the world that’s what it is and
the tyrant breaks in this one part of the song everyone’s going to be free but
they have to agree to be free they have to agree to be less free than me because
I roll the world you see and that’s the ego the ego will even play along to make
it look like we’re fighting for something righteous when in fact it has
its own agenda there the whole time it’ll even make us look like we’re you
know like I said fighting for something righteous it’s right that I I have my
own voice that’s true but what voice are you going to share the one that’s right
to have or the one that’s still fear-based
so when we look at his I think it’s tragic that once upon a
time there was a sect of people the new new Christians of a new religion being
born and the Christians by the Romans were being killed they were being killed
not just oppressed a little killed but oppressed and enslaved in all
this mainly because they had this belief in healing that the Romans couldn’t
understand and spiritual beliefs spiritual beliefs and healing was the
reason they were persecuted feel very terrible about that
but what’s weird about it is soon enough finally the Christians became strong
enough in their voice to say independence from the Romans and they
got it and then they started killing people for healing beliefs and spiritual
beliefs you see what I’m saying and we’re going to get away from that though
because that was just some people messing that concept up let’s get away
from them let’s go start our own country it was only a few years later we started
burning people at the stake for healing and their spiritual beliefs you see what
I’m saying we fight for something and then the ego will take it over anyway
and twist it anyway so that’s why the external concept of freedom and
independence is dangerous without the internal if we have internal peace which
comes from freedom and freedom comes from peace if we have an internal state
of peace which comes from one is with God then we start a new country we start
a new rock group we start a new we write a song and the ego can’t as much
infiltrate because it’s not an external thing when you try to get external peace
it’s never lasting because nothing on the outside is forever so we have to
find it inside it’s almost like saying rather than having a coaching kind of a
person to fall a mentor that says fight for it you know tell them what you think
you know we’re advocates get the signs tell everybody you know pick it outside
your you know your family’s house do you know you never love me you’ll never love
me enough those people that’s great because they they might be well intended
although usually not but if I could have that
versus some somebody like Viktor Frankl a nosh wit survivor saying oh you know
what things don’t always go well on the
outside I was in Auschwitz your mother doesn’t like you which do you think was
the heavier burden to carry you know if I can survive Auschwitz I think you can
handle a family member that’s annoying but he’s gonna say I didn’t win by
picketing I gave up on those people and found it within myself right just like
Mandela and others people can do it they’ve trained themselves they learned
to have such strength inside they turn their mind and focus it inside and
choose to find the peace that we thought the external was going to give us you
know one of the external I brought it up earlier but one of the external things
we’ve seek is the retirement but nowadays when you go to claim it it’s
not even there anymore so how’s that working out how’s that freedom how’s
that independence we have to realize you know what God and I can create things
that this world cannot provide kind of a bummer I would like to have thought I
could count on certain things but it’s just not so so I better try to find it
inside now the inside doesn’t mean like well I was hoping for a great life but I
guess I’ll just find God instead as though they’re mutually exclusive you
know because that’s what we do well prosperity is not working out I guess
I’ll be a monk and be broke you know you’ve probably already done that in
other lifetimes anyway so that’s redundant instead what we can do is find
inner peace the inner peace can create the external freedom because getting in
the consciousness of God actually we can create a new life of more abundance by
being in the zone people do not understand this anywhere near as much as
they should we can have an external blissful prosperous life by being in the
zone the guidance can tell you which investments to make or which projects to
invest in or whatever it happens to be project wise the Spirit of God speaks to
us it can tell us which which things we’re doing where do you think great
inventors came from there minds that sat still and said there must
be another way to do this there’s a way to do this with less effort and a lot of
people who are broke love to resent those who have funds but just use your
spiritual ingenuity and it still can guide you into having the same freedom
financially but a better freedom most likely spiritually so remember that
there’s this concept of Independence we have to look at because there’s there’s
a paradox here independence if it’s me I’m so glad to be independent unlike you
if I turn my back on you and say that I’m independent that’s an ego based
independence if you’re independence means you’re autonomous thank God
because everybody else is messed up at you then you are not actually
independent external concepts of independence are mostly a lie
trying to get away from others so you can be independent
can’t wait to be independent from my family I mean my family was messed up in
a lot of ways and when I was seventeen it’s not legal to be autonomous so I had
to get papers filed to break free of my family I don’t forget the legal name for
it but it’s some form of an independence and it felt kind of cool except they
wouldn’t sign the papers and it’s kind of weird we’re gonna need your family
who is a problem just sign these papers you know so I had to fortunately you do
what you got to do men hope those records are not available for somebody
to come and talk to me about that but no yeah thank God nobody else knows about
it but you owe so but I had to get that autonomy so
that I could move on with my life right if I do that with hatred then I’m not
free anyway you have to do it with a sense of kind of like saying to the
heavens into yourself I wish I didn’t have to do it through divorce papers I
wish I didn’t have to do it by saying no to my child or whatever it is I’d rather
it not be that way and taken so strong but it is okay so let me be coming from
as much a place of love as possible and take my actions asked to stay in the
center with God while you take your actions that’s the key right there not
do I do the action or not do the action it’s how to do the action with the
center in God that’s the secret right there well I’m gonna come back to that I
would say so about that but there’s there’s this false independence that we
think is healthy and then we think dependence is bad well it is co
dependences is unhealthy but there’s a paradox here healthy independence is
actually healthy inner dependence and healthy in or inner dependence means we
are healthily aware of our dependence on God that’s a statement of humility
so I actually become independent in the greatest interpretation of the word when
I recognize my spiritual dependence on God see when I make my greatest claims
of independence I’m most likely not independent at all because it’s usually
coming from a charge a reaction is that making sense so so there’s much to think
about here but there’s many layers to what I just just that last couple of
sentences to really meditate on I want independence and I’m taking actions for
that but I forgot it starts with my Center and God and I depend
it’s on gun some people wouldn’t even like that term dependence on God because
we are the child of God because God is our source but it also means not just
well we’re kind of worthless so we’re completely dependent upon God it means
when I recognize my position as to created rather than the Creator in my
humility I’m tapping into the all I’m given all that I need in other words I
made great in God by accepting my dependence in God the ego will tell you
you know that whole dependent thing you and God you know you could be
individuating away from God and become a God unto yourself and that is when the
fall took place when we said well maybe we of ourselves are all kind of
wonderfulness and we forgot I am myself of nothing because there is no
individual self in God we are all one so recognizing our dependence on God means
our dependence on the fact that we’re one look at the paradox see independence
is a false way of making you think you’re something special because you’re
separate separation is what causes every form of pain and suffering on this
planet so we’ve got to clear our minds Eve even hearing that you can say to
yourself you know even if you don’t totally get what I said you can say but
there’s something about what I just heard that makes sense
it is not independence of my ego that I’m looking for and I’m clear about that
now what I want only is the spiritual independence that that I am that I am
that comes from oneness with God and you are never finding peace freedom
independence without love so we have to exercise free will which we did as a
nation for example you know here and there we have to exercise free will but
you are not having free will if it isn’t a loving will if you’re not being loving
when you exercise your will you’re not free at all you’re captive of your ego
and resent and charges and patterns is that making
sense free will means completely free true free will is a loving will there’s
no exceptions true free will has to be it’s centered
in love so and freedom the freedom I’m seeking is not a cause freedom as an
effect I have to have connectedness with God oneness with peace for me to
actually feel free for me to have independence alright so these things
they’re not as much a cause as we think there are effects so if you say well I
would love to be you know free and have financially free and whatever why
because then I can do this and this and this you’re thinking freedom is a cause
that can make things happen in your life and I’m saying peace is the cause that
brings you freedom that then allows you to do some things whatever those things
might be so what brings us to this the so so realize this now what if you say
well I don’t I don’t have a big problem with freedom I’m financially free or I
live you know online I can choose to date who I want and so on that’s that’s
all great news but do you realize that even a tense muscle is a conflict in
your body a tense thought for example you go to
the grocery store today as simple as this could seem do I want this to drink
or this to drink you already are in conflict because you
think there’s two things to choose between this is gonna get weird for just
a minute so bear with me as soon as human beings think they have two things
to choose between they’re in conflict because the world teaches you duality
should I get married should I not get married should I get a divorce should I
not get a divorce should I date this person or that person every thought
should I comb my hair this way or that way should I get a haircut I don’t know
all of those Believe It or Not are signs of a lack of peace they’re symptoms they
might seem totally you know minor and irrelevant they’re all symptomatic
because divided we fall do you ever hear of a splitting headache
splitting headaches come from having such division in our mind where our mind
is split that it’s now manifesting as pain or the concept of divided we fall
that’s the same idea we are constantly dismantled by the ego so that we don’t
have a unified system of mind body and soul health issues psychological issues
these are splits within us people can be dissociated from their body that’s a
split people commit suicide it’s a form of splitting I understand it I totally
get it but what happens is the poor souls have
said I cannot fight this anymore there’s something in them that overwhelmed them
and they said I I don’t have it in me to fight this anymore
and sadly there’s not enough people around them that understand what’s going
on and can explain it instead well let’s not talk about that you’re depressed and
that’s kind of a bummer to talk about or whatever and and they’re not getting
that support but the splitting headaches the tense muscles what what is what is
inflammation is is a seemingly seeming cause to most illnesses inflammations
whether it’s growths tumors you know whatever those are inflammations that
means something inside me was fighting do you actually think that you and your
body are separate cuz you’ve talked holism all the time oh I love holistic
mind body and soul then do you not know that your mind is playing a part in the
inflammation in your body oh no that’s my body’s issue well you own your body
it’s a reflection of your mind I’m not dissing because we all have them but
they’re coming from conflict you could say have a vertebra out of place that’s
because one vertebra wants to go this way and one wants to go that way why is
that because the owner has a conflict inside see peace fourth-of-july freedom
and I’m talking about vertebra right how does that make any sense it makes total
sense we have conflicts inside guys and they
have to be resolved and they’re not you know they’re not minor issues every
conflict is reflecting a conflict the ultimate conflict is there’s a this
end of that there’s God and there’s us we forgot our oneness see so human
beings will think there’s two things to choose between or think about and God
saying I am that I am yeah but exactly what are you I am that
I am a well what can we call you then I am what color are you I am how told you
I am what gender are you I it God’s trying to tell us stop trying to come up
with anything else but God is and you’re part of God is so we are but God is yeah
but what is God I just told you God is we’re going that’s an incomplete
sentence fill it in we want more because we want to split it off God is I am and
we are period it’s all the same so in this universe our minds are constantly
warring between now once we decide there’s something other than God is now
there’s God is and we are not one with God now there’s a heaven and then
there’s an earth or heaven and hell then there’s a god and the devil then there’s
this into that angels and demons you know people we love people we don’t love
people we like people we don’t like everything just keeps splitting off and
what I’m saying is all of our splitting which is the opposite of loving and
forgiving results in splitting and all the splitting that looks like it’s
happening in an external world certain races of people enslaving other races
there are not two of anything they’re both messed up on some level in
consciousness and need heal one is oppressing another person in my
neighborhood there’s not two there’s one but we can’t see it right now because
they’re living the duality the split what is our job God showed me how to see
those two warring people in my neighborhood as one show me how to see
this and that has the same show me how to see things through your
eyes rather than my two eyes that keep seeing two things two or more things
splitting off the opposite is two or more gathered as one is the solution and
the healing that doesn’t just mean literally you have to have two people in
the same room praying that’s what we often interpret it to be no it’s two or
more gathered with one intention which Christ said there shall I be what he’s
saying is you think there’s two or more going the opposite direction I’m saying
gather two or more into oneness and you’re healing the separation now you’ll
see miracles because you’re reversing the whole process of the symptoms of
separating so in our lives it comes down to this you’re always having to make a
decision between whatever this and that it seems rational I was thinking about
moving but I’m not sure if I should move here or there or moving or not moving
decision-making gosh so many decisions and so little time but so many decisions
it’s without you knowing it it’s causing you to feel split and it even can cause
a splitting headache so what do we do Course in Miracles we’ll explain it like
this it says something to the effect you really struggle and you live in fear and
one reason is because you forgot that there’s only one one God oneness and one
answer to every question you have well no but you don’t understand I was what
do I move her don’t I there’s only one answer there has to be two should I move
or not you know like which place is better if I’m choosing between two
places or do I get divorced or not so he explains he says look carefully at what
you’re asking when you ask yourself questions because underneath what you
think are harmless questions is this you come up with an answer
like you can say money and prosperity as a topic it’s a charge to subject so some
of us go well I need to create more prosperity but there’s another voice
inside that says there’s people that don’t like you if you’re too prosperous
which means as soon as you making more money there’s another part
of you that’s afraid to make money so you don’t get dissed by people you see
what I’m saying this happens all the time without us realizing it as soon as
because we’re conflicted so in my mind we’ll do this okay
should I get divorced or not we have a challenging situation with one another
what does God want me to do God steps back nothing to do with this you’re not
asking for the one answer you’re asking which answer there isn’t more than one
answer and we get into a bit of a struggle about this it’s really hard to
understand this but this is the route to developing peace and freedom and
independence find one answer to questions now what if I get this divorce
so Jesus explains in the course he’s saying if you try to do everything right
let’s say for example I’ve got to do everything right I want to get a divorce
but you know for the kids and for this and that in the other and I don’t to
upset my ex and then his parents and we have upset and you never know and one of
the parents is older they could get sick because I’m gonna neuter so you
conflicted yourself so you’re trying to behave for everybody’s sake but your
mind is conflicted because it wish it weren’t having to do that your split or
you can say fine then I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna go ahead and leave but
there’s another part going oh should you really be doing that to everybody in
other words the ego will not allow you to be happy without doubting yourself no
matter what decision you make and God says when you’re ready go ahead and ask
me for one answer and the one answer is going to be what answer does the most
good for the most people this is a human interpretation of that questioning
answering what is the greatest good and then get your mind to say this once you
decide you know the greater good will be this divorce the greater good will be
for me to move or take this job you know that don’t let your mind go but if
you’re going to do that then you haven’t yet made up your mind so stop
until you’re ready but once you’re ready onwards let’s go don’t let your mind go
yeah but if you still have that then don’t call it a decision and sit there
and be conflicted for a little longer but once you make a decision be clear
this is the right thing this is the most loving thing I can see happening here
this is me doing my best to be guided towards the one answer and here’s why
some people don’t like that humans are so weak that they have this tendency to
be split and judgmental and then they learn to go I don’t judge anymore
because I’m spiritual so you say well but I’m having this fight with this
person and I don’t know how well you’re both right and you’re both wrong there’s
two sides even if one is beating the other up well I don’t want to get
involved because there’s you know everybody has a say-so in this until
it’s convenient for them to say oh I don’t like that one so humans will
enable behaviors and I’m like wait a minute
wait a second there is something called God there’s the truth of God there’s the
oneness of God there’s the love of God find that and then it’s the right thing
you don’t have to just you know choose there’s there’s nations that didn’t
support other nations in wars because well it’s not really our fight it is
we’re all connected and when you don’t step up you’re enabling the opposite so
you still made a decision so make the right the most right decision you can
make I’ve shared the story many times that I’m coming to a close but I’ve
shared the story many times but our forefathers got together in a room to
sign the Declaration of Independence I’m not giving a half history lesson I’m
saying this is something we need to learn from they got together they went
in this room and they said should we or should we not sign this paper if we
don’t we’re oppressed if we do we’re going to be hunted down for treason gee
which one should we do and they were conflicted and they say it’s actually
recorded in history books about this but they don’t have an answer to what
happened but the historians don’t have an answer but they say that for fathers
of our country sitting in that room deciding should we
or should we see that’s – should we shouldn’t we and then a voice they said
rang out from a stranger in the balcony when doors are all locked nobody knows
how they get in but a voice rings out from the balcony and says you will sign
those papers even if there’s a rope around your neck an hour later you will
sign those papers because this is about righteousness and freedom and God and
love and boom baboom these people these are forefathers of a country these are
courageous people that we have birthdays for now and they’re all gathered around
and their children being told what’s right you see it I’m saying you will
sign those papers and the history history annals say as soon as the voice
stopped the forefathers ran to the paper to sign excited something in them
greater than the human self spoke not just the voice up there but inside
themselves like I’m not even gonna think twice about this and that’s what we’re
supposed to be doing do what’s right well yeah but you know everybody’s wrong
everybody’s wrong who’s what exactly and that’s just enabling those are human
beings that are so weak they went from originally being judgmental to saying I
don’t judge anymore and now what they’re doing is nothing there’s judging there’s
not judging and then there’s judging righteously which is the third step that
almost nobody has achieved yet the non judging is a lie that’s weak people
justifying something by taking no action step up what is right and if you see on
if you you know a schoolyard you’re a school teacher and some kids beating up
another you go over and you stop it because it’s right it’s right to speak
up for people being harmed saying hey this isn’t okay don’t hate the other
person but say this isn’t okay do what’s right follow what you know to be the
presence of love to the best of your ability and you just say this is the
best of my ability I don’t know if I’d got this down perfectly I’m just doing
to the best of my ability how do I know it’s the best because I’m gonna keep
praying for guidance on the best helps also looking for simple cues like
what’s the greatest good but in in my closing I want to add that that our
inner conflicts are a childlike I I myself you know I could just go well I’m
an author of a spiritual teacher so because a lot of my colleagues and
friends they’re authors and they make a living off being authors and they put
aside money for kids to go to college and that’s kind of what they do it’s
just a routine and I’m like there’s more to this than just that there’s more to
this than just writing books and retiring am i living this you know
instead of just writing about it selling books sending kids to college I’m like
kids you ain’t going to college I there’s something more to this you know
that’s their thing but if they want to go that’s filling their thing if they
got the money so for me it’s like there’s more to this how do we live this
now on earth because I think some of you can relate to this but I’m just passing
up as a speaker teacher and all that for me it’s like well I’m a human being but
but no I’m a spiritual being as well so I that’s a conflict and so I’m trying to
live one of the challenging conflicts and bring it to resolution by bringing
closure bringing healing to I’m a spiritual being but a human being as
well right so I’ve got people that say well spiritual being Michael you know
what you ought to do is you you you got to let yourself be human too so you know
here have a drink or have a smoke or have a because they’re trying to
convince me that that’s what’s being human and in my life I’m I was just too
odd to be able to even do that and just be okay with it
I’m like really huh the few times I tried it you know to to be to try things
out whether it’s a drinker or to be intimate when I don’t want to be
intimate I’ve done that a couple of times in my life and only felt bad about
it now that’s conflict bringing more conflict
but the outer conflict is just reflecting the inner conflict around
this in the first place how do I concil spirituality and materiality it’s
not an easy order I mean let’s start somewhere small like which station to
turn on today I’m going for spiritual and material trying to reconcile that
and that’s big been probably my biggest experience and lesson in this life is
that particular because it’s it’s a conflict but one we all have our
conflicts and it’s one that I need to reconcile one way we reconcile it is
balance how do i balance not choose between two things but how do I bring
them to one to be spiritual and yet material bring them spirit and material
and bring the spiritual into the material you see what I’m saying you
know how do I spiritual eyes gardening if I were a gardener how do I spiritual
eyes bookkeeping if that’s what I need to do we think they’re separate so we
have spiritual people that are broke because they want to be spiritual and
they don’t know how to be material you get what I’m saying but I’ve seen on our
websites – and Facebook pages and all these things if we talk about prosperity
which we don’t push that often here but if we talk about prosperity there’s
always some nut bag that gets on the the internet and says oh all you spiritual
groups are always talking about money you see so then we go oh we shouldn’t
talk about money and now we bought into poverty consciousness holding us captive
so what do we do there’s always somebody you know in the Eco that’s going to
attack and do these things find your own sense of freedom and it’s
not going to mean that people all of a sudden get you but you find your freedom
in your family you find your freedom in your relationships you find your freedom
in any and all things but I’m just letting you know that to be up here and
do this you know – I mean my god like I can’t just passively just wander through
life waiting to retire for me the human sexuality is a big charged issue with
abuse and all these other issues and addiction that’s a big charged issue I
write a book about it and then it becomes always that what he’s about now
if I’m not about that you have people that are into that saying I’m a
hypocrite because I’m not into it enough like they are but if I am into it you
have people over here saying oh you’re way too involved with sex while you’re
writing about sexuality must be a pervert you know those are you know the
the religious people so you get these two sides and I’m like wow the world
loves no-win situations so that you collapse and are bound in in no freedom
so I’ve tried I’ve tried I’ve just tried to reconcile these things and say no
what I’m trying to teach is spiritual and yet you’re a human being but do
things spiritually whether it’s cooking or whether it’s love me can do what you
do from a spiritual state of mind you see so the conflicts we share
collectively beat us up when we try to break free of them but you still have to
do it it’s our destiny I’m sorry if it’s a challenge but it’s
our destiny to be that voice that says you know what no more that somebody’s
got to say something different and then you’ll live it and I lived that I lived
that complex and lived going to spiritual centers to teach and then you
know them saying oh he wrote a book on sexuality let’s not have him back
because of that you know because they assume if I write a book about it I must
be that’s what I’m all about I’m about healing it but they don’t
understand healing it so they’re not going to get it so it’s going to be this
is a in the sutras in the Tantra writings and in even in Scripture that
people that are pure of heart will see everything purely in people that are
toxic are going to see everything as toxic people see through their own
lenses in other words you have to find your Center and be true to it if you’re
going to say yeah but it’s going to be a conflict and now it will show up for you
somewhere somebody’s voice or somebody’s behavior so you can choose to do nothing
or choose but you consciously or unconsciously you’re going to have your
battles to fight in life I don’t mean they all have to be aggressive battles
that’s turn some people don’t like but you’re
going to have it and if in your family you’re into holistic but your family’s
all into traditional allopathic medicine you’re going to notice a conflict love
communication will be one way you can bring those two seeming separate groups
into the same place respecting their viewpoints for example instead of
conflicting but you don’t give up your own viewpoints is that all making sense
so peace and freedom how do we find that peace and freedom one way internal love
and forgiveness another way find balance between two seemingly separate things
even if you’re reconciling an argument between two people find the bridge that
brings their consciousness together their their opinions together do what
you can to be a bridge and I wish I could say to you when you do that
everything goes peacefully around your life but it doesn’t work that way
sometimes Martin Luther King was still killed for standing up for what was
right Kennedy’s or what whomever else you want
to use as a metaphor it doesn’t always go our way and I find that to be a major
bummer personally I could say it’s all okay
children of light know I could non ously say sometimes I find that to be a real
bummer because I do what I can but this what we see happen in my life what I see
is also a mirror of my attempt to take for Humanity topics and bring them to
peace and I learned you know the hard way a lot of times that a lot of times
it’s not what they want like oh well I thought that no okay I just assumed no
okay not ready so are you gonna wait till they’re ready or do you plant seeds
in the meantime yeah a man for me it was all just so bizarre to say okay I’m
gonna I’m gonna do my best to hold this Center I teach this but yet I’m also
very lean in in my actions about things I
don’t get all I don’t get wasted and all that but I’ve made jokes about getting
high and that sort of thing but but it’s not something I choose to do and yet
there’s people that assume such you know there’s people that have gone online and
said you know what’s with the freaky their long hair dude why don’t you get
over it you know and and and and I think to myself isn’t that funny because what
I do quite often I’ve done it two or three times in my life grow my hair long
enough to cut it off and donate it to children with cancer who lose their hair
but nobody cares about that there’s just somebody out there who’s got their
weirdness about long hair and they you know they they do their thing and so
there’s a part of me that thinks God you know it’s not even worth being a good
person because people still have their trips that’s not the voice of God keep
being good even when people have other opinions of you keep being good and do
your best to hold the center not over here not over here but right here and
your best in God not just your own opinions but your best in God please
take a few centering breaths all the stuff of the world all the
thoughts numerous conflicts that the world seems to present let’s set it all
aside when you inhale hear the words I am on the exhale hear the words at peace
over and over I am at peace now don’t just hear it don’t just say it actually
feel it and imagine I am at peace on the exhale really feeling it your
best to actually feel that you are in fact at peace and let come to mind any decision you’ve
had to make in the last hours days weeks months any decision you had to make
between this and that doing this or not doing that it’s not like you have to
intensify them but if they are big notice it but there’s still decisions
there conflicts it can be you know when I sit in this position it’s painful so I
need to find another position that still other things to decide simple or not
and recognize and own that it’s a form of conflict because you’re not centered
quiet at peace just own that it’s a form of conflict should I take today off work
well the boss might get upset that’s conflict notice all the varying forms of
conflict that happen every day I’d like to sleep in but I probably shouldn’t to
conflict and they might seem small but they all add up and become inflammations
in our body which become illnesses burdens in our mind now go back – I am at peace meaning
unwavering imagine and feel unwaveringly you are centered in God like nothing
actually matters I’m centered in God nothing matters really get that if
you’re centered in God you are feeling peace tranquility call oneness and it’s
unwavering nothing can move you then what decisions might you make when you
go back to thinking about the challenges or conflict decisions don’t think
between this and that just what is the one that most resonates with the peace
you’re feeling which decision most resonates with peace and then practice
letting that be your decision not yeah but if I’m centered in peace which
decision most resonates with that peace because peace is God so if I’m centered
in peace I’m centered in God and if I decide to decision that most resonates
with peace it’s the one that most resonates with God which means it’s
probably the one I need to choose now see yourself doing it just imagine with
a greater ease divide-and-conquer you just cut away things that are irrelevant
that beautiful sort of light of Archangel Michael cutting away all other
things and allowing just the one right decision
don’t analyze it and definitely don’t allow the voice of doubt to get in but
look at this and then breathe in the accomplishment
of this decision I did it this is the right decision
breathe in another one this is right yes and allow it to feel like it’s building
your Center it’s building your confidence I am is building your
decisions they feed you so imagine it’s a nutritious supplement when you make
right decisions you don’t have to fight with people that love enabling and
making no decisions or they lie to themselves and pretend that they can’t
choose between this or that because they think it’s all got relevance there is
one right decision beyond no decision and beyond the old decisions one right
decision singular and I am determined to know that guidance in that voice just a
moment longer every decision it’s yes and fill up with
it draw it into yourself yes got it that is right for me this is right for me and
if you’re conflicted step back until you’re clear and then quietly acknowledge and give
thanks for the righteous decisions you’ve made these are not good decisions
versus bad decisions these are not good decisions they are God decisions I’m
learning to live in the light of God no duality and so it is just very slowly react LeMay stretch-out we’re going to do our closing song first the love offerings so if you guys would
just be as generous as you can be we’d appreciate that they’re watching online
even if it’s five dollars or whatever other amount greater than that we
appreciate it every bet adds up there are you know
hundreds of thousands of people we reach now and many thousands of them stay
tuned to you know and really have stayed with us and keep watching so that’s kind
of cool the love offerings go in if you’re here live in person that the blue
bags are for your love offerings and donations wicker baskets are for any
extra donations you can share you know it’s interesting I mentioned earlier
finances can be such a charged subject so when when I cuz I have that
conscientiousness about balance and and center so as a spiritual center when we
bring up okay sponsorships or donations it’s it’s an issue you know what I mean
because so many groups and churches have abused such things we know that’s on
people’s minds so we then can go well let’s not say that too much because we
don’t want to be like that and yet you have responsibilities of bills to pay
see conflict how do we deal with that conflict one way I do it is just to be
honest and say guys by the way just because we ask for donations doesn’t
mean we’re freakazoids you know does it mean that we’re like greedy and and
coming from that place of money money money you know it’s not we do our best
to be clear and transparent and all that about these things it’s how we pay our
bills so we appreciate so we do our best to handle it then that’s the right way
to do it if they’re still apologies or shames are good either way something’s
off we need to clean that up to come back to Center again so even saying that
last sentence or two is a way of trimming off a little more of the edges
here and getting us even more to center so you know where our heart is coming
from okay all right so if you don’t know the prayer it’s posted online or it’s on
your bulletins together please divine love flowing through me blesses
and multiplies all that I am all that I have all that I give and all that I
receive and so it is thank you now they’re gonna pass those out it’ll
take a minute or two max but while they’re passing those out can anybody
share what they learned or heard today that made the most sense what did you
learn or hear that really made the most sense or helps you the most and or
people in your life what did you hear about forgiveness or independence or
freedom or peace the difference between internal/external and so on yes hmm when you see that you’re conflicted
its sometimes it’s best to not even make a decision get out of the conflict do
you guys get what I was saying that there is a god way not just a good and
bad but a God way read on anybody else what did you learn her here that made
the most sense yes right right very good
conflicted between options do the one that and she said the words brings you
the most peace the wording I use is that resonates with peace because nothing
brings you anything you already are so what I want is instead something that
resonates with the peace that I already know deep inside the peace of God that’s
right so look for the choice that most resonates with peace right or builds a
sense of peace okay make that decision the one that builds and that brings the
most peace or good to the most people there is a way to choose righteously all
right anybody else and remember those forefathers any time you’re in conflict
and you’re not sure if you should make a decision you’re a little scared I know
it’s the right thing to do but I’m a little scared try to remember the voice
and the balcony which is symbolic of the voice of God up in this balcony within
ourselves remember the voice on that balcony that said sign that document
that means look into school for your new career look into saying no to somebody
who may not like you if you say no but what they want to do is unhealthy know
how to say yes and no at the right times and not care about the externals this
group or that group okay all right thank you guys for watching online I and we
really appreciate all of you and I’ve said this many times but some of these
folks are living in places that they don’t have groups like this in support
systems so even though it’s seemingly from a distance we’re watching online
and some of you aren’t with groups like this even though it seems like it’s from
a distance there is no space there is no time so I I can say this on their behalf
we are absolutely wishing you well and sending you the love that you may not
feel physically around you but we’re sending it to your hearts agreed
solutely thank you and peace be with you you

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  • I learned to become more dependent upon God. Then freedom will come, and peace shall guide any action necessary. Thank you, Father, for using Michael as Thy sacred instrument.

  • Michael's message continues to resonate with me more than any teacher Ive ever followed! I think I will officially consider myself a "Groupie" I need to move to Sedona soon! See you there!

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