Splatoon2 Tower Control #1

hello guys Khloe SFF here from the Khloe SFF channel where today we’re gonna play some splatoon – I’m gonna make these videos because I really want to improve in splatoon – so if you have any tips or tricks that you want to share with me please write them down in the comment section below please enjoy okay if you don’t know which mode we’re gonna play we’re gonna play tower control in ranked battles it’s a very cool knowledge if you don’t know how you play let’s our control you there’s actually a tower and so there’s two teams and every team wants to take you through the tower so they can reach the ring point okay so the stages pork mackerel it’s a very cool finish one of my favorites no it’s of the tower and we love sleep well that’s okay no you see that coming we took the tower come on guys you have to take the tower the october brushes are very good but problem is i mean pretty terrible illness any any type of brush ink brushes up to brushes ink and love to the brushes me wrong really not my thing so I just stick with the rolling no wow I spotted depression respectively Wow they take yes this is what yes come on guys oh these guys are just too powerful only you know short reticle I actually have that one it’s a very powerful it’s very taxing like it’s from storing on because if you play older what all the levels with the same weapon in story mode you can actually buy that weapon from shell oh come on we lost was okay because the whole point of this is to improve so I hope you have tips and tricks for me and so um in what in the video are shared all of these tips and tricks or at least I’ll try and so everyone can learn all of these tips and tricks well I guess that’s in this video please like and subscribe goodbye

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