SpongeBob Square Pants the good communist..flv

are you ready kids hi chairman I can't hear you oh cool is in I think I fucks on the c4 who loves is brainwashing and no wait one more strong Chinese army something you wish stop asking questions and get back to work okay when their first Sunday morning and I glorious the People's Republic better check my mandatory government calendar I wonder what I get to do today oh goody I get to go to work again good morning Hank good morning great wall good morning my tanks greetings Patrick you better get moving if you were to get to the factory and tamer I'm not going to work today I have decided to take the day off dang off you must be pulling my leg stop making human before someone sees you fool you are fool i have used google to learn about Western customs of leisure time toilet break and actually being paid hahaha I didn't let offenders things when I searched Chang Google use your head only through soul crushing a labor can we provide the West with affordable products like nike shoes electronic dartboard dirt bike sup puppet dreary the rubber dog poop yeah clothing leather handbags computer chips American flag baseball then everything and all my with comrades weapons don't you dream of a world where we can actually afford to buy the hilarious rubber dog group we make no and now you're having dreams I'm just trying to exercise my freedom of speech oh I wish you hadn't dead fish stick

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