Spontaneous Prophesying as Moved by the Holy Spirit

Okay, I am not even sure what all of the Lord is gonna have me say but I feel like he he wanted me to Come on here and and Oh Speak his heart over you guys tonight. And so I’m just gonna pray Lord God that you would use me to speak your very heart you were very words You were your thoughts over your people tonight to bring encouragement To bring healing to bring deliverance to bring Passion to bring power to bring breakthrough God I just I just in obedience to you I am showing up and opening my mouth Lord and Asking you to fill it for your people tonight Lord God Thank you, Jesus. I thank you God I thank you Lord You know I I don’t even know what all he’s gonna have me say here and so there might be a little bit of spontaneous worship and just I have just been been in the spirit all all day and all evening just singing and make a melody in my heart to the Lord and You know this this there there’s a garden I feel like the Lord is wanting me to speak over you that there is a Garden of Eden type place in your In your inner life the kingdom of heaven and your inner life And there might have been some turmoil going on and some spiritual warfare going on but I feel like the Lord is saying that he’s bringing you into a place of finding your Center and finding your balance and finding your Equilibrium, these are some of the words that are coming tomorrow I feel like the Lord is saying that he is bringing you into a place of balance You know There’s a scripture that says be well balanced because your enemy the devil roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour so he works overtime to bring us out of balance and are eating and are sleeping in our in the habits of our bodies in our relationships where we’re putting too much into a relationship or not enough into a relationship or we’re depending too much on one thing and so the enemy works overtime to bring us out of balance and the Lord is Saying there is a maturing process going on. I’ve been prophesied about this I’ve been speaking about it and teaching because I believe that it’s a call that God has on my life to bring greater measures of maturity But the Lord is saying in the in the season there is a ballot and in order to have this balance he Wants you to be filled with his spirit ever filled with his spirit He says stir yourself up many of you have had that indwelling filling of the Holy Spirit experiences of speaking in tongues or where you are just Engulfed in in his spirit and his presence worshiping and the Lord is saying he wants us to stir this up every single day to mindfully walk in his spirit by making music and melody and singing songs and hymns and spiritual songs in our heart and When you are doing this God isn’t happening praise and so you don’t have to have a great voice you you don’t have to you, you know, you can just you the Lord is wanting you to Stir up the spiritual giftings that he’s put in you and to stir up the the Holy Spirit that’s within you to stir up that passion and that power and to saturate yourself He wants you to saturate yourself and him as you speak. I’ve said this is a Year many many people have prophesied but I prophesied this is a year to open watch your mouth and he will fill it When you are singing and making melody and you’re saying God you are worthy Lord, you are worthy. Your name is high Lifted up I praise you gotta thank you that you are at work in my situation, you know Sometimes you need to move past. Just asking and just beginning to praise Him and thank you I thank you that you are moving on my own behalf. The Lord is moving on your behalf He is fighting your battles for you as you leap He never sleeps her slumbers and he is at work in your situation to bring about your high school and he is moving and he is fighting against your enemies and he is a Strong shield at a tower around you it said we need to lift up his name We need to magnify his name We need to to praise Him in the morning and praise Him in the afternoon and when you’re doing the dishes if you know God it one of the things that brings people out of balance is the emotional life that gets out of hand when we allow our emotions to just surge and Overwhelm us and the Lord is bringing a steady stream I got this water here the background a steady stream of joy a steady stream of peace a steady stream of power Where there is a steadiness the Lord is making you steady? stable steadfast always abounding in the work of the Lord so that Everything that you do and in every way that he is moving in your life It’s gonna just be bearing more and more and more fruit so the Lord is saying he is steadying you he is stable in you he is making you stronger and So that you were living from that center place in his spirit. It doesn’t matter how other people have done it He’s got he’s saying don’t look to the left or to the right Look straight ahead Live from that place inside not a place where you are Pre-programmed to this is the way I have got to act in this situation There is a spring like I’m seeing like a clock that’s been wound up too tight and it’s busted and so it’s out of Season and and the timing of things isn’t right because you’re trying to see how somebody else did it or how you did it last? Time and the Lord is saying he is maturing you beyond that. He is moving you be on your Mind realm beyond the realm of the natural to where you are living from that Center place Where you are living from the garden where you are walking with the Lord? In that secret place and in that secret place and and if you haven’t been in that secret place get there Get in that secret place spend time in his presence build up your endurance to spend time in silence in his presence and And you know if you if you if your mind is wandering this is why it’s good to use your mouth to Say I thank you lord I praise you for how you’ve come through for me before I thank you that you were moving mountains you were doing things That I don’t even know about in this situation lord I don’t understand but I trust your ways because you said your ways are higher than my ways you said that your thoughts are higher than my thoughts and your thoughts are so grand and you’re so majestic and oh my goodness how you have created the world you can ponder just Creation and the majesty of God as you say, oh wow, take a walk and look look at this Thank you God for the freedom that I have to worship you lord I thank you God that I have legs to walk I thank you that there is food in my refrigerator that I do not go hungry Lord God. I thank you for this home I thank you for this bed. I thank you for these clothes. I thank you for this cover. I thank you I worship you I praise you God. I thank you that you are healing my body I thank you God that you were steady in my mind, you know, the Lord is steady in your mind The Lord is at work healing your body begin to speak and declare and praise and sing and make Make a melody about it make a song about it make a poem about it sing a song about it go you know just make up songs you you know, this is this is Communicating with the spirit and getting yourself, you know, the the the the Spirit is creative He’s infinitely creative and he wants to do these created things through you and he wants you to tap into that Holy Spirit a Creativity that has a new way. He’s saying behold. I do it a new thing. Do you not perceive it? Can you not see it? You know, the Lord is waning that he’s winning people off old Comforters he’s weaning people off old seizes He’s winning people off things that they depended on on the past even good things He and he’s weaned it and for some of you he is weaning others off of you. There is some places where you have Sewing and that where the Lord has had you pouring and the and the Lord is weaning people off of you So be prepared in this season as he is studying you and stabling you There’s some things pulling at you and there’s things that you’re pulling at that is Gonna cause you to be out of balance in this next season where they weren’t Excuse me where they weren’t in this last season God is very seasonal He’s very big about moving in times and seasons and if you miss the times and seasons You can get out of sync with the spirit. And so I pray divine discernment. The Lord is giving you great discernment trust your Spirit man trust your spirit man, I speak and declare. I’m breaking off of you The past season of insecurity where you did not trust the voice that still small voice Because you were so used to needing to be in control and past seasons But you have grown past that and you can trust that still small voice you don’t have to make three phone calls to get confirmation to what the Lord is speaking to you and Actually, some of you don’t need to make that phone call some of you need to begin to trust the voice that is speaking to You in the garden and that still small? place and you need to get the other voices out of your head by singing and praise him and And speaking forth his all the glorious works that he’s done Lord. You’ve done it before you were gonna do it again I don’t know where the income is coming from, but I don’t make decisions based on finances I make decisions based on your word and the Lord is just Maturing you maturing you maturing you through all these things through all these things he’s bringing you out of that place of insecurity Because he is he is wanting you to step out and faith like never before and take bold steps of faith and obedience Trusting him so that you can live a supernatural life where heaven is manifested on earth because of the steps of obedience and because of your words that line up when you hear and Many of you have a seer Anointing many of you have a prophetic gift a prophetic gifting and you not just hear the Lord But you can see you can see God has shown you why do you not believe what the Lord has shown you? he says why do you not believe me when I show you in a vision when I show you in a dream when you Clearly see it and your and in front of you in open visions, you have the holy Imagination that I have given you and you are holding back from believing what I am showing you in these Visions and the Lord is saying to put your faith in Him to put your trust in him and to see it and to believe it and to speak it and to walk it out and To not look to the left or the right keep your eyes fixed on Christ Keep your eyes forward fixed. Don’t keep looking back. Do not keep looking back. Just Take a glance back take with you Whatever it is that the Lord says to move forward and leave the rest behind Because God is bringing you up into a higher place and you’ve ever been because of the stability You are the stability. He is bringing stability to your situation Through you it’s not even coming from some outside source. You are the stable place Where you are standing? You are the one bringing Strength strength, you are the one who is bringing stability To the situation you were the one who is who is bringing balance? Into the situation and so I am praying for everybody who has been Distracted by the enemy from everybody who has the thrown off balance by Something on the outside The Lord is saying come inside with me. Come inside with me. You need to spend time in my presence. Say Lord God I love you. I need you I thank you that you are with me always I thank you that you are Stationing angels around me you God is making your passion rate He is strengthening your ankles so that they won’t turn and ruin you He’s making you stand on the high tower of your fear You might shake you might tremble But the Lord is giving you the courage that you need to do exactly what he has asked you to do and he is going to place you and Position you and open doors for you and and speak your name to the people who need to hear your name spoken So that that door can be open and you can stand there as his ambassador in the earth He’s placing you as an ambassador He’s positioning you as an ambassador To bring his glory to bring his will about and to meet the needs of the people that he has Preordained for you to do good works in their lives and the Lord wants you to be stable and steady. He said be steadfast unmovable Always abounding in the work of the Lord always abounding in the work of the Lord and much of the work of the Lord is just to glorify God to glorify God in your body to glorify God in your body and he is saying just Glorify me with your voice Glorify me with your movement move when I say move move when I say move move when I say move move the impulse of my love you are going to have very strong Promptings to to reach out to certain people very strong promptings to go somewhere You might have been headed to the grocery store and you were gonna have a prompting just stop off and pick Something up somewhere and God has got somebody positioned there that he wants you to speak into their lives God is just he is bringing up a people who are so sensitive to his spirit to be led by his spirit to walk by his spirit to move by his spirit and these Supernatural occurrences are going to be an everyday thing for you More and more more those of you who have a lot of God God is gonna bring you more those if you have a lot a lot of God he wants to expand He wants to expand your ability to be led by his spirit and you have got you stay in that place of Worship the the the highest level of prayer is worship and praise and just being thankful Even when you don’t know how it’s gonna work out Even when you don’t know where he’s taking you exactly you might not know how you’re gonna get there You might know where you’re going, but you don’t know how you’re gonna get there But you don’t have to worry about any of that Because your daddy is the God of the universe and he’s saying I’m taking care of you I am taking care of you. I am I am providing for you Everything you need for life and godliness I am a abundant God and I want you to walk in that Garden with me do not hide from me. Do not Hide from me. Please. Go back and listen to my message about mercy The Lord wants you to receive his mercy and to receive His grace every day so that you can stand in your righteousness And when you were standing in your righteousness the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ And when you were standing in your righteousness and seated on the mercy seat it in the mercy of God seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus When you were standing in your righteousness seated in the heavenly places when you have got that helmet of salvation On covering your mind and your lips are filled with the praises and the worship of God No matter what you are going through. He is lifting you higher God is saying he is lifting you up he is lifting you up out of the muck out of the mire out above the Spiritual warfare and even if a battle is still raging You are higher you are higher you were seated with Christ in heavenly places and he is making the enemy your footstool Every that, you know, every battle everything that comes against you, you know The enemy can come against you and come against you but the Lord has a plan For each and every situation to turn it around for your good for each and every situation He has a plan and he wants you to get a a stable steady mind Because your faith he’s given you an extra mess of faith to go through what you need to go through With full confidence full assurance of faith full confidence that God is on your side That there is not a devil in hell or not a person at earth that is gonna stop you from walking out your purpose from living in that place of divine guidance That you have your ear to the heart of God and that God is speaking to you in the night that he is speaking to you and open visions that he is speaking to you through signs and wonders and He is leading you by the still waters even if your walk if even if you feel like you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death right now the Lord says He is with you and his rod and his staff. They will comfort you. He is with us He is for us. He is against those things that are against us He has delivered you there are some things there are some things that were super painful that God is Breaking off and the Lord is saying let me do what I need to do be pliable in my hand You’ve got to trust me you have got to trust my timing. My timing is perfect My timing is perfect, and there is a time and a season For everything under heaven and you might be in a time of mourning, but the Lord says weeping in doors of the night But joy comes in the morning don’t do not do not live your life and little chunks get a big picture perspective The joy and the glory is not even you can’t even imagine what is on the other side? What is on the other side of whatever you have to walk through? That is hard he is he is saying the joy that he is pouring out over his people in this season and this year and in 5780 and in 2020 the joy of the Lord is going to be one of the things that Stabilizes you more than anything because the Bible says the joy of the Lord is your strength you choose joy The Lord says choose me and you choose joy choose trust and you choose joy choose faith and you choose joy choose Obedience and you choose joy choose to say yes to me and choose joy He has joy he has victory in store for the upright He has victory not not the perfect but those who are walking uprightly before their God those who’ve turned To the Lord no matter whether they have stumbled or not. They they they pick up from where they have stumbled and they keep walking and the Lord is Proud of you and the Lord is pleased with you and the Lord has said you are mine I have called you from the creation of the world. I have set my seal of approval on you I have set my righteousness on you I have put my spirit in you and my body my people my temple in the earth We are gonna worship Him in spirit and truth. And so we just worship you God we lift you up We thank you that you are working in the lives of our family. We thank you that you are changing hearts Lord We thank you that you are turning hearts of stone the hearts of flesh Lord God we thank you that we don’t have to be in control because we Belong to the one who is in control and we know that you love us and we know that you love our loved ones even more than we do and you know how to handle them and you know what they need and you are bringing what they need and You are hovering over the situations that concern us to bring about the greatest good and your highest glory Lord We thank you We worship you that you are a God that rules the universe you laugh at the wicked cuz you know their day is coming Lord God you are not you are not put off By the the curveballs that we feel like we are being thrown Lord You have a plan to work it all out or we trust you God I thank you that you are moving in the lives of your people I thank you that you are empowering them in the night that you are giving them the faith and you were giving them the sight and the vision for their relationships for their finances for their purpose for their ministry For for whatever it is that you for their neighbourhood for their city and you are giving them Battle strategy scroll Scroll scroll Scroll scroll Scroll scroll, they’re coming down the chute right now God has given you scrolls with specific instruction you are getting Specific and instruction from the Lord as you worship Him you are pressing in in prayer some of you are squeezed and I need to know I need to hear I need to hear I need to hearing your stress because You haven’t heard you need a word from the Lord. You need to hear from God He says begin to worship me begin to thank me Relax, trust me, and and it will come when it needs to come. He will just release it. You’ll just be singing and making melody Enjoying your day cleaning your house taking care of your kids going to work Encouraging a friend right in a car doing whatever God has called you to do Do not worry. Do not worry. He said don’t worry. Do not worry about your life What you will eat what you will drink don’t you know, do you see Solomon? He wasn’t even close like the flowers in the field. How much more he? Loves us. He wants good things for us. He is working it out. He’s working it out. He’s working it out He’s working it out trust his timing when you are in that garden with the Lord time doesn’t exist coming to the secret place come into that place of worship and we will be given a vision and you will be given a Promise and in that vision and in that promise you can hold on to that mountaintop Experience and come down into the demon-possessed valley and walk it out with full confidence full assurance Whatever it is that you’re walking through is just part of the process whatever. God has promised it will come to pass It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It doesn’t matter what the bank account says. It doesn’t matter how many miscarriages you’ve had It doesn’t matter. It does not matter what they say. It doesn’t matter what they do God’s got it worked out. He has a plan Or we just love you. We praise you we worship you. We thank you God. We magnify your name. We trust you Lord We thank you for the expansion that’s coming to your people Lord I thank you for the power of the praise that is on our lips Lord God and we praise you and we lift you up and we Magnify your name and we know that there is no devil in hell There’s no To me on this earth that can stop us Lord hide us in the secret place Hide us in the in the tower of your name had us from our enemies Lord. Don’t let that enemy see what you’re doing Don’t let the enemy see what you have shown us. Don’t let the enemy in on what you are doing in us Don’t let the enemy in God confuse. The enemies are being confused God is sending confusion into the enemy camp and they are gonna destroy each other and it isn’t gonna take any any Anything other than you? Walking in that secret place just enjoy in your life just singing and praising and I know there’s some heavy stuff I know there are some hard things. I know there are some seasons of mornin I am NOT saying that there isn’t but you could even in your pain even in your sickness even In your heart paint, even in your confusion. I can to just praise the Lord Lord I’m gonna praise you. I’m not even to talk about this anymore I’m not even gonna think about this anymore cuz you’ve got it all worked out God, you know I don’t even know where I’m going from here I don’t even know if this person even still gonna be in my life tomorrow, but it you know, whatever you have for me I know it’s good. I know you are good. I know your highest and best good you created me with the purpose and you are going to bring my Destiny to pass as I walk with you. It is coming to pass. It’s coming to pass. The Lord is saying enjoy Enjoy time in my presence enjoy time in my presence. Enjoy me. Enjoy me. He’s just he is so Desire, so just overflow unto you he just wants to overflow unto you with His goodness He wants to overflow unto you with his mercy. He wants to overflow onto you with His grace and his provision He’s an overflow and God. He is an overflow and God position yourself to receive from him Position to yourself to hear from him stay in that abiding place Abide in his word read his word read his word sing his word praise his word speak his word prophesy to your Mountain prophesy to yourself self You will live and not die. You will what you will walk in sealing your Relationship your marriage you promised I will come Lord God. I know what you have spoken over my life I know what you have spoken over my life and it is coming to pass right now even as we speak Ah, does it work? He laughs? he laughs at anything that stands in the way of him doing what he wants to do the God of All the heaven the creator of heaven and earth has a personal relationship with you. He has a personal intimate fellowship in Relationship with us. We are blessed among people. We are highly favored among people We are blessed in this world. We have found the answer to everything we have it We carry it. We have the secret to life. We have the answers of the universe We have the solution in our hands and we are stable and steady and steadfast and the Lord is bringing us up and out of Everything that would contaminate my body and spirit Mind body and spirit God is bringing his people and to scrape stability I speak stability to your emotions in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus like a lasso harness those emotions with your words and with your praise and with your Thanksgiving and with your adoration Lord. I’m focusing on you. I Whatever you focus on it expands over you the control over you It’s gonna control you whatever you’re focused on is gonna have more control over you focus on Lord focus on his greatness focus on as good as focus on his power focus on his love focus on his mercy focus on the cross focus focus on All of the words that are written in his book Meditate on his word day and night. I just word in your heart and he won’t sin against him The Lord is setting us free from all things that would separate us from him He has set us free we are free indeed whom the son has set free as friend II fear is leaving fear has to go in the name of Jesus because God is perfecting you God is perfecting you and the same thing that you were afraid of yesterday You will not be afraid of tomorrow if you raise your voice and sing. Hallelujah, Lord hallelujah, Lord Thank you God from your manifest presence in my life. Thank you. God that I am a glory carrier Everywhere I go your glory shines off of me everywhere I go I meet needs Lord God you are filling me up to overflow I am not worried about how the answer to my problems are gonna come because I am too busy focusing on the Answer of all problems. And therefore you are using me to be the answer to other people’s problems I am NOT little I am NOT insecure Listen, you might you might feel some some type of way. Sometimes we are not Underneath our feelings. We are above our feelings. We’re the head and not the tail you are above and not beneath Everything that you put your hands to prospers if the Lord has, you know, unless the Lord Labor’s a have Unless the Lord builds the house you labor in vain who build it So focused on doing what God asks you to do and it will never be in vain. It will never be in vain It’s gonna be so full it’s gonna be so amazing and whatever it is what if you were in a dark place if you weren’t in a Shadow if you were in a valley the Lord is saying it’s coming out. It’s coming out come out It is time to come out come out come out come out come forth come forth come forth Come to me come to me all you who are heavy laden and weary and I will give you rest take My yoke upon you and learn of me because I’m meek and lowly and humble at heart. He will give you rest Rest for your soul. Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus Empowering your people this moment this night that fears just dropping off Discouragement is dropping off in the name of Jesus. You are strong you are stable. You are steady You are step back. You have a song of praise on your lips signing is far from you you are Looking forward to tomorrow Morrow is a new day a fresh day You are looking forward to what the Lord has with great and hopeful expectations You do not have to look just for a sign that God has moved because you believe the word of God that he is moving and he is on the move and this time will come the Manifestation will come in his perfect timing It will manifest and there’s nothing that could stop it for manifesting because you’ve seen it You’ve spoken it you believed it. You’ve been thinking thank the Lord for it. Stop asking for ways He’s already shown you as yours begin to thank him begin to praise him begin to worship him and just enjoy life In his presence knowing that time it’s just time a lot of times it’s just time and It and it’s time and when it is time and when God moves and when his hand a favor rests Strongly on that situation and when it is time to shift and what it is time to move and when it is time to to open that door the The hand of God nothing can hold it back. Nothing can hold the hand of God back And so I just encourage you enjoy your day. Enjoy your night praise the Lord I don’t care if you have nightmares I don’t care if you still have woundings and your soul you are perfect and your spirit You are stable and your spirit you are strong and your spirit your soul has to get in line It is a process but do not wallow in the things that are still funky in your soul You might be having nightmares You might not always get it right in your emotions and in your attitude But you need to focus your spirit on God’s Spirit and your spirit will become stronger and stronger and stronger and it will put your soul Underneath it and your soul will get in line and be transformed Little by little by little you’re working out your salvation And you can just go ahead and enjoy God before you’re perfect before they’re perfect before it’s perfect before it’s come to pass You can enjoy it now the fullness of the Holy Spirit lives in you right now The enemy is a liar I speak silence to the confusion and to the lies and to the depression and to the oppression and and in the name of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus over your brain over your mind over your thoughts I Call the the words of our mouth of your mouth You do this the word is in my mouth that I have spoken that are not contrary to the truth I call them null and void in the name of Jesus they will not take root over my life and I will use my words to speak the trees and to plant the seeds for the harvest that I am believing for in the name of Jesus and the name of Jesus the enemy’s gonna Whisper lies do not give voice to the enemy. Do not give voice to your fears Do not give voice to your doubt and unbelief. Do not give voice to the enemy He is trying to get you to open your mouth he was trying to get you to come into agreement with him with the words of your mouth and so in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus every word that has been spoken That is not true. That is not right. That is not lovely. That is not pure that is not good. That is not praiseworthy lovely of good report That is not the truth Has to be broken off of our lives because we are children of the Most High God. We are God’s children We are the king of the universe children. We are the children of God. We are the the The lords the earth is the Lord’s and everything in and we belong to him and we know him we know and I want you to know and experience the power of his resurrection that lifts you out from from your body and from the dead like a list you out of the Dead evil wires still in the body like God is Lifting you up he is lifting you up he is lifting you up into heavenly realms he’s lifting you up out of this earthly shackles and Lifting you to that place in a garden with him and that pure undefiled Unconditional love where you know that you were loved they you know that you were accepted that there is no rejection that there is no fear of lack See somebody just said I can’t take it anymore. Stop talking like that Stop talking like that. Do not give voice to the enemy hear what I’m saying. Do not speak Do not write that down you you come against that with the Word of God saying I can do all things through Christ who? strengthens me I am equal to anything I have the grace to do whatever God has asked me to do in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus oh Jesus Jesus Lord God Seal this word in the hearts of your people Seal this Lord do not let the enemy come and steal this Lord God I pray that the power the power of your word the power of your spirit Would rise up that we would stir it up Lord that we would stir up that power that lives within us that Resides within us and believe Lord. We believe help our unbelief. I Bless you guys. I love you guys. I have a couple of Seats left at the conference. If you’re if you’re in this area, please come this weekend. I’d love to see you Oh Chuckie Sol Casa de Jesus. You’re worthy Lord. You’re worthy Lord. You’re worthy Lord You’re worthy Lord. You’re worthy The Lord is removing the daggers from your back. The Lord is removing the daggers from your heart and he is healing your heart He your heart will not become hard. He is healing your heart He is healing your heart. The enemy is a liar The enemy is a liar you have already died and Been resurrected into new life with him and so you can be broken without Dying you can be you can be wounded without Dying because you have already died and now you are raised to walk in newness of life. So the broken heart Be healed the broken hearts be healed God is you have a heart of flesh? You have the heart of the holy spirit You have a a united heart with God and what hurts you hurts him what hurts him hurts you and he is bringing life and restoration back to your heart and and now that heavy heart that hurt heart that wounded heart is healed in the name of Jesus and it loves Greater, it is more compassionate and and the enemy didn’t win The enemy didn’t win The enemy cannot win your heart cannot be crushed beyond redemption It has been redeemed and so any crushing that you go through is just making you sweeter. It’s just making you stronger It’s just making you love better than you ever even could have loved before and it’s making you less connected to the earth and to the earth shackles and to the things that you thought that you needed and you are more connected to God and more connected to heaven and more able to Bear up under all kinds of pressures without breaking because of the molded mnestheus To the image of his son He’s enabling you to withstand Tons of pressure Because he’s making you so useful for his kingdom the usefulness that The testing has made you more useful and keep coming out Keep coming out keep walking forward keep pressed forward keep pressing forward in the name of Jesus. You’re coming out You’re coming out. You’re coming out the joys the joy. Is there the joy. Is there the sweetness Is there the healing is there the power is there the stability? Is there the deliverance is there the the power and the joy the power and the joy the power and the joy? the joy has Empowering you and the joy must come and the name of Jesus the joy The joy that is a promise and his peace his peace that passes all understanding his peace that passes all understanding Go to sleep in peace rise up in peace make decisions in peace move in. Peace Stay in peace. Stay in peace those anxieties Those anxieties God deliver deliver deliver deliver deliver deliver deliver deliver deliver deliver deliver from anxiety Lord deliver from anxiety God deliver deliver deliver deliver from Anxiety Lord in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus. I thank you God for the deliverance from anxiety You were the one who carries all of our anxieties away from us Lord, God. I thank you We cast our cares on you we cast all our cares on you we cast all our cares on you because you care for us I pray against a demonic force a demonic force of oppression off of your mind off of your body off of your relationships I speak Unity healing wholeness power joy. Peace Strength in the name of Jesus. The Word of God is dwelling richly in you The Word of God is dwelling richly in you Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus, Jesus Jesus Move swiftly God moves swiftly. God removed the enemies remove whatever is blocking progress Remove the enemies Lord new swiftly Lord to bring about your perfect will and your perfect plan and your perfect time in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in Jesus name in Jesus Name or we don’t run from your presence. We don’t walk away from your presence We don’t live by our own clock. We live by the heavenly encounters that heavenly the heavenly leading that where you are guiding us and directing us Lord and You’re shifting us and our times are in your hands Lord. You can even stretch time you can even change time You can even turn back you can even restore what time has stolen you can even restore youth You can restore those things that time has stolen restore restore Restore restore what time has stolen in the name of Jesus? restore restore restore in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus those eternal Things those eternal treasures those eternal gifts those eternal things that you have given to your people that have not been operative in their lives and seasons past bring them in to these season that we are in now Lord and expand so that time encompasses these things and there will be a great feeling a great fulfillment of eternity in the hearts of your people God You said you put eternity in our hearts help us to live in that place of eternity with no death in The name of Jesus in the name of Jesus and I just like I’m just like seeing this expansion of Coming into this place with the Lord where this time is just bent and stretched and moved Wherever the Lord needs it to that it is not something that is limiting his people The time is not limiting him I Speak and declare whatever it is that you need that God is bringing into your life that God is in your life We call all needs met we call every Need is met in him. We call it met in Jesus name. We call it fulfilled in Jesus name the Fulfillment of your promise and the name of Jesus has come to pass I Just pray vision vision vision vision that the Lord gives you great vision that the Lord gives you great vision that he would increase your seeing Increase your sight increase your spiritual sight in order to do that You cannot fix your eyes on what you see You must fix your eyes on the unseen realm by prayer and supplication And petition and songs and melodies and and just staying in that place with the Lord You guys tags and people nests share this on your wall God has given you strategy Do what he’s told to do what he tells you when he tells you to do it doesn’t have to make sense Just do what he tells you to do. Step it out one step at a time. He’s leading you He’s leading you beside the still waters. He’s leading you in paths of righteousness for his namesake Just every little movement Impulse do what he has asked you to do walk fearlessly walk courageously before God Lord I pray every person here Where whatever level they are of? Hearing carrying your glory and presence Lord that it would be expanded greatly this year Greatly this year that they would just be glory carrier carriers everywhere, they go that the glory would just Just shine forth from their countenance. Just shine forth from their countenance Just just changing everything that they touch We need more of you God we want more of you Lord We need more of you more of you less of us more of you less of us more of your thoughts More of your words more more more MORE. We want more God. We want more of you. We need you Lord we thank you God for your Overflowing presence. We thank you God for your overflowing. Grace. We thank you God for Uniting us as a body for cleansing us for cleansing us for healing us for empowering us We thank you God for Speaking to us for giving us instruction for giving us wisdom for giving us discernment We thank you God for the mega mega. Mega mega mega mega grace We thank you God for the great visions the great dreams that you’ve given us in the expansion We thank you God for giving us a voice to speak. We thank you God for filling our mouth with good things We thank you God for filling our hearts and fill in our storehouses and making us Overflowing blessing carriers Lord God I thank you for removing all All wickedness all evil all jealousy all deceit. Oh Depression all of those things that have nothing to do with your people who are God removed them far from us We plead the blood of Jesus the blood of Jesus covers us covers Our home is pouring over our bank accounts is pouring over our hearts is pouring over our minds and there is a An abundant life that you are exchanged the ashes the beauty you are giving us beauty for Ashes You were giving us a garment of pray a praise for our former. Shame Lord Thank you for letting us take part in this great exchange. We want the things of heaven We give up the things of Earth Lord God we want heavenly jewels. We want heavenly blessings We want heavenly wisdom. We want heavenly joy. We want joy and peace that passes all understanding God We want you we need you. We love you. We worship you we praise you We thank you God we reach for you we reach for you set us free from those things That bind us Thor God. We only know that only you are our deliverer You are our deliverer God you deliver us you deliver us. You are our great deliverer You are our great lover. You are a wonderful husband a wonderful provider You are so abundantly providing for us. I thank you for the abundance that you pour out I thank you that every bill is paid that every debt and is canceled and paid I thank you Lord that each and every one of your people is moving from a place of poverty body mind and spirit You became poor that we might be made rich in Christ that we might be made rich with heavenly blessings that every need every need motional EMF We need physically every need spiritually is met in you Lord, and we just we want you to build us up in that house That house with Christ as the chief Cornerstone Put us in our place Lord and help us to walk it out Help us to stay there god help us to be what you created us to be help us to manifest our glory help us to manifest our Giftings help us to manifest the things that you have placed within us Lord Let us not die with these things still in us with these hopes Lord God I pray that you would be the the FULFILLER of all of our hopes that you would lift our head that we would put our hope and you know and that you never Disappoint us God you never disappoint us you have plans that we can’t even imagine God you have plans that we can’t even begin to comprehend Lord that you have That you would meet the desires of her heart as long as we delight Ourself and you’ll or because then we are so United with you. We only want what you want Lord We only want what you want God we only want what you want God so we don’t mourn what’s lost We don’t run what’s taken away Lord God we we we we move past our mourning Lord We move past that we move past that in the name of Jesus. I Could just go on it. My husband’s probably like I pray everybody just bask in his glory Good things good things. There’s just like just I’ve just seen so many Scrolls coming from heaven and the Lord has just given so many ideas So much inspiration so much Confirmation and and the Lord is just he’s got those words for Hugh Just let him write them on your heart and speak them out tonight Speak them out and believe them and hold on to them and treasure those heavenly words that he has set forth to you Knowing that they are from him. It’s not some vain imagining the Lord is speaking to you. He loves you. I Love you guys. I love you guys. I’m praying for you. Pray for pray for us as we pray for you Know it’s doing so much There’s so much expansion going on right now. Just pray for this ministry pray for my family pray for my womb Pray for you know, just pray for us as we pray for you as God puts it on your heart. Love you guys

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