Sri Balaji Society Induction Presentation 2019 : FALL OF USERBASE OF SNAPCHAT

but up no ladies and gentlemen would quickly like to introduce ourselves my name is Aisha Dame not tired my name is Susan and we are from the river Sava thank you all for coming today we are looking forward and talking with you on our topic for the induction presentation 2019 to any one batch let's begin so can anybody tell me from which application this picture has been taken yes but that's not a topic for today so how many of you all used to use snapchat earlier and how many of you still use the snapchat for we see a decline quite evidently so this is a topic for today's presentation that is full of user base of snapchat so let us show you a quick video on snapchat for the people who are not aware about snapchat Oh and makes early mornings a little more fun it brings your best friend with you anywhere you go and comes with your very own it's a camera with a map so you can travel the world on your morning commute it can lead to adventure and help get you there it's a camera for talking because a snap says more than a text so yeah snapchat is a camera or how you feel matters more than how you look so in the next 10 minutes we are going to cover the following topics on the screen we have chosen this topic because we both were snapchat users earlier and we wanted to know what went wrong and explore for the same so the snack packs snap snapchat is a fasted multi medium message the Jing application it is fastest way to share a moment with a given time limit you can share a moment for a particular time limit with a people person your friend it was released on June 9 2011 the CEO of snapchat is even spiritual and it was also designed by bubble murphy and russell brown it was developed by snapping the headquarters are in san francisco and though it operates on the system's android and iOS so these numbers display the current statistics of snapchat by a by sources quarter 1 2019 earnings were 32 32 crores okay so the reason for the downfall of user base of snapchat the first and foremost and very important reason for downfall of snapshot was redesign of the application earlier earlier the application used to be very simple as you can see it had only three pages the one was for the chart the second was for the camera and the third was for the discovered page so it was very similar to lose it was you the user friendly and it had a chronological chronological order made for the user afterwards it added lot of features to attract users and it went wrong because people were comfortable with the normal user know how this object was is normally it added future snake stories adds it also added location maps so that you interact with your friends were using snapchat it was very uncool illogical it was very half wizard and users became very uncomfortable using the snapshot the next foremost reason being the increased competition from the other social networking websites for example Instagram Facebook and whatsapp snapchat has this issue that all the social networking all the other competitors can steal their major features for example stories and develop it in a better way with more usability and accessibility and the second reason being the insular snapchat has a specific age group to target which is between the teens to the late thirties whereas I bet none of our parents are there on snapchat but our parents are there on Facebook the Facebook is targeting the all all age groups and that is where the engagement rate is higher for Instagram Facebook as compared to snapchat okay so the third reason for downfall of user base of snapchat was the snapshot the users blame the drop on the company's Android app the snapshot was made for two programming things like it was on Android and iOS and iOS it was working properly but on Android it was lagging so so snapchat became time consuming people were not able to use snapchat and they lost interest from snapchat and that's why they uninstalled it okay so due to the specified three reasons the major repercussions faced by snapchat were the dip in the number of users especially during 2018 okay it also dealt with lot of legacy and anger amongst a user Lord lot of social celebrities use this application as a social media for their publicity like Kylie Jenner and a lot of new people new celebrities and new upcoming talents while using snapchat for their social media and they all commended bad about snapchat and other platforms which service they also signed a petition saying that they wanted their own snapchat back so the steps taken back for snapchat to enter the market again first being they rolled back the changes after a few months later in which the the discover part and the friends part were segregated in such a way that the publishers could monetize and distribute the stories and the friends could communicate with their power with the other friends and on a personal level pencil had a new start a new strategy and changes as per the petition signed by users please don't today we're making snapchat more personal one of the complaints we've heard about social media is that photos and videos from your friends are mixed in with content from publishers and creators and influencers but your friends aren't content their relationships that's why today we're separating the social from the media and reorganizing snapchat around your relationships to make it more personal as always snapchat opens to the camera to invite you to create and inspire you to explore the world around you and on the left side of the camera are your friends these are the people you talk to every day sense snaps to back and forth and to the right of the camera is discover where content from publishers and creators in the community is personalized just for you when we first built snapchat we made it easier to express yourself by talking with pictures but today we're making it easier to find the people you want to express yourself with the friends you want to talk to will be there when you want to talk to them with these changes we hope that snapchat feels more familiar and inspires you to express yourself with your friends and explore more of the content that you love okay it also redesigned it application for the Android user which is about to roll in end of 2019 it also started a lot of ad campaigns like to Android love from snapchat okay so in 2015 the CEO of snapchat made an alleged comment stating that snapchat is not for countries like India or Spain but India being the digital hub now and having built half a billion population on the include on the Internet as well as maximum number of Android users snapchat is now focusing on countries like India Indonesia Philippines to establish and expand itself so the conclusion what we learn from the fall of snapchat is you should always listen to your customer get it get important feedbacks and evaluation from the customer so as to improve your application according to the users and they also started ad so that now people are approaching snapchat mode for sales and marketing like Xin India etc so this they have to provide value for brands and influence from the start and don't alienate your core users thank you so much

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