Star Alliance: Tim Bengel's Most Rewarding Journey

now my name is Tim and I'm from Germany and I'm an artist hey Jim welcome welcome to the pool we like to have a cup of tea yeah i prefer coffee yeah these paintings that you have i mean i'm looking here the very unique and you've travels a lot yeah i showed my book all around the world that was actually my biggest show in new york wow that's beautiful i collected a lot of miles and used them to fly to kathmandu and now hopefully i can realize my next project here what do you have in mind that you want to do here my idea is actually to create a piece of art inspired by your country and the nature in the mountains of Nepal I couldn't imagine a place where I could find better inspiration yeah I think you've definitely come to the right country and then the pole is a very small country but it has beautiful mountain scenery its culture its history its colors its people we have a lot of different rituals and religions and the entire value of Katmandu before human came there were gods and goddesses living in this beautiful valley and that's why today now we are so spiritual it's a way of life for us more than a religion you can't go straight to Mount Everest without not coming to Kathmandu and it's also the gateway to the Himalayas resharper's call the western wall call everest Chomolungma because this is the name office accessory and it's a very spiritual mountain to us she's a living goddess of long life we burn incense every day in the morning to her I live and breathe in the mountains you know and we have a historical family called the Tenzing my grandfather was the first man to climb Mount Everest in 1953 as she's totally part of our life even when I climb summit of Everest I thanked her for bringing me safely to the top ah here at M for the way I brought for you some beautiful rocks on the valley of Everest thank you you're most welcome man your history your country you gave me a lot of new inspiration I want to combine all my impressions or my inspiration in one piece and make very unique very special you

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