Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019

[XBOX SOUND] Jedi, over here Imperial sap refinery lies dead ahead What does the Empire want with tree sap? Nothing good They refine the sap into a powerful compound and they're rushing to expand production We have to stop them That's the plan We don't know their endgame but they've spread themselves too thin This map we've recovered proves it Beep boop? Here you go, bud These refineries double as brutal prison camps We'll use those cutters to create a distraction while you take your lightsaber and free the Wookiees inside We'll need their help to stop the Empire Understood Watch yourself in there. You hear that? He said he needs my help Trill C'mon buddy Over there! One of the cutters turned on Are they running some kind of drill? Maybe. Think we should call it in? That'd be a breach of protocol If there's a disturbance, their squad should call it in Yeah, better do this by the book Move it I got… Taking aim Gonna need to get through here Attention all units We've lost contact with our troops stationed at Cargo Pad 119-Gamma Keep to your posts and stay alert Watch out Let me out A Jedi This is what I've trained for Caught you I will make you hurt You'll pay We've got them on the run, keep pushing! Looks like you're blocked. I'll fix that Never seen a trooper like that before You've got to get these Wookiees out of lockup Keep moving, Jedi Vent's open. Go! Think you can help me BD? Flame beetles! They're coming through the walls! Hit their nest! That trooper He's dead Beep. Boop You sure you want to plug into this thing? Whistle Okay A shortcut? That's why you wanted to move this thing Beeeeep… Booop…. You had no idea that was there, did you? You just wanted to turn that cutter on Shoot it Not an easy target Provide cover. Give me time Patrol to base Got another breach down here, some kind of webbing Hey, who's that? AHH! Just heard from the captain They're coming Oh This is it At least we have the high ground What was that? Cutter seven is active Reporting a live cutter near the cell blocks Immediate aid requested It's breaking through and destroying everything! Look alive! Don't be his next target! The Jedi will be here any minute And our reinforcements In retreat Good Sir? The fewer distractions the better Jedi incoming Get down You cannot escape All Jedi will perish Little help Need to slice this No guards? Hey! Here to free you You're not alone Visitation is not permitted [XBOX SOUND]

37 thoughts on “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019

  • Че-то шляпа какая-то. Мне не нравится. Не знаю, какие-то движения странные, начало действий заторможенны, что-ли. Как-будто ему подумать надо прежде чем двинуться. А как только рот открыли, остановил, написал это. Вырубил нафиг. Дизлайк.
    А еще ощущаю неприятное сходство с поздними ассасинами, которые я к сожалению не полюбил страшно, потому как я очень люблю нормальный assasin's creed, с Альтаиром, Эцио и Дезмондом.
    Повторю, я разочарован.

  • I had high hopes on this game. I wil definitely buy it, since i was informed that the director for this game is stig assmussen, who also did the jaw-dropping god of war 3. So this game is going to be amazing, for sure. Theres no way it couldnt.

  • I think they should have more fluid movements, the running, the walking, the fight movement, the dodge way , 🤔

  • hopefully Disney will get there head on right and dump EA games on account of how they killed the other star wars games. I know i will never buy a game from EA. that also includes this one as well. 1400$ to unlock a full game you can keep it

  • Why would you need to fight the spiders which were attacking the storm troopers? doesn't make sense. just let them be and move on!

  • 80% dismemberment

    10% LEGO Star Wars the complete saga.

    9% loot boxes

    1% how good the game actually is

  • BTW lego star wars original trilogy PSP have 2 great moves when jedi:
    Up analouge + back analouge+ X Button : backflip.
    And also there is
    □ Buttom + □ Button + X Button : Evade BackStab.
    I hope u fans use this cause it is really inovative and also the PSP version have reflection on the floor and water 😉

  • Come on people only 20k dislikes? We can do better than this. Smash that dislike button

    The way ea could do better at the games

  • Dear EA,

    Please somehow make this game tie in with The Force Unleashed storyline so that it can be cannon again. That is all.

    The Star Wars fandom

  • Was wanting a starwars game more like knights of the old republic. More open world, quests, light or dark side options, stuff like that. This looks kinda like the force unleashed games just newer and better. Still going to get it, but im waiting for the day they make another knights of the old republic, the best 2 starwars games ever.

  • The gameplay looks good it’s a shame though that it’ll be probably ruined by uh…. “surprise mechanics” LMAOOOOO

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