Statue of Liberty Reopens

(Music) We are ready as we can be, we can’t wait to reopen to the public. We have enough of the Island opened, and enough things working that we can welcome our visitors back. (Applause) From the high winds and the strong storm surge we lost electricity, water, phones and even our sewerage system. The docks that you are using today to come over were severely damaged and the walkways all the way around Liberty Island were basically hosed as well as the railings. We had this enormous challenge on our hands. But I am very happy to say that challenge has been met. The Statue of Liberty what can one say? It’s symbolic significance to the USA and the world is immense and we thought it is something we should share with our granddaughter. It is a wonderful feeling, we always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. It just makes you proud and something exciting to see it’s impressive and something you’ve got to check off your bucket list for your life to see the Statue of Liberty.

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