Stephanie Gilmore & The Nikon Z 6: Freedom To Achieve

As a female athlete I feel such a
balance between being fierce and feminine and it’s such a powerful feeling The initial feeling that I get when I
touch the ocean and the water and you know I feel it on my skin how do I
describe it? It’s just the most beautiful feeling in the world.
My training needs to change I need to be put in situations where where I’m
feeling uncomfortable and and that’s where you really learn to grow you push
yourself into these zones that are something different. Home to me feels like comfort and
happiness, sunshine, all the things that make me smile. In these creative outlets
like surfing and photography, music there’s no right or wrong that’s just…
Everybody’s individual everybody has a unique style and you know when you’ve
captured a moment because it feels right for you. As human beings photographs and
stories memories that’s all we really have so it’s awesome to be able to
capture them in the most quality way.

1 thought on “Stephanie Gilmore & The Nikon Z 6: Freedom To Achieve

  • Curious why make a surfers profile / Sports , And not use any Nikkor Telephotos , Is the Z6 not fast enough for Action Long Len's use?

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