Stephen A.: Kevin Durant is the Warriors’ last hope | 2019 NBA Finals | SC with SVP

35 thoughts on “Stephen A.: Kevin Durant is the Warriors’ last hope | 2019 NBA Finals | SC with SVP

  • Media, please take this as a lesson. Kevin Durant shouldn't have played at all. But all of you fucks since game 1 have been impatient and kept hounding KD about his injuries. And when you throw headlines like the current video up above? Think about the pressure. Now his career is at risk because y'all couldn't have just let him rest.

  • It’s horrible what happened to KD – IMO not smart for him to have played , I have made several comments about it – and am not surprised at all about his re-injury- I thought the raptors would close it out last night ,but I was wrong -KD gave them a huge emotional lift and then the classless a—h—le raptor fans clapping when KD went down sealed the victory for them – KD should never have been on that court last night , but the warriors can thank god he was –

  • Stephen A, don't be a bitch. Stick with your original prediction or just admit you were wrong and you have no credibility.

  • Oh look, Mr. I pick Milwaukee and Golden State lol
    What is it now?? Oh you need Kevin Durant to save your lame predictions!! LMFAO!!!

  • Last hope my ass. The Raptors are a better team. Everybody knows it except this dude. They’re locked in. Even some players in the Warriors admitted that they “tried everything but it didn’t work”. They’re less cocky now for sure. They got spanked during the season and they’re getting spanked during the finals. As simple as that.

  • KD is a PUSSY! MJ would be playng.This puss bag wouldn't play with a hangnail..The Warriors man they'd proven they're not a tough tm.Pussy mentality.They can only win blow outs..2 yrs ago when they blew that 3-1 lead to the Cavs a friend told me it was a fix and Cleve was gonna win.I wished id listened to him..Close games show who can fight pressure this team bows out like Antifa does…Run away run way!!! Now KD win, run away to a new tram next yr..This pansy is so soft!!! Feel his underbelly I bet its the Pillsbury doughboy…Ooooooooooohhhhhhhoooooo

  • I love Steven A but its ASTOUNDING how many times his predictions are monumentally wrong🤣🤣🤣…His last prediction was the Warriors would BLOW OUT the Raptors in game 3😂😂😂😂…Apparently he didnt watch the last time the Raptors played in Oakland WITH Kevin Durant even.

  • There was a bitter Lebron Laker bandwagoning dickrider sitting behind the Raptors bench rooting for them… just because you’re that pissed about Lebron losing to the Warriors three times out of four, the fact that you actually have the time and money to do something like that is petty and pathetic. But the Warrior haters are happy to be who they are, so no big surprise there.

  • How? The last time he played was a month ago. Come on even if he has a good game it will be pure adrenaline. There will be a let down the second game.

  • History provides us great reference points for EASY ANALYSIS. As was/is the case with Kevin Durant, related to will he go or will he stay. I no longer follow basketball closely like in 1980s and 1990s (Knicks fan), but I do see enough to NEVER SAY (as some noted): "Do you see what the Warriors are doing without him, he has to leave." What exactly are the Warriors doing without him? (i) Trailing in seemingly EVERY playoff game by double digits. (ii) Rallying from big deficits in 3 games to sweep a Portland team that most could not name a player other than their two guards! (iii) Currently, getting demolished by the Toronto Raptors…Like I said way back, without Durant, this "dynasty" is just slightly above the Buffalo Bills or Utah Jazz. Possibly one title, and due to good fortune at that: recall Cavs blowing a double digit lead in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and Kyrie going down in overtime (out for series), with Lebron and whoever still taking the Warriors to 6 games! Even with Durant last year in "Warriors-Cavs IV," a BOGUS switched call with 1 minute left in Game 1 changes the makeup of that whole series. Cavs would have won that game. What happens after that. Don't know, but I do know these 2 things. (1) It is NOT a sweep; and (2) Cavs take away home court! Finally, is there now ANY DOUBT that the Spurs (who I had money on, just like I had money on Cavs in first 2 series versus Warriors), defeat the Warriors the year Leonard gets injured and leaves Game 1 with the Spurs up by over 20 points?! We know what happened after that. Like I said, easy reference points throughout!

  • You see it's a mismatch, siakom is like 6'11 so we got to have KD to guard him, he has a hight advantage

  • Why Warriors need KD to beat Raptors, since you still have 4 others all star players on the team. Lol

  • I don't care what nobody says. If KD doesn't come back at least at game 5 IT'S OVER. GSW can kiss that Finals win goodbye this year.

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