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next conservative comedian and host of the popular podcast louder with Crowder Steven Crowder ladies please mr. Crowder if you'd like to make your opening let's hear it for you miss Republicans putting this on come on let him know you love him let's hear it for my little let him know you love him let's hear for Miss summers let her know you love her time to listen up you silly liberal fruitcakes I cannot I wanted to tell some jokes let's do some reality checks here you have any idea sir how pathetic it must be to be you these people wanted to come out and have a good time hear a few jokes some thoughtful discussion but your head pops off the pillow in the morning oh how can I be a professional victim today let me go in and screw with their act just because oh my god your parents didn't tell you that your opinion wasn't worth that much look look they're confused they're confused you know why because I'm not your gender studies professional has to cater to your trigger warning microaggressions safeSpace I don't want to do this I want to come out and tell a few jokes you created this monster we have to go ten more minutes of this let this reverberate let it be a life lesson this monster right here that you're so afraid of the face you see in your nightmares was created by social justice warrior assholes like you and now yeah and now you have this wonderful that's what happens be okay we're good yeah yeah darling you can call me what you like okay there we go crying out loud listen nobody here wants to hear your opinion that much here's what's so crazy you couldn't wait 5 minutes unlike left us we have an open panel in a Q&A session because we want an open idea Oh on the races there you go that's a new one where'd you learn that one in social human studies 101 right next to the right next to the giant I don't know wild boar I couldn't see you said there's no such thing as fat chicks ah guess what if you think they're orange you are one okay can you just make a fat joke yeah I didn't know it's okay because I got some here so screw you I have a pass and a fat pass today we wanted to come out here and tell a few jokes we wouldn't have a thoughtful discussion we want an open conversation of ideas you guys can't be grown adults enough to literally wait ten minutes to the point where we open the floor and I'm like leftist guess what we don't try and ban you when your speakers come to school we don't show up in protest and come oh shut up you just got owned and they are trying to come back five minutes later it's like George the drugstore oh they're running out of you George Costanza you androgynous little amoeba and by the way these opinions are yelling out they're not even your opinions they're your opinions from your gender studies professor and the really reason you picked it was because you thought it was your best chance at getting laid you just decided to walk on in to try and pick up chicks at the San Francisco retread pot-smoking drum circle only to realize that you're very glance in the direction of a woman causes a barren room how do you think you're gonna get better no no privilege that's not going to happen I don't want to come out here and give someone the finger but it's because you walked out of this chickens start a show like that this is absurd at least when you go back to like Christy Christina sorry Chris you know how summers days self-professed Democrats hippies the retreads that you guys want to be least they thought that we're fighting the system they thought they were trying to treat trans parents and they really thought they were for free speech you people are openly and completely against it you're not fighting for free speech you're not fighting for rights you're fighting for the right to be a and let your opinions that you don't like I'm done oh if you only take if you only take one piece of advice from this okay please sincerely don't be an asshole your whole life alright at this point we'd like to move into discussion portion so what yeah oh I want to go yeah okay uh you want to know what political correctness is if you actually researched the history of political correctness it was designed as a political tool to silence voices of dissent as you see here tonight with people simply yelling out racist homophobic transphobic good example of political correctness friend of silence dissent listen whether you like him or not dr. ben Carson is a black man who's one of the most prolific neurosurgeons of all time oh shut up shut up I feel bad cuz I thought I wasn't play simmer down in the middle excuse me could you please simmer down thank you if they're going to attack dr. ben Carson for example as an idiot racist bigoted a black neurosurgeon who was raised to a single mom in Detroit okay he wasn't Barack Obama he was playing for the full-on black a team he played Pro they're gonna do it to everybody so you know what at this point just keep the cameras running these people don't want to hear any differing opinions that's what political correctness is you wonder what political correctness is look around and listen these people don't have arguments they just yell out racist and they call they call the gay guy here who has a fetish for black dudes a racist homophobe just moving on here I gotta tell you so I hope I wasn't anything there I don't know why black lives matter we've all right right okay a couple of things here all right we get it we get it you're angry daddy never hugged you enough come on let me give you an example right here okay right now this girl right here just yelled out that we were all racists what you just said you're not a girl and my choice are you ve the gender-neutral what's up yeah what's up she just yelled out you just yelled out that all of us were racist and then you'll ask the question and then you asked a question and the question was there you go it sounded better when you were yelling it with a chorus of backdrops let me explain okay can I answer the question can answer your questions you want an answer would you like an answer here's what some know you don't know the answer sweetheart let me answer it for you listen you have right here on this panel you have a gay British Trump supporter okay do you have a life-long registered you have a lifelong registered Democrat open feminist who's not a third wave feminist and you have a french-canadian Christian conservative so you may ask why is there only white people because the only diversity you don't care about is that of intellectual diversity please be seated one second please be seated thank you for your enthusiasm please take a seat please take a seat until the discussion is over thank you thank you very much I appreciate the applause so you can continue doing that to drown doubt them out if you need to the final thing I want to say let me come on just please just please just zip it okay for a second listen you spoke I gave you the right to have a question and now let me finish answering no you don't you don't have the right without me giving it to you excuse me excuse me let me finish the point okay let me finish the point these people who are yelling out the reason they are still angry the reason that the reason they are so angry the reason they are so incapable of hearing this is because unlike you the people who are conservative intellectual thinkers you've heard all of their opinions before from every single mainstream news outlet from every single film that's been made in the last 20 years from every single professor this is the first time they're hearing these points of view that should be a stark contrast and tell you who's thinking for themselves I want to come back one in five women will be sexually assaulted on correct weight people believe that one in five right you know listen that's the number that we throw out there are we talking one in five like Lena Dunham who had regretful sex all right are we talking one in five like Columbia mattress girl or Virginia a retard Rolling Stone article almost every time it's listen here's the reality no man no self-respecting man except for single digits of a percentage point in population earth condone or like rape okay we didn't have we didn't have a secret meeting behind your back okay there wasn't some secret Patriarca meeting on Tuesday just like we didn't have some secret meeting to set some unrealistic standards of beauty like Oh who's the ruler screw them we don't even like boobs and butts okay so this idea to tar and feather you know what let's see we're going to talk about that once all that sexual assault people saying there's rape culture on campus obviously we can point out the I'm sure you'll point out the obvious in the Middle East and the real rape culture with with Islam in any Islamic country good luck finding your four witnesses in a Sharia court but you know what you want to talk about the deck stacked against you that's not an actual statistic boys don't do well in grade school through high school until they finally have the opportunity to study for the SATs in which case they blow women out of the water why because we have developed an educational system in this country that caters to women boys don't learn by sitting and watching a chalkboard and hearing things verbally they learn hands-on we've rigged the deck against young boys and they're more confused and angry than ever and people coming out and implying that all of these boys are somehow racist or sexist or perpetuating rape culture you are going to screw up men for generations to come and this androgynous spineless of me by here who wants to get with the social justice where your drum circle listen I'm not talking about some false sense of machismo why don't we start off by talking about families by talking about getting married and staying with your wife by talking about how to raise your kids properly let's teach young boys to be men but oh no we can't do that that'd be a moral judgment you want to fix whatever the actual rape statistic is and it's not one in five you need to start getting judgmental and teach young boys how to become men but you don't want to do that because it's judgmental piss off sighs would you like to find out what irony here there's oh okay listen listen social justice left us here okay let's just let's just point out an irony the only people right now who are trying to intimidate and silence and threaten a woman here are you but I just want to add you you interrupted a woman he asked me a question I'm splaining it's probably queer splaining isn't explained actually wait do I beat it do I beat you cuz you're you're a Jewish woman Jeju I think you're confusing geography you only beat her if she puts on the hijab oh you're right that up in your newspaper shock writings what can I actually tweeted out a picture there were such words hurt trade words hurt safe space is necessary and I'm not kidding was written by the one registered sex offender on the block with a Bernie sign it's true on Twitter it's absolutely true um I you know I I don't know I don't think leftist have an understanding of the First Amendment nor the Second Amendment I was in Russia today one time when they were asking about the Second Amendment because you bring that up they say well why is that why is the Second Amendment so important like why do you think the right to own a gun is like as important as free speech I said because it's literally right up there with the right to freedom of speech that's number one it's protected by number two as far as the chalk writing I don't know it's silly and if you're a grown adult who gets offended by someone putting something in chalk you probably have no business being in the workforce or college okay moving on to our next question where some of my friends got beat up where people got threatened over the stop Islam and so I'm wondering where you guys think that opinions turn into hate speech and where that line should be drawn well your your Muslim friends got beaten up because of chalk amazingly one of my friends who's not even Muslim was defined as Muslim because he dressed a certain way and he's changed yeah well listen nobody would ever condone beating somebody up because they they dress a certain way by the way sometimes when I say stuff it's a joke okay we used to be able to make those listen if people want to talk about stopping rape culture in the time you just took to ask that question there were probably a dozen women who were raped in the name of Islam in the Middle East right then and there are tons of people killed so listen no one is condoning violence against Islam I don't obviously it's a silly little sparse Donald Trump saying ban all Muslims and it makes it hard for people like me who argue against the ideology of Islam I think if you want to learn about the ideology of Islam open the Quran read five pages in any direction and you will be yeah we've had Muslims on my show many times guess what I didn't like what they had to say okay no it's not my problem it's my opinion I don't like it I I didn't talk on your behalf I talked about the Quran guess what I wasn't there for the French Revolution I can talk about everybody has a right and let me let me happy about Muslims that's bad the ideology of Islam has been bad for the last several decades and it's not hate speech to say so it's not racist than many ideology in a prescribed form of religion in law and I don't like it like any other set of ideas Islam as a set of ideas and moving on to our next question here when is for when does free speech become hate speech is the basic question right yeah that's a silly question hate speech is a figment of your imagination if someone says something you don't like you don't get to label it hate speech that's it no call to action is not allowed if I say hey I'm gonna punch you in the face and I do it that's not speech that's an action if someone says gosh it wave rebbe really I really don't like your face and it would be nice if it were punched but I would never do it is very different people should be able to say what they want you don't like it walk out change the channel I don't we don't believe in hate speech we answered the question leave who was made up because of what I said your friend was beat up because of something that I said that's what we call being unable to substantiate an argument mr. tank-top get out we have to move on to other questions we'll rush in here shame on your dealt put a shame on your stylists darling we'll we'll take our next question right here all right so please refrain from interruptions get in line they will answer your question all right so I wanted to start off it's a great great example that Milo is drawing here and he talked about people saying racist or homophobic things I'm as people in the audience if you had the ability to travel back in time and stop someone like Hitler right everyone here would do it left or right I'm giving of course everyone the benefit of doubt why because he was racist he wanted to execute gays with che guevara as well but you put him on a t-shirt the point is he was a person who everyone agrees is a vile horrific human being listen nobody here has espoused anything along those lines tonight not even close but I tell you what you want to talk about violence if you call someone racist sexist homophobic transphobic call them a hate monger and you make them out to be subhuman it's okay to treat conservatives in humanely and that's your problem right there you want to talk about who's treating who violently when you paint someone as bad as Hitler fascist well guess what you have what happened at Milo's tours so maybe take a look in the mirror next question question is for Steven on campus we have this group called divest the rest and its goal is to get you mass out of the oil not oil and natural gas industry and so I've attended many of the protesters to humor myself and so during those protests they call for the union of themselves with black lives matter with feminists with $15 wage gap so what is your perspective on the fact that these group two have absolutely nothing to do with each other why did they band together well its strength in numbers with ironically with a bunch of people who have no fundamental understanding of economics wanting to decide how an entire industry is run also double-secret irony these people show up with the horn-rimmed glasses that come to you courtesy of petroleum while they bitch about smart cars so I think it's the people who understand economic things look very similar radical feminism today and Islamism don't look that different they all hate the West well think about it just here we had feminists and we had people who were angry about Muslim clapping if they heard that you were banned on campus it's no different than book-burning these people are claiming that we're racist fascist and they're clapping when someone isn't even allowed to speak and they think somehow it's altruistic so of course these people have no priorities as it relates to free speech and you see the hierarchy okay black people here gay people here but not Milo let's move him over here and then Islam and then I don't know transsexual bathrooms there's no principle to it so everything that we're look at the unholy alliance between people one final thing because I do appreciate taking the question I beat two phrases listen my problem is and I have a problem if you look and read about Muhammad's life he killed he called for the death of Christians and Jews I have a problem with that and you know what that's okay just like atheists have a problem with Christianity at this point at this point will conclude our question-and-answer section one final round of applause for our speakers thank you that's all we have for you tonight if you would like to stick around if you would like to

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