Still Report 96 Syria Attack

Good morning, I’m Still reporting on … well
something other than the economy. I try to stick to the topic of monetary
reform but early this morning I came across something that I felt obligated to report on.
Several days ago I watched the US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s, live
statement from the White House on the Syrian poison gas incident that
killed — according to US officials — 1400 people on August 21st. He was very convincing. He told the american people that the
military/intelligence community had irrefutable proof that the poison gas attack in Syria was
launched by embattled president Bashar al-Assad against his own people. Kerry said that he
knew the exact time and place these munitions were launched. “We know where the rockets were launched from and
at what time. We know where they landed and when. We know rockets came only from regime-
controlled areas and went only to opposition-controlled or contested
neighborhoods.” I expected that the American people would soon see this proof displayed in
the form of photographic evidence similar to that used during the Cuban
missile crisis: but days have gone by and nothing has
been offered. But then this morning this disturbing video. This purportedly shows how the actual gas attacks were conducted. A
standard 25-pound gas cylinder with metal fins welded onto it is placed
over the muzzle of a small howitzer. A detonator at one end to the gas tank
is then armed, then fired. This is a fairly
primitive weapon but when poison gas is involved it could be a very deadly
weapon. More on this video in a minute. Another
inconsistent fact with the Kerry/Obama scenario is that this poison
gas attack came hours BEFORE United Nations
chemical weapons inspectors were to arrive in Syria. This would be an
extremely stupid move for the Assad government to make, however it is easier to understand if
the rebels headed by America’s sworn enemy Al-Qaida, had launched the attack because they may
not have known the timing of the arrival of the inspectors.
Furthermore after the UN inspectors arrived, they
discovered that rockets packed with chemical payloads landed in areas held by Syria’s own
troops. To quote one inspector: Why would his
government gas its own soldiers?” This morning the
British Prime Minister told Associated Press that the evidence of the Assad
government’s guilt was growing all the time; however AP
acknowledged that it has been told by US officials that there are still holes in the case
against Assad. Karl Denninger of “The Market Ticker” has been saying that the Assad
government may not have been responsible for several days. Yesterday Denninger quoted Russian
claims that “… the shell fragments used in the chemical
attack are inconsistent with anything known to be in the Syrian
government inventory but are consistent with
improvise shells constructed by the rebels.”
Denninger warned that using this flimsy evidence available to justify an attack on
Assad’s forces would tip the balance of that war in
As-Qaida’s favor. “We will be acting as Al Qaeda’s Air
Force — a sworn enemy of America.” Then early this morning the final straw.
This video evidence of homemade gas cylinders launched from howitzers purportedly
filled with poison gas. Notice that these films came from the Ertz Zen Channel, a YouTube channel owned
by a self-proclaimed secular Syrian opposed to “…having my
country turned into a Taliban-like state.” In other words he is anti-Al Qaida. Here’s some guys loading one of the blue
cylinder rockets onto the end of the howitzer and inserting the arming device. Notice that these guys do not look like
standard military types they look like contractors, however this
guy is in full military uniform. Who is this guy and what is the uniform
he’s wearing? The second video is short — only 45 second — so
I’ll let it play in its entirety. Notice that the young soldier in the
video is hardly a secularist. What he said is he is with the Batr
Martyrs Battalion. We shall now pummeled the regime
strongholds and Nash EFI, the popular army, the Greek
hospital with Allah’s permission. Does this sound
like the Assad regime or Al-Qaida to you? So this is still not definitive as to
which side was launching these gas canisters. It could go either way but at least this
puts some firm video evidence out there to be
discussed. “We know where the rockets were launched
from and at what time. We know where they
landed and we know rockets came only from regime-controlled areas and
went only to opposition-controlled or
contested neighborhoods.” Bottom line: the Arab League has not
voted to support an attack against the Assad regime, they have merely called upon the UN to take deterrent action. This is their backyard they should take care of this. Certainly
between all the Arab League nations there are
military air assets easily sufficient to accomplish this
raid. If this needs to be done let them do it!
The US should stand down! I’m Still reporting on
the economy Good day.

54 thoughts on “Still Report 96 Syria Attack

  • Bill, thanks for the info. Are you familiar with Gordon Duff? He is a Senior Editor at Veterans Today. Just today, Gordon put up another one of these videos
    which is at his YT channel under his name.

  • If the CIA, Al-Qaeda or the Rebels had any hand in this we would have to be careful about what videos are sighting as evidence and what information our government is claiming to be truth. I don't believe Bashar al-Assad would kill so few with chemical weapons when bullets have worked so well. Would he have the courage to do this when Pres. Obama warned him? Would he remember Saddam's WMD as the reason we attacked Iraq? I think this is the war the long arms of the Central Banks would like.

  • Our military has no business meddling in the affairs of these countries. We should not be the policemen of the world, where and when will it ever end?

  • Not definitive, that's absurd. These are mercenaries. Those guys in uniform are Syrian deserters- brigands that side with the jihadists. And this is the evidence that the West is holding up as proof the Assad regime did this. Nuts!! No damned wonder Putin called Kerry a liar. He is. The AP article was damning but had no photographic evidence. This video nails it to the wall. It was the Al Nusra/Al Qaeda fanatics that did this. The US supports the scum, it figures.

  • It would have been a whole lot simpler to have armed & financed the secular, rational opposition right from the get-go. Assad would be gone by now, and Al Qaeda would be insignificant. But Americans are war weary after fighting two OIL WARS – for the sole purpose of making Big Oil richer. Greenspan admitted the Iraq War was entirely fought over Oil. As was Libya. And Afghanistan is being fought to secure the trans-Afghan pipeline to ship Big Oil's vast NG reserves in Turkmenistan to India.

  • Economists have been saying for years they will go to war because QE won't stimulate the economy. I think we'll do the war. It appears the house will vote it down so it will either happen before the house vote or there will be more chem weapons to try to build up support.

  • Hey Bill, speaking of the Syria & Libya wars. What was this about Gaddafi wanting to establish a pan-African independent banking system? Maybe that was the real reason that he was invaded by the West.

  • Website wnd dot com posted this video on the 26th of august. Title "Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies". The rebels have threatened multiple times this last year to use chemical weapons, at least as early as 2012. The most accurate and up to date information on this subject seems to come from Dr Tarpley.

  • I don’t understand why Assad would use chemical weapons in the first place, I know he’s stockpiling them, but using them is different.
    I am almost certain Assad’s army was more on the winning side and using chemical weapons would most likely bring the west into the conflict and turn the tide of the war.
    Now why the hell would Assad be that stupid?
    It just doesn’t add up.

  • Well done Bill, you're starting to catch on. In June Turkey intercepted a load of chemical weapons that they say were enroute to al Qaeda in Syria. There is a Dutch documentary video showing Syrian rebels in Turkey loading weapons, one rebel says that he hoped the US didn't accidentally attack AQ & al Nusrah while they bombed Assad. The rebels are almost completely AQ or their friends! They assassinated the leader of the main secular force several weeks ago. The US wants to kill the wrong guys!

  • Thank you for manning up as you do in Monetary Reform, we need to speak in one voice against the start of World War III.

    -and still only our rivers run free!

  • Hi whykhr,
    Google : "Libya all about oil or all about banking" it's an article by Ellen Brown" (She's another great crusader for monetary reform)

  • In 1971, Kerry was saying, "Abolish War." In a tweet to the Secretary of State, I quoted a line from The Rainmaker where Matt Damon's character asks Jon Voight's character, "I'm just wondering, do you even remember when you first sold out?" By the way Bill, since this sort of government pandering to the military-industrial complex is most certainly a symptom of the debt-money system, I very much appreciate you reporting on this. "War Is A Racket." ~ Maj. General Smedley Butler

  • Great video, valid comments and facts, evidence and logic to conclude beyond a shadow of a doubt that the National Government of Syria did not launch a chemical attack on anyone.

  • There is talks amongst the internet about how the American petrodollar is facing major devaluation in the wake of OPEC accepting the gold backed Chinese Yuan being accepted as monetary for oil purchases. Thus making war necessary to prop up the petrodollar value to keep the American markets boisterous. Whats your opinion on this and/or is this in the realm of possibility?

  • Yes but that is not the case for moral handicapped like the ones in US administration. Kerry is a real shame and Obama's behaviour is one of a lackey's.

  • The U.S. politics behind a Syria strike are very murky waters, I agree Bill 🙂
    I certainly also agree the government respects the voices of the people opposing any military action. Im not promoting anything or anyone but Favian Calvo of Fabian4Liberty brought to the table some very interesting points as a hedge fund manager prospective. The claims also substantiate your video. Thanks Bill for your labor of love! Monetary reform is key to world peace.

  • If you search, "Central Banks are the Real Target for West's Imperial Wars," there's an article at activistpost . com making a good argument for the true motivations for attacking Syria. Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Sudan,Syria,Iran,Cuba and North Korea have all resisted surrendering to the globalist private central banking monopoly. Aside from the obsession with Rothschild and the bogus quote, it's a compelling case and would be great fodder for a future Still Report!

  • Hey Bill, why don't you write kindle books, easy to do, and a good complement to your videos? Kindle books are more convenient to read than watching videos and you can put a whole lot more info, documentation, reasoning/argument and references than you can in a video.

    I've bought all your videos and book and will buy all your kindle books but I won't do subscriptions – one thing I hate is subscriptions.

  • Id rather give you $5 a month and urge everyone who has subscribed or simply viewed your work to do the same. Im seriously testifying during this writing, The Money Masters truly changed my life.

  • The Syrians Iraqis and Iranians have entered into an agreement to build a pipeline to supply Europe and will not be accepting dollars. So it's just a matter of a PR campaign and the pipeline can be stopped.

  • Bill Oreilly is in New York. Can you make a friendly ambush interview with him in New York where you kindly point out all the flaws in his reporting?

  • Start a podcast, invite guests, get a sidekick to your podcast that is verbally gifted. Or can you find work as a financial reporter at infowars? Is it limiting to work with them? You must enter on any platform to reach out to a larger audience.

  • Bill Still CANT take O'Commies spot! It IS a requirement to be an OWNED COMMIE LIAR to spew on the propaganda tube. JG Andrew Nap was the LAST truth teller on the talmud vision Pat Buchanan before him ALL are exiled by nachash's spawn in telling truth. They as many resist their tv masters & are pitched! At least didnt suffer the fate of JFK, Henry Ford, Lindberghs, McFadden Huey Long, McKinley, Garfield a list too long to share Heads blown off for all this world to see since the Caesars BY THEM!

  • Hmm that video isnt very convincing. Its obviously a homemade mortar. Much of the rebel arsenal is homemade… Very short range at 50 meters they could film the nearby impact. Any gas attack like that could easily kill the rebels. The handling of the shells as well if they arent absolutely secure. Assad himself last night said anything hitting at 100 meters is suicidal for gov troops eve with gas protection. Equipment the rebels dont seem to have.

  • AlQaida thrieves in chaos, to count them is to bring peace and stability to Syria and not ignoring it. Not going in is exactly what would allow Qaida to strengthen its position. Moreover; gassing children should never be accepted, gassing humans should never be accepted. Regardless of my religion or political view the Holocost was one of the most horrid and darkest parts of human history and I am not saying Syria is like that but allowing humans to be gassed, sorry its not just another death.

  • I find this whole affair a disturbing reflection on our leadership. The last time I saw lying this good was when Al Gore was selling "An Inconvenient Truth". I was appalled at how far people will go to achieve agenda- I am now even more appalled to see it in charge of the American government.

  • Bill can I email you donations rather than posting my credit card on your site? If you send me your email address I will email my monthly donation. Thanks

  • Bill, my question to you is: does "al qaeda" really exist?
    Becuase all ive seen from al qaeda are flimsy pictures and videos just like the gemical attacks on Syria. 

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