Stimulate Freedom! Give Your Tax Rebate Check to the ACLU!

Hi. My name’s Kenevan McConnan. I live here
in Colorado. I wanted to make a little bit of a video today. Specifically, I wanted to
talk about what I’m going to do with my rebate check.
I was sitting there at my desk. I was going online and looking at some different things
that I could buy to help stimulate the economy. I looked at some binoculars, but then I realized
they were made in Japan. Then I looked at some hiking boots, and then I realized that
they were made in Thailand. I was sitting around trying to figure out
what I was going to do with my rebate check, and I saw my ACLU, my American Civil Liberties
Union, renewal notice. I’d actually been putting off renewing it for a little while. Decided
that the best use of this 600-dollar stimulus rebate check is to send it to the ACLU. The
ACLU is the only guys out there that are consistently, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, fighting for
the rest of the Constitution. It’s important to understand that this is
not something that I would have done before George Bush took office. I’ve noticed some
things that have changed in this country since then. Some of the stuff that I’ve noticed
that has changed is that we’re not respecting the Constitution the way we used to.
Used to be that we could be confident that our phone calls were private unless somebody
had gotten a warrant to listen to our phone calls. With George Bush and the NSA, we can’t
be confident of that anymore. We used to be confident as Americans that we wouldn’t torture
people. As Guantanamo Bay, as Abu Ghraib, as everything else has shown, we can’t be
confident of that anymore. We used to be confident that if we were accused of a crime, we would
have the right to be able to go before a judge and find out what crime we were accused of.
Then we were supposed to have the right to a speedy trial. At this point, with what’s
been going on, we don’t have that right anymore. I could go out, I could buy myself a new hunting
rifle. I could go get myself a new hunting bow. But you know what’s more important than
any of that stuff? It’s freedom. Unless we got people and lawyers like the lawyers at
the ALCU fighting for our freedom, and we’re funding their freedom, we’re going to lose
it. I’m taking my 600-dollar rebate check, and I’m sending it to the ACLU.
For more information about the American Civil Liberties Union, please visit the ACLU website.
You can also learn how your story can make a difference.

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  • Just because a product is made outside the United States doesn't mean the profit leaves U.S. soil – look at who the board of directors for those corporations are, find out where they reside and where they sell their products, and more specifically, find out how much money each retail outlet selling these products is making, money that stays here at home, where it should.

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