Storecoin: The internet’s reserve, zero-fee cryptocurrency

What if you had the freedom to send money anywhere, for free? What if there were no fees, wait times or restrictions limiting how much money you can send, or to whom? Storecoin is building a public blockchain that can be used by anyone. Individuals like you and me, developers, and local merchants. Bitcoin found a way to secure transactions on the blockchain. But it has a problem: proof of work is very wasteful, expensive and slow. Storecoin is solving these problems. With our Dynamic Proof of Stake protocol, computers will work together efficiently – in a pipelined fashion to validate transactions, instead of competing and wasting energy. This allows many more transactions per second, while still being as decentralized as Bitcoin. Storecoin will be easy to build on top of, enabling the rapid development of WebC apps – web and mobile apps powered by the zero-fee STORE cryptocurrency. App developers everywhere can pay you STORE tokens when you sign up, invite your friends, take key actions, and more. Developers can also accept STORE for zero-fee payments. When you send or receive transactions, there are no fees — which is great for people worldwide, and lets micropayments scale globally. Plus, Storecoin will feature an evolutionary blockchain Governance. Our checks and balances-based system will allow an unlimited number of stakeholders around the world to reach consensus on new features, non-profit leadership, and monetary policy. Storecoin adoption will start with app developers using STORE to incentivize usage. They’ll also accept STORE for in-app payments. Then, it will power smart contracts. Finally, the STORE token becomes the first-ever zero-fee form of payment accepted at cash registers around the world, competing in the $21 Trillion market of VISA-like payments and beyond. We’re on a journey to expand global commerce and trade – one zero-fee transaction at a time. Storecoin.

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