Stossel: China’s Freedom-Crushing ‘Social Credit Score’

Is your privacy under threat? Has the age of privacy come to an end? Are you sick of Facebook’s lack of respect for your privacy? If you think your privacy’s threatened, be glad you don’t live in China. Chinese government wants to give every citizen a score based on behavior. Purchase history, political leanings, and social interactions would be used to calculate a person’s trust score. Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, so people use So the government spies on that round-the-clock. The state also monitors the Chinese version of Amazon, called Alibaba. Alibaba is by your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Why should we care what the Communists do? We’re not in China. Li Schoolland came to America 30 years ago. Here’s Li when she was 16. She survived the Great Leap Forward, the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution. Her parents were doctors so they and she were re-educated. And this was to teach you not to be fancy? The repression is over. It’s all better now. Today in China, if you tell friends about certain books, your message will be blocked. Even innocent sounding phrases are censored. So I understand the titles of novels like Animal Farm, Brave New World, but Long Live the Emperor? Well he’s President forever. They can’t even talk about this teddy bear. Winnie the Pooh? And now, another step more subtle than just banning things. The state will monitor what you say in social media and assign you a social credit score. That will tell them how trustworthy you are. The government says this will allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven, while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step. There’s gonna be this new social credit score. Some American governments already do something similar. The LAPD can scan tens of thousands of license plates. Los Angeles police now practice predictive policing. They pay a company called Palantir to analyze social media, trace people’s ties to gang members, and predict the likelihood that someone may commit a crime. After searching over a hundred million data points, Palantir displayed an impressive web of information on one burglary suspect. People like that. They think it makes them safer. I would like to know that there’s a trust score so I can know who’s trustworthy and who’s not. Sounds sort of appealing. When government does gets involved, bad things can happen. What happens if you have a low score? If they really don’t like what you say, they lock you up and torture you. They didn’t allow me to sleep. I was kept in a small room and saw no daylight for half a year. But that’s China. Why should we be afraid? Get out of my life! In America, every week on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, I challenge people in power. Trump does make things up. I say these things and no one punishes me. So far.

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  • I like the fact that the name of this company is "Palantir" – a device which was created to help the user aquire Great Knowledge and Wisdom, but then was captured by an evil tyrant who corrupted it and used it to spy and gain ever greater power.. sounds familiar.
    Also- great show, John Stossel! Keep up the good work!

  • Communists? The Chinese are uber capitalists. They are one big party-run conglomerate (oligarchy). China are far better, far smarter, far better long range planners than we are. I take zero pride in saying that. I thought you libertarians would like the fact that American businesses did what what is in their short term financial best interests and sell out our labor and consumer markets to the Chinese. Isn't that what yo are all about?

  • But Stossel! China is China! here in the US we are not only spied upon 24/7 our Congress openly bans and restricts any opposing views and contracts with Google to censor speech and control public opinion.

  • It looks like China, Great Britian, and western progressive/liberals are using the same totalitarian play-book.

  • Really John? China's totalitarian control of what people say on the internet is like….LICENSE PLATE READERS?? Fucking seriously dude? All the camera in the cop car is doing is scanning license plates for outstanding warrants, expired licenses, registration, etc. I was pulled over for a slightly expired registration the cop noticed from scanning my plates. Big fucking deal. I renewed my registration and went on with my life. I didn't get arrested and harassed for my political views or because I think the size of government should be reduced. I was pulled over for breaking an entirely reasonable law. When you make these hysterical analogies to dictatorship opression it doesn't help your argument.

  • I can already hack this system…. I'm an RPG master, grinding points is my specialty. Just set a bot on your personal accounts to make periodic pro government posts for you. Live like a rebel.

  • Just wait till a cop can sentence you to death by planting a little coke and pinning you with distribution.

  • Predictive policing has been around for awhile. It is not as easy as flipping on a computer program. Link analysis takes a lot of time even with Palantir.

  • This was to light. It didn't take into account the social out-casting that happens when your score is connected to to the score of friends, and having friends with lower score will lower your own score.
    this gives a great example

  • Anything involving China and freedom sucks, so don't vote for Trump, he's not the opposite but similar. 'We shouldn't learn from books', well here the president doesn't appear to read. The other side might make things worse too, but autocracy is never the answer. Critical media isn't fake.

  • Our great grand parents were asleep at the wheel and let all these goons in. Authoritarians love authoritarian things. They are ok shitting where they eat and want you to eat where they shit too.

  • One thing doesn't mention in this video. The Chinese gov. have forbidden people who are in the lowest credit level to take flights and trains. This regulation is horrible because most people with bad credits are those suffering in unemployment or misfortune. I know it's not news the gov. will kick you when you are down, however, I still get surprised that this communist gov. even doesn't try to pretend they serve for the proletariat.

  • It's great that you're talking about it, John, but you're a little late on the subject. Extra Credits, a YouTube channel dedicated to the video game industry, talked about it all the way back in December of 2015. Even Dave Cullen talked about it in November of 2017. Considering that the system will become mandatory in 2020, you're dangerously late to the party.

  • Conservative and libertarian hates government but they love corporations. However, what they fail to realize that because they have been allowing corporations to amass so much power and data on peoples, these corporations are now going back to the government and selling this intelligent for money. Its sad and tragic but I find it funny. This intelligence on the hand of someone with bad intention can be used for evil in a fragile social and political system.We need to work as a society to establish a political system and social rules that can withstand such bad actors.

  • And in the UK, someone is facing possible jail time for uploading a video of his dog giving a Nazi salute

  • Peter Thiel and his Gandalf companies are changing the world. But he is NOT taking full responsibility. He has a sort of private government – Palantir, and must act accordingly. Not like Pinkerton detectives in the past, who choose to blindly offer service only to tycoons because law was on their side, and not offer protection to workers. Law and justice are not the same, and Peter should not forget about justice when time comes. Libertarians criticize government, but governing is hard job and no mistakes are allowed.

  • China is so behind the times . They should do as the USA and just banned people for no stated reason . The no fly list is such a better way to go .

  • Did we tapped into Merkel's phone? I started to feel all the governments are the same…they just have different ways.

  • The Chinese government has now stolen a plot from the TV show "The Orville," an episode called "Majority Rule." Funny, given that China has now banned many sci-fi genres. They stole the plot where a society votes you up or down, and too many down votes and you get lobotomized/killed. Here's a snippet from that episode:

  • Welcome to Pre-Crime. Being banned from the UK because you might offend people, the palantir spying, social credit scores. Off to re-education for you. Never let them take your guns away because after that they come for your mouth and your mind.

  • China is learning the hard way that you cannot allow economic freedom without social freedoms as well. And too many Americans are beginning to think that we'd all be better off without either.

  • Never realized how bad china is …. Most people in this country that been falling for the two parties (for a long time)  which is really one don't know any other way to live but to be taken care of from cradle to grave by government. They will never wake up. So gullible.

  • A government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take it all away or not bother to give you anything at all.

  • SO FAR!
    You obviously haven’t been blocked on FAKEbook or had your videos censored, banned or removed/account deactivated by JEWtube…give it time: “The only difference between a welfare state and authoritarian dictatorship is time.”~Ayn Rand
    UPDATE: JEWtube is now suppressing video content regarding firearms in accordance with the leftist, globalist agenda it’s been introducing since last year. With the help of multinational corporations & social(ist?) media censorship, the US is becoming China!

  • Everything China does, the US will mimic with a corporate version of spying, microchipping, and Black Mirror style control

  • The China social credit score should be compared to the US no-fly list. Both have no due process of law. For the no-fly lists, there are no public processes to get on or off of the list, one would find out the hard way. Although China is not the USA, both are unconstitutional under the US constitution.

    Related comment: The no-fly list should end. It is a violation of right of liberty without due process. Also, if these people are so dangerous that they cannot be trusted to fly commercially, perhaps the TSA should arrest them.

  • There's a company named after a device that Sauron uses in the Lord of the Rings to spy on everyone… and they work with the police…

  • We already let vague unaccountable companies give us 'credit scores' that effect every aspect of life, why is that perfectly fine, but this isn't? What's the difference? We let cops stick their fingers in our orifices to look for drugs, the IRS and city/state to steal tons money out of our paychecks, our nation and communities have been demographically and culturally raped, we get felt up to get on a plane, we pay taxes to bomb for israel while masses of Americans live on the street, we already live in a dystopian nightmare and people do not care. And wasn't this an episode of Black Mirror?

  • Alibaba. Why would you name your company after a notoriously evil thief? Why would anyone be surprised that China is a TOTALITARIAN COMMUNIST POLICE STATE? It was in all the papers.

  • At least China waits until you say or do something "improper." Here in the US, you get ban before you have a chance to even make a "hate speech." You will be banned if the privileged snowflakes just think that you might say something displeasing to them….oh, crap, I just said "snowflake.."

  • Lawyers in the Democratic Party actually do punish people they politically oppose. Take for instance the leaked donor list for prop 8 in California. They lost jobs, received death threats, and were hit with frivolous lawsuits from the Democratic Party lawyers. The Republican party can be bad, but the Democratic Party should be stricken from any liberal country.

  • Thanks for making a video of China. You said the true and important thing of China. If a man use WeChat he will have no privacy at all. But sadly most of people don't realize the danger and they enjoy the convenience of WeChat. They just don't know how expensive the convenience is.

  • Mao's idea of a good person, based on what the lady said, feels very similar to SJW's views on intersectionality….

  • This is how to teach 1.4 billions peope in good manner. After 30 yrs, they will be fine, best behave citizens in the planet.


  • Good thing the U.S. government doesn't spy on Americans….ha ha ha. Mao agreed with Jesus that being poor was the best.

  • i think the US is just jealous, cause they cant do this here, lol. of fwi, were already spied on 24/7 in america

  • It's not just the government in America who is infringing on people privacy. Much is from private companies. Yet libertarians want to give more power to these companies instead of a democratically elected government. I once witnessed a brutal lynching of a coupe in Africa, for the immoral act of engaging in a threesome. I was taken back by how unfree these people in the village were, and how I would feel living there. But this experience made me question libertarianism, as the village had absolute no governing body and no police, yet these people had the least amount of freedom I have ever seen. Made me realize that there is a point were less government gives rise to oppression from other power sources. A strong government is needed, we just need to vote for one that will protect our freedom and not take it away. I believe there shouldn't a system so simple and extreme as absolute libertarianism. Libertarian idea can co-exist with some socialists ideas.

  • Here's how to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen in the US :

  • No more Big Brother folks ,,,it is Big Daddy… repent draw close to God cuz he's the only one that's going to save us… but rest assured if you can't do it now..( read Jeremiah 13 14 15 16). God says he will laugh at those who rejective him when he extended his hand before chaos.. .. in chaos you'll be more worried about surviving,,, the enemy is all around from our borders,, our waters and in our government… wake up people I plead with you to get your head out of the sand so many are going to be deceived if you're not killed first ,,,without getting the knowledge… get wisdom and knowledge is more precious than rubies I hope this saves at least one person…

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