STRIFE intro cinematic (thx jaden for the fix)

The comet struck our planet without warning we lost our paradise in a single violent stroke The impact released a virus which swept through the land and killed millions They turned out to be the lucky ones For those that did not die became mutations of humanity some became fanatics who heard the voice of a malignant God in their heads and called themselves the ThE OrDeR Those of us who were deaf to this voice suffer horribly and are forced to serve these ruthless Psychotics who wield weapons more powerful than anything we can muster they destroy our women and children so that we must hide them underground and live like animals and constant fear for our lives, but There are whispers of discontent if we organize can we defeat our masters? Weapons are being stolen Soldiers are being trained a movement is born born of life long "STRIFE" All captions by doomguydude and all credit goes to rogue entertainment for one hell of a game

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